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Exciting New Features Coming Soon to …
Published By Google+ members will very soon have their content distributed to a growing blog network, in addition to the 1000+ other publishers we currently distribute content to.

For blog owners joining our distribution network, they’ll be able to specify exactly what content they wish to receive, via for example, setting the keywords the are looking for, keywords to exclude, the level of ‘uniqueness’, and more …

We’ll then post that content automatically onto their blogs (or they can leave in ‘draft’ form if they’d prefer to approve it first).

Imagine your own network of blogs or more, all fed high-quality unique content in different niche areas, all building up value in the search engines, effectively on auto-pilot …

The best bit is, all the content we distribute is quality-guaranteed – the fact that we have a live editorial team reviewing each and every article that we distribute, means that publishers have come to rely on us for the delivery of quality content, often giving up on other networks that just send them junk …

(This is why members tend to get far better results through!)

But there is also a killer TWIST

From mid-November 2010, blog owners will also be able to receive articles that don’t look like free reprint articles at all … they’ll look just like blog posts they could have written themselves, with a link or two to related resources within the body of the post.

Due to the lack of author attribution in such articles, we’re calling these ‘naked articles’.

The link-building benefits from this type of article for members who choose to make use of this new technology are quite simply HUGE …

Even more so when combined with brand new Advanced ArticleLeverageâ„¢ (text-spinning technology) that we’ll be making available to members from November 2010, as part of a new Gold Level that we’ll be introducing …

All existing members will be automatically upgraded to Gold Level, with no additional cost (there will be a higher fee for those joining Gold Level afterwards … more details soon).

Advanced ArticleLeverageâ„¢ has been in beta for several months now, and, along with perfecting the technology behind the scenes, I’ve been personally testing it out along with a handful of members over the past few months … and my results have been nothing short of incredible …

(While reading this, bear in mind most people aim to appear high in the search engines for a single keyword that they are targeting, and feel lucky if they get to page one … here’s what I’ve been experiencing …)

  • Ranking at #1 AND #2 for a major keyword phrase, across multiple search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo …) – and note this is no light-weight phrase, in Google alone there are nearly 400 MILLION other results for this in their index, and I’m at first and second place in their rankings!
  • Ranking at #1 for another major keyword phrase, again across multiple search engines … and again, nearly 400 million other results
  • Ranking at #2 for yet another major keyword phrase, across multiple search engines, with millions of competing pages …
  • Within the top 3 listings for several other related keyword phrases …

I could go on!

Truth is, I’m amazed with how effective this has been … and then we’re going to throw submissions to niche-targeted blogs on top …

In summary, here’s what’s coming at

  • Within the next week or two:
    • We’ll start accepting blogs into our distribution network
    • Articles will start being distributed to these blogs in addition to our 1000+ existing network of publishers

(If you have a blog, or multiple blogs, you’re going to need to listen out for our announcement on this and make sure you get your blog(s) registered)

  • In mid-November 2010:
    • Introduction of new Gold Level … if you’re already a member, you’ll be upgraded automatically
    • Advanced ArticleLeverageâ„¢ (text-spinning technology) introduced for Gold Level members
    • Ability to submit ‘naked articles’ to blogs for high-power link building introduced for Gold Level members
    • Submissions in general to our blog network will be restricted to Gold Level members
  • Later 2010/early 2011:
    • Multiple pen name capability introduced for Gold Level members
  • And even more features planned after that …

In brief, watch this space, it’s going to be an exciting few weeks ahead.

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28 Responses to “Exciting New Features Coming Soon to …”

  1. Sounds great. Thank you for a great membership site. I have been a member two months and already enjoying increased traffic to my sites. Keep up the good work.

  2. I can’t wait until the ‘naked articles’ come into play!

  3. Derek says:

    This sounds great. I’m glad to hear that blogs are going to be accepted into the distribution network. Also, the contextual linking will be highly beneficial for link builders.

    Good work SYA – Keep it up :)

  4. Excellent work, Steve. I can’t wait to promote the new features. I’ve been lucky enough to beta test Advanced ArticleLeverage and it’s great!


  5. Paul says:

    Looks like your working overtime Steve. I like the multiple pen name feature.

    One other thing i would like to see is the opportunity to submit articles in html as well. I like to use some bold now and then.

    Great service, it is driving traffic to my website and my backlinks are climbing steadily.

  6. Does this happen on the publishers’ page on feed setup. (I’m currently publishing other peoples’ posts via email) Is it the same, only automated?

  7. Bob Storrs says:

    Sounds like a great plan. I had just submitted a question (it was answered) about multiple pen names so that is a feature I”ll definitely be using.

  8. This idea isn’t really new, though I’m sure you guys can do a better job at it. The problem I’ve had with similar services in the past is that most of the blogs publishing your articles tend to be low quality or “Made for Adsense” type of sites. I would prefer some type of manual approval og blogs, it will be much better if the article content supplements their own content rather that an “Auto-blog”.

