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Free Blog Posting System – How To Get A Steady Stream Of High-Quality Content Auto-Posted To Your Blog …
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It’s official – our new free blog posting system is now open for business!

This post explains exactly how you can register your blog(s) with us to receive a constant stream of high-quality, niche-focused content.

However, to avoid overloading our systems, there are practical limits on the number of blogs that we can accept – once that limit has been reached, the facility to register new blogs with us will likely be withdrawn.

This new system is likely to be very popular and it’s therefore important that you act quickly to ensure your own blog(s) are in the system.

What this means for your blog, or any number of blogs that you control, is that you can receive a constant stream of high quality, niche-focused, human-reviewed content in the form of:

  • Free reprint articles – with a resource box at the end, containing some author information and a link or two to the author’s site; and/or
  • ‘Naked articles’ –  essentially these are free reprint articles that show as a normal post on your blog, without a resource box or other author attribution (hence, ‘naked’) and with a link or two within the body of the post. For all intents and purposes, they appear to anyone reading the blog as a post you have written yourself. (Will be available mid-November 2010)

The link(s) within the content represent the ‘value’ for the author of the content, i.e. this is how they stand to benefit by providing your blog with the content for free.

The good news is that these links benefit your blog too, simply because search engines like Google tend to give higher ranking to sites that link to other relevant resources … and because the content you receive will be relevant to your niche (which you set by specifying keywords, explained further below), the sites linked to from within the content are going to be other relevant websites.

Either type of content can come with varying levels of uniqueness (i.e. how different the content will be to other sites that the article is sent to) – you can determine the level of uniqueness you require for your blog, as further illustrated below.

To take advantage, all you need to do is to use’s Publisher Dashboard facility to register any number of blogs that you control, and start receiving high quality content based on your requirements direct to your blogs.

For each individual blog, you can:

  • Filter content specific for your niche by:
    • Setting categories you would like to receive content in
    • Setting the exact keywords you are looking for
    • Setting keywords you are looking to exclude
  • Set the minimum level of ‘uniqueness’ for the content you receive (effective from mid-November 2010)
  • Receive ‘naked articles’ only – these look like real blog posts, and do not look like free reprint articles (effective from mid-November 2010)
  • Decide whether you want content delivered to your blog to be published straight away, or left for you to manually approve
  • Decide if you want to be notified by email when content is sent to your blog
  • Pause and resume submissions to your blog at any time
  • And more!

Any of the above settings can be adjusted at any time.

Follow these instructions to set up your first blog:

Important Note (May 2014): Please note the Publisher Dashboard is now integrated with our main Members Site and so the instructions and images below have been updated accordingly.

1. Grab a 100% Free Member Account

If you don’t already have an account with us, go to and click the button to set up a free account with us.

2. Login to the Member Site

Click here to log in to

3. Add a Blog

Go to Article Manager > Content Publisher > Blogs from the menu as shown, and then click the button provided to add a new blog:


Click to add a blog

4. Ensure XML-RPC is ON For Your Blog

For newer WordPress installations, this is on by default – to see if it’s on, try going to, and you should see output such as:

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

If not, you’ll need to turn it on as follows:

  • Log into your blog’s wp-admin facility (eg. and click Settings > Writing
  • Under ‘Remote Publishing’, check the XML-RPC checkbox, and Save:

5. Enter The Settings For Your Blog

Use the help information for each field to assist you in understanding what to enter.

Click the help icon to get help with adding your blog

It’s recommended that initially you select the I want to manually review content before choosing whether to publish option for the Publication setting. As you get confident in the content you receive and have fine tuned it sufficiently, you can then select the alternative Publish content automatically option so that content is automatically published and requires very little day to day involvement.

It’s also recommended that you check the Notify on post? option, at least initially, so that you’re able to quickly review content as it’s posted to your blog.

Regardless of whether this option is checked, the Notification Email you provide with each blog is used to notify you in case there is an issue in posting to the blog, for example if we’re having technical difficulties reaching your blog.

6. Configure Your Blog To Receive Niche-Relevant Content

Broadly speaking, it will help at first if you keep the options as open as possible to start with so that you receive as much content as possible that’s relevant to your blog, and once you get a feel for the content you are receiving, fine tune it from that point.

For example, the higher the Uniqueness Required setting, the less content you are likely to receive, simply because the articles we deliver will have varying levels of uniqueness, from none at all to relatively high levels.

