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Local Business Article Marketing: Can You Attract Local Customers To Your Website By Submitting Articles?
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Local business owners are using Article Marketing to attract local customers.

Local business owners are using Article Marketing to attract local customers.

This is a great question that I’m getting more and more frequently:

“We would like to do local business article marketing. We are a local company and we would like our articles to be distributed only in the UK market because our site can only cater to UK customers. Is this possible? Can we restrict the distribution to just the UK market?”

Or they’re asking about a different country or a specific city someplace in the world.

The concept is the same–Is it possible for article marketing to have a laser beam focus that will attract only people of a certain geographic location?

The answer is “yes”, even more than you might imagine.

In order to more thoroughly understand how article marketing accomplishes this feat, we need to cover a little background info….

I know what you’re thinking…

You’re considering using article marketing to attract more targeted visitors to your website, and you are imagining that the way that this is accomplished is to publish articles on websites that are based in your geographic location, and then the readers of those websites will see your article and then go to your website. Right?


This is the different between offline marketing and internet marketing.

When you are dealing with offline marketing, such as television, newspaper, and radio, you need to put your advertisement or your commercial on a radio station, television station or newspaper that serves the population that you are interested in reaching. I can completely understand how you would have the misconception that internet marketing works the same way.

Internet marketing works differently.

Here is your goal when you’re marketing your local business website on the web:

  • Write articles on the general topic of your website. If your website is a car rental site, then you will write articles on how to rent a car, what to look for when choosing a car rental agency, what are the most popular car rental makes and models, the benefits of renting a car instead of driving your own car, etc. You will write on your general topic, rather than your actual website or business.
  • Then you would submit your articles to websites that publish similar types of articles. So, using this example, any website that has articles about cars, travel, automotive, or the like is what you’re aiming for. These websites do not need to be based in your country–it does not matter where the owners of the website live. Many times your articles will be published on article directories that have many different categories and many different types of articles. That is fine–as long as they have a category that has articles on your topic, then that is fine.

How in the world can publishing articles on websites that aren’t based in the geographic location of my customers help me?

Along with each article submission, you will include what is called a resource box–this is a brief author bio that contains a link to your website.

In your resource box you will include your location (city, state, and/or country), your business name, or a keyword term that you’re targeting.

A keyword term is a word or words of special significance that your target readers routinely type into Google when searching for websites like yours. For a local business, your location would likely be a part of your keyword terms.

If you are a car rental agency whose customer base is located in the UK, then your resource box could read:

ABC Car Leasing has been serving customers all over the UK for the past 10 years. For really competitive UK car leasing rates, visit

What happens next?

In the next post we’ll cover how your articles work to draw extremely targeted traffic to your website (more targeted traffic than any advertisement in a local paper or on a local television station could bring you).

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5 Responses to “Local Business Article Marketing: Can You Attract Local Customers To Your Website By Submitting Articles?”

  1. Steve Baker says:

    Good information. I’ve recently been submitting articles and have gotten quite a few inquiries about specific aspects of the corporate travel industry. Thanks for making this available.

  2. Dottson says:

    Thank you for an informative article. I had not thought about including my location (city, state, and/or country) in my resource box. Including the location as a part of the keyword terms is also important for a local business. Great information!

  3. Seychelles says:

    Thanks for the great article. It has made me rethink my article marketing strategy and will be investing more time and resources into it. Until today I was still trapped into the offline thinking of marketing.

    You’ve opened my eyes into a new world and the power of that little resource box to market my local business. Thanks again. Keep them coming.

  4. This is a great piece of information.

    I have begun writing articles for my business and am doing so more frequently for

    Thanks for the advice.


  5. Good informative stuff about the Article marketing.This helps me to think about my marketing techniques.Also help in making new strategies regarding to article marketing.

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