  9. Adding to my previous comment – With all these blogs publishing our content, will that mean more rejection from established sites like

  10. Eric Lynch says:


    Will this gold membership thing give us the ability to submit under different pen names like Unique Article Wizard does? How much is this gold membership going to cost?

  11. Mike says:

    Great news. Seems like it will be a great option to promote and add new content for my readers.

    Will be signing up for your service this weekend

  12. Steve Shaw says:

    @Michel Maling: Good to hear, Michel, thank you

  13. Steve Shaw says:

    @Paul: We’ll bear that in mind, Paul, it’s entirely possible we’ll be able to add that type of feature in future, i.e. allowing bold and italics for sites that permit that to be submitted, and also applicable to blogs of course

  14. Steve Shaw says:

    @Bruce Hathaway: Hi Bruce, you’d be able to enter your blog(s) via our publisher dashboard via a new ‘Add Blog’ page (not yet available, but will be very soon), and we’d then automate submissions to the blogs you enter based on your requirements, either for automated approval, or left as draft for you to approve (or not) at a time of your choosing.

  15. Steve Shaw says:

    @Gobala Krishnan: Hi Gobala, because we have a lot more ‘quality control’ on the content we send out the blogs in our network, even if new, will actually build up higher levels of quality and value over time than the type of site you’re referring to, which of course means that the links members get from these blogs will only increase in value over time too.

    We’ll also be working directly with our blog network to show them ways they can increase the value of their blogs over time, including using our service to supplement their own content, as you mention, which will be entirely in their own interests too, i.e. increasing the monetary compensation they get from running their blogs through advertising, affiliate sales, or whatever.

    The quality of the content we send out will also mean a good proportion of higher quality, more established blogs using our service to supplement their existing content, making their work easier while increasing the value of their blog at the same time.

    In reference to, short answer is no. We prioritize EA in our network due to their prominence and general requirement to be submitted to ‘first’, and don’t have issues with them rejecting content from members on that basis.

    Blogs later using the same content (doesn’t apply if ArticleLeverage is used of course) is an entirely natural part of the process, i.e. like other article directories, EA provides content for other publishers to freely reprint.

  16. Hello Steve:

    These additional features sound good, I have been posting to blog networks for a few months now. So your service will just be in addition to what I am already doing in regards to building back links. I will also ramp up my marketing campaigns, so I can place more articles throughout the network, and in addition I will be promoting these features to my subscriber list.

    Thanks Again,
    Neville Easley

  17. Mark says:

    Very cool new features.
    I agree with @paul. It would be good to submit in HTML
    Can’t you bring the date forward?… :)

  18. Steve Shaw says:

    @Neville Easley: sounds good, Neville, thanks for your comments

  19. Karleen says:

    This is really exciting stuff, Steve. I have only been with SYA for a few weeks and I am already very impressed with the service, the information and the simplicity of creating unique articles through your Article Leverage. I’m looking forward to the new features coming up and am impressed that as an existing member I will be able to “go Gold” without an increase in membership cost. Thank you ahead of time for that! Keep up the good work! I am trying to tell as many people as possible about this service.

  20. Hello Steve, Great information, I am excited to work with the new tools. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  21. Steve Shaw says:

    @Karleen: You’re welcome, Karleen :)

  22. @Bruce Hathaway:

    Will the new page for adding to blog network appear on the publisher dashboard. I’ve set up blogs on the dashboard and they read as “active”.

  23. Val Wilson says:

    Hi Steve, these upgrades sound great – especially the naked articles & the multiple author names for the standard articles.
    Will the existing articles I have in your system be submitted to the new blog network, or will it only be new articles?

  24. Hi Steve,

    I am a member of SYA as well as your blog network. I have a feature request for the articles published in my blogs by SYA.

    With the positive and negative keywords filtering, I am getting very targeted articles. But, the number of articles are too many per day.

    I would really like to see a field added to limit the number of articles delivered per day for each blog.

    We should be able to give a specific number in that field and that many articles should be delivered per day, if available. Or, else we might specify -1 or 99 for no limit.

    I sincerely hope that this feature request will be considered for implementation soonest.


  25. Steve Shaw says:

    @V K Rajagopalan: Hi Raj,

    Great to hear you’re getting targeted articles through … it was unclear at first whether the limit per day feature would be beneficial for publishers in our blog network, so your feedback is very useful. We’ll certainly aim to provide this functionality for blog publishers as soon as possible.


  26. Steve Shaw says:

    @Val Wilson: Val–It will only be new articles that are submitted to the new blog network.

  27. Steve Shaw says:

    @Bruce Hathaway: Hi Bruce,

    I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. If you’ve already got blogs active on the dashboard, then you’ve already accessed the page to add a blog to the network (via Add > Blog).

    Any questions, just let us know.

  28. Libertyed says:

    Once again Steve,

    Your article and tips are worth reading, keep up the great work in providing usefull information to read…

    Libertyed :)

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