It’s recommended at first to select all the categories in the Categories Required listing, and use the Keywords Required field to fine tune the content you receive for your blog.

To find suitable keywords, try using Google’s Keyword Planner tool (part of Adwords), or a tool such as Wordtracker.

As you start to receive content, you can then refine this list of keywords as required, and use the Keywords Excluded box if you start getting content you know you don’t want on your blog.

Please note that the keywords listed in either the Keywords Required or Keywords Excluded fields are matched against any content we store for the article in question, so the title, article body, resource box(es), short description and the keywords that the author entered against the article.

7. Save Your Blog

Tick the box at the bottom to indicate your agreement, and click Submit.

8. Verify Your Email If Necessary

It may be necessary to verify your email address before your blog is activated in our network – if so, you will see an appropriate message on the screen and will need to check your mailbox according to the instructions provided.

As soon as your email is verified, your blog will become Active.

9. Wait to Receive Content, and Fine Tune …

Note that content to your blog may start off slowly and then begin to accelerate after a few days or more. This is because articles already in distribution will not be scheduled to submit to your blog, only articles that are approved after your blog has been initially activated.

Any changes you make to your content requirements become effective immediately.

Once you start to receive content, you can start to fine tune the content you receive so that it’s exactly on target by updating your blog’s settings. To do this, just go back to Article Manager > Content Publisher > Blogs, select your blog, and edit as required.

Note that the more restrictive your requirements are, the less content you are likely to receive, but you’ll begin to get a feel for the balance that is right for your blog.

10. Enter More Blogs

Enter as many blogs as you like into the system in the same way as described above.

For example, create new blogs on new domains, and then set them up to start receiving niche-relevant quality content in the same way as described above. You can start to monetize them with advertising, through building up email lists, selling products relevant to the niche, and so on.

You can also use the content we supply to supplement content you already produce for existing blogs. For example, an additional few articles a month might be just what you need to start generating some momentum for your blog.

11. Spread The Word!

Auto blog posting systemOther blog owners are going to love you for telling them about this exciting service – help spread the word by mailing your list or telling others you know who might be interested!

If you’re a member of, you’ll also benefit from this by helping to get as many blogs as possible to join our network.

All you need to do is send them to our sister site, – here’s a sample email you can send, although please adapt it to your own ‘voice’ and just use it as the basis of your own message:

Subject: Quality, unique content for your blog (on auto-pilot)
Subject: Exciting service feeds blogs with QUALITY, unique content
Subject: Feed your blog with QUALITY, unique content … automatically


I’ve just plugged into this service myself, and couldn’t wait to tell you about it … basically it feeds your blog(s) with quality, human-reviewed, unique content on auto-pilot.

Best of all, it’s currently 100% fre-e.

I’ve set up one of my own blogs with it, just took a few minutes, was very straightforward, and now I can sit back and look forward to a stream of quality content automatically populating my blog.

I’ve seen other services where you can basically fill your blog with snippets of content from here and there, but it never feels like ‘real’ blog content (eg. real blog posts), the quality is often dire … and it comes across as very ‘spammy’.

Frankly this is NOTHING like that at all.

Go here to find out more:

No, this isn’t an affiliate link, I won’t make me a cent telling you about this – but I can guarantee YOU are going to find this very valuable.

Ever dreamed of hands-free blogging? This is it:


[your signature etc.]


NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

90 Responses to “Free Blog Posting System – How To Get A Steady Stream Of High-Quality Content Auto-Posted To Your Blog …”

  1. nagendra says:

    I am looking for some topics that are enough popular and finally founded your blog, it has superb topics with great popularity.

  2. Paul says:

    Steve, thank you. I was a subscriber to your Article Submission service in 2004, and I still get some traffic from way back then from what I posted. I’m back as a submitter and publisher for the sites I manage. Thank you for this service. I was thinking about “auto content” plugins, and after a bit if digging I opted not to move forward. Your approach, on the other hand, ROCKS!

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @Paul: Thanks so much for your feedback, Paul–it’s great to have you back :)

  4. SE SUTRISNO says:

    Producing a great amount of words and then publishing those via my blog really disrupt much of my time. Thank you, Steve, I have got what I need in a short time.

