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How Can Article Marketing Help My Local Business?
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Submit articles to marketing your local business

Submit articles to market your local business

Getting global exposure for your website and reaching customers all over the world are two perks of Article Marketing, but what if global domination is not your thing?

What if you own a dry cleaning business in Madison, Wisconsin?

Or you’re a real estate agent in Ontario, Canada?

Or you operate a bakery in Marrakech, Morocco?

If you own a local business, you want to attract customers who are in your neighborhood or city. Can article marketing work for you?


Many of our members at do have businesses that have localized clients and customers, and they use article marketing to increase their web presence, to help bolster their website’s rankings in the search engines, to establish themselves as an expert in their niche, and also to generate more targeted traffic to their website.

How To Produce Targeted Traffic With Article Submissions

When I say “targeted traffic”, I mean that the people who are visiting your website are not just random passers-by. Rather, they are the type of people who might be truly interested in your business.

To be sure that the traffic you receive is targeted, you would write about your area of expertise and in your resource box (that’s the author bio that sits below your article) you would specify the location of your business. This would tell the reader that you only work with people in that location.

Also, if appropriate you could write some articles that specifically deal with your industry in your location. For example, if you are a Real Estate agent in Ontario, Canada, there may be some unique aspects of buying or selling a house that are specific to Ontario.

Here’s one article idea: “Upcoming Neighborhoods in Ontario, Canada”

Then the article would have to deliver on the promise that the title makes–the article would contain information about upcoming neighborhoods in Ontario.

Please resist the urge to mention your location in the title and then write an article that offers generalized info–if you mention your location in the title, you need to provide specific info about that location.

Having the article be about your niche and your location is not always possible, but even if it’s not you can still include your location in your resource box to help target a specific city or state or country.

We All Want To Attract People Who Will Be Interested In Our Business

The main thing to remember is that while we talk about a “global audience”, every one of us who is doing article marketing wants to attract a certain type of person–the type of person who is most likely to be interested in our business.

I don’t know of any website owner who wants every Tom, Dick and Harry coming to his site.

Whether you have a local business or an internet business that operates worldwide, you still have a target market, and you need to write your articles with that specific group in mind.

So, don’t let the “global exposure” idea intimidate or mislead you–when done correctly, article marketing generates targeted traffic.

Traffic that is targeted to your specific location (if that is what you’re going for).

Traffic that is targeted to your industry.

Traffic that is targeted to people with very specific needs.

Traffic that is targeted to people with specific interests.

If I Have A Local Business, Can Internet Wide Exposure Benefit Me?

Yes, it can.

=> The more people who find your articles to be helpful and interesting, the more times your article will be picked up for publication on websites.

=> Every time your article is re-published on a website, so is your resource box, with a link to your website.

=> The more links you build, the greater affect on your Google ranking.

=> An increased search engine ranking for your major keywords can of course build targeted traffic dramatically for the long-term.

This is how you can train the big old world wide web to work for your local business:

Let’s say you own that bakery in Marrakech–you actually don’t need for any of the people who re-print your article to be located in Marrakech. You’ve included your location in your resource box, so Google knows to associate that location with your business.

When you get your Article Marketing campaign going strong, this is how most people will find you:

They will type “Marrakech bakery” (your keywords) into Google, and your website will appear high in the results.

Hardly Anybody Uses The Phone Book Anymore

I wish that more local business owners realized the power of marketing their businesses and websites on the internet.

So many times I’ve tried to look up local restaurants to take a sneak peak at a menu, and even by typing the business name into Google, it’s still like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Can you imagine that? I’ve got the name of the business and everything, I know the street it’s on, but when I go to Google to find out some more info on the business, there is practically nothing.

What a shame.

This is what your customers are doing. Hardly anyone uses the phone book any longer. We want to see your website, a menu, prices, testimonials, reviews, background history, etc. Anyone who is interested in your business will most likely go to Google for more info.

Having A Website Is Only The Beginning

You probably already have a website with all of that helpful info, but now you have to market that website. You have to make it so that when your potential customers do a search in Google, that your website ranks high up in the results.

That is what Article Marketing can do for you and your local business.

If you do start marketing your local small business online, you will be eons ahead of your competitors, because I don’t think that many owners of local small businesses are on to this yet.

This is good news for you though–like shooting fish in a barrel.