  5. I got it all right now and start enjoying your platform Steve .
    Thanbks for such a unique platform :) D…

  6. Van Lewis says:

    Thanks, for this valuable information.

  7. Jon M says:

    This seems like it may be out dated. Is this still available? can you submit multiple blogs?

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    @Jon M: Hi Jon,

    This info is current, so feel free to sign up and submit your blogs. Yes, you can submit multiple blogs (on the WordPress platform) under your publisher account. Just follow the instructions in the post for signing up and setting up your blogs, and just let us know if you have any questions

    Hope that helps!

  9. Adam says:

    Great service! I have been a user of your article submission service for quite awhile and look forward to this as well.

    One question I have: Do I need to choose keywords? If I leave the keywords tab blank and choose relevant categories will it still pull up general naked articles from those categories or do I need to add keywords t make it all work?



  10. Steve Shaw says:

    @Adam: Hi Adam,

    Thanks for being a member of and for also signing up to be a publisher.

    You don’t have to choose keywords–you would only do that if you had very specific content that you were interested in.

    If you don’t specify the keywords, then you will receive all the articles submitted under the categories that you select.

    If you do specify keywords that you require, then you will only be sent articles that contain one of your keyword phrases.

    You’ll receive more articles if you don’t specify keywords, but you’ll receive more specific articles if you do specify keywords.

    If you only want to receive Naked Articles, there’s a box that you can check so that you’re only sent Naked Articles.

    Hope that helps–let me know if you have any other questions…

  11. Thanks, for this information

  12. Christopher says:

    I keep getting the following error:

    Unable to login, your blog at said:
    Invalid return payload: enable debugging to examine incoming payload (XML error: > required at line 9, column 13)

    It looks like everything is setup properly. Any ideas?

  13. Christopher says:

    Nevermind. I got it working. I had to rebuild Apache and PHP on my server to include XML-RPC.

    I am a web developer, but new to WordPress. Sorry.

  14. Steve Shaw says:

    @Christopher: No problem–Glad you got it worked out, Christopher.

  15. screenmates says:


    How about supporting vBulletin blog/article platform? We are eagerly waiting for this feature.

    Please advise…


  16. Steve Shaw says:

    No timescale, but we may be able to support vBulletin at some point later this year.

  17. Charm says:

    I’m still doing my WP blog. You know I’m still new to this thing. Slow to apply. Hesitant sometimes to do it because it’s a bit scary….especially creating a wordpress blog. I’m still in the midst of doing it. As soon as I’ve finished it, then I can contact you.
    Thanks anyway for now.

  18. Hello Guys,

    Can you please provide a walk-through instruction how I can set-up my blogger blog with your system?

  19. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ruelie Rapsing: Hi Ruelie,

    We currently support WordPress blogs only … further blogging platforms will be added in due course

    Hope that helps…

  20. I’m excited to see how well this process works. Can’t wait to see relevant content added.

  21. is that these articles are already written.richard

  22. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Richard,

    Yes, the articles that publishers receive are already written.

  23. chamal says:

    is this articles are written for what categories?

  24. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Chamal,

    The various categories for the articles are shown at the link below, at the top of the page:

    I hope that helps!

  25. Luke says:

    I’m struggling to see what benefits I would get from other people advertising their stuff on my blog!

    Would it not be a better idea for everyone that signs up, to link blogs so that when someone makes a post it goes to all the other members blogs?

    If there is a site or software that does this could someone let me know thanks.

  26. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you so much for your question. You had asked about how the publisher benefits when he uses free reprint articles on his blog.

    You benefit by getting niche specific content that is helpful to your readers. Also, when Google is trying to determine the importance of your website, one factor that it considers is how long a reader stays on your site after being referred from the search engine.

    The more quality content that you have on your site, the longer that readers will tend to stay and look around, and that can impact your search engine rankings for the better.

    If you were able to and wanted to write all of the content on your blog, that would be great, but many blog publishers simply do not have the time or inclination to produce content on a consistent basis, so they turn to free reprint articles. While the articles are free (you do not have to pay money for them), the writer needs to get something in return for providing the content.

    The reason why people create free reprint articles is to market their websites. With a traditional free reprint article, there would be a resource box (aka ‘author bio’) that appears beneath the article and includes biographical information as well as an incentive to visit their website and a link or two to the site.