If you have a very tight niche (think ‘Marrakech bakery’, ‘Denver dentist’, ‘Ontario real estate agent’, etc), and very few of your competitors are marketing their websites, then it’s like you’re interviewing for your dream job and all the other applicants have overslept!

For a local small business, your competition is likely very scarce online, which means you can easily dominate Google for your keyword terms.

How To Get Started…

Just start writing articles and submitting them. Do it consistently. Mention your location in your resource box. Make article submissions an ongoing part of your marketing plan. Be grateful that very few other local business owners in your niche are on to this marketing tool.

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19 Responses to “How Can Article Marketing Help My Local Business?”

  1. This article makes a lot of sense. Soooo many people don’t bother to do this. Or to get online. I would suggest that one forget about the time consuming things like twitter and the like. However, do submit an article to a big article directory like this every now and again. It is amazing how over a little bit of time, the enquiries start to come in. And your web presence doesn’t need to be big and bold. A small website, created cheaply with basics of dark writing and some decently worded copy will make the difference. i don’t know how many people have spent fortunes on web presence, which can be simply generated from the above and an article or two (quality original article).

  2. We are a local Llos ANgeles moving company and articles have been working for us

  3. I have absolute respect and the greatest review of this article. It speaks of the truth and the easy way to literally dominate a local niche market. Article marketing is the cornerstone of continuous great targeted traffic and the way Steve and the guys are doing it will just add fuel to the fire continuously.

    Jimmy R Williams
    The Methodical Marketer

  4. Tom Nolan says:

    As you can see from my website, I have a local business. I was starting to worry about the relevance of the time I spend writing articles – but this has given me a fresh shot of enthusiasm. Thank you.

  5. Khondoker says:

    Your point is very precise. But for me I am doing business globally. I wrote few article about my business and submitted manually. One of them is already live at Google through EzineArticle. Writing original article takes time. I am trying to to produce more originals in shorter period. That why I am considering Article submission services. Hope I will install one very soon.

  6. Eddie Note says:

    I really appreciate this article. While it has helped to educate me, I will make sure some of my contacts who may not be using this method know about this article as well. Thanks for very helpful content. – Eddie

  7. Mike J. says:

    very useful and informative article. I know someone that i will tell about this.


  8. Mark Bowden says:

    Hi Steve

    Another great article, very well written.

    I can certainly agree with you on this topic, article marketing was one of the main strategies that helped me take my little local opticians to become one of Europes biggest supplier of prescription glasses online.

    To date the company has sold around 40,000 pairs of glasses all over the world.

    Now okay you don’t need to think this big, but it certainly helped the growth of our online business.

    Regards Mark

  9. You just reminded me of what I should be doing, rather than the fancier more exotic, getting back to what works. Very well written article for local business owners.
    Thanks Dale

  10. David says:

    This is just the type of article I need for my website.

  11. Don Weyant says:

    What a great article, in this age of “Internet Everything” it’s great to see a web strategy that benefits the small business owner, thanks Steve.

  12. Thanks for these great pointers, which are of help to we in small businesses. In the South African tourism accommodation business we have to be both local and global players and Internet marketing is essential for our sucess. We are new to article marketing but it is working for us already, and is an esential part of our marketing strategy.

  13. Oma Edoja says:

    @Tom Nolan:

    Tom, you have a great site. Simple and effective!

    Your articles are informative, give one a reason to stay longer on your site, and help to build rapport!

    Keep up the article writing. It’s a great way to get known and get clients!


  14. Thanks for the information. I know the concept was good, I just needed the logistics of it. I didn’t do the resource box quite right on the first one, but now I get how to do it. Great service and great guidance!

  15. Randy says:

    great article, in this age of “Internet Everything” it’s great to see a web strategy that benefits the small business owner

  16. james oduor says:

    Thanks for this good information, i am going to start placing my ‘Articles’ here in Kenya it is the way I am going to succeed and promote my business

  17. Kovacs Reka says:

    This article was very useful to me. But where to send the article?

  18. Steve Shaw says:

    @Kovacs Reka: Hi Kovacs,

    I recommend using an the article submitter for the best results. It’s a membership site that you pay a monthly fee to belong to, but you can submit as many articles as you need to and you get widespread distribution for minimal effort.

    We have lots of other upgrades and special features–please check out this page for more info, and just let me know if you need anything.

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