    For blog publishers, we offer an alternative to the traditional resource box. We call it “Naked Articles”, meaning that the published article is without a resource box or other author attribution (hence, ‘naked’) and with a link or two within the body of the post. For all intents and purposes, they appear to anyone reading the blog as a post you have written yourself.

    You had said you didn’t want to publish advertisements of other people’s products on your blog–perhaps you meant that you didn’t want to publish articles with resource boxes? If that’s the case, you can opt to receive Naked Articles.

    I also wanted to make clear that the articles that we distribute are not advertisements or sales oriented–they are educational articles written on the area of expertise of the author. For example, when I submit articles, I write articles that teach people how to do article marketing, rather than articles about my business,

    So, the content that you would receive would not be advertisements, but helpful content that your readers would appreciate. There would be one to two links in the article body (if you chose to receive Naked Articles), but they are not of the “click here” variety and do not include language that promotes the website of the author or that tries to lure the reader to click the link. The links are anchor text links, and the text that is linked is in context with the rest of the non-sales oriented article.

    You had asked another question: “Would it not be a better idea for everyone that signs up, to link blogs so that when someone makes a post it goes to all the other members blogs?”

    I’m sorry, I do not know where you could find free quality content that did not involve crediting the author by linking to another site.

    I hope this helps!

  27. Luke says:

    I would like to use this system but wordpress will no longer host my make money online blog! My blogger site is fine, could you let me know when you are excepting blogger. Thanks

  28. Ed says:

    Hi Steve,

    First of all I want to congratulate you for such an admirable and helpful endeavor you are making to help people like myself to publish free articles blogs.

    I am using Google blogger. I have two affiliate websites and two Google blogs one for and the other for

    I need naked articles posted on these blogs, but first I would like to have them edited before they are published. Of course, I am all willing to keep the links of the author in tact. I only want to ingest a few words of mine to give it my flavor. Is this possible?.

    Thank you

  29. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ed: Hi Ed,

    Thanks so much for your questions. First of all, please know that we currently support WordPress blogs only … further blogging platforms will be added in due course.

    Also, you had asked if you could make changes to the articles–unfortunately no. You would not make any changes at all to the articles, but rather would need to republish them exactly as they are submitted to you.

    I hope this helps!

  30. Ed says:

    @Steve Shaw:

    Thanks Steve,

    I have a wordpress site “” . So I could use your free blog posts and add them to the “post” pages I have.

    Is this doable?

    Thank you

  31. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ed: Hi Ed,

    Thanks for chiming in. Yes, that should be fine. Please just follow the instructions in the post for creating a publisher account with us, and then follow the instructions on the publisher’s dashboard for setting up your blog to receive article submissions from us. If you have any questions on it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We’re happy to help.

  32. Ed says:

    Hi Steve,

    The other website is not a WordPress website for which blog posts are needed as well. Is that feasible?


  33. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Ed,

    If it’s not a WordPress site, unfortunately we won’t be able to auto-post the articles to your site. However, within your Publisher’s account you can request to receive articles via email for that site, and then you can manually post the content there. Hope that helps!

  34. saravanan says:

    its really great article its use full for me

  35. Hey I am wondering how to get the auto publishing to show up in my settings. It does not appear in my writing settings. Is there a plugin I need to add?

  36. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Daniel,

    For the blog publishing, there is no plugin needed. You’re referring to XMLRPC settings in WordPress which we ask blog publishes to ensure is on. In the latest versions of WordPress, it’s on by default ‘under the hood’ so if you can’t see it, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Hope that helps–just let us know if you have any other questions.

  37. Andre says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just signed up for the publisher account and I have the same issue as Daniel. My remote publishing isn’t visible in the writing settings neither. Could you have your technical team take a look at mines also.Thanks

  38. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Andre,

    Thanks for getting in touch–I’ll put the answer to Daniel’s and yours question here (and update my reply to Daniel) in case anyone else has the same question:

    You’re referring to XMLRPC settings in WordPress which we ask blog publishes to ensure is on. In the latest versions of WordPress, it’s on by default ‘under the hood’ so if you can’t see it, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Hope that helps–just let us know if you have any other questions.

  39. Tina Bell says:

    I just want to say I have this on my blog and it works wonderfully! The traffic you have brought me for free is great and it also allows me to met other bloggers. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a blog that does not have the time to keep it up, for any reason it is agreat thing that they are doing. Thanks

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