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Get More Marketing Mileage Out Of Your Articles–Turn Them Into An E-Book!
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We’ve been talking recently about getting multiple marketing uses out of your articles, and I must tell you that creating an e-book from your articles is one of the simplest and most beneficial things you can do!

Here’s why:

1) An e-book based off of your articles is a great lure for your resource box.

How many times have you seen someone saying in their resource box “claim your free e-book on this topic by going to [their website URL]“?

To my ears that sounds so professional–I think, “That person must really have things together. They actually have a collection of useful information ready and waiting for me.”

Also, if the person has taken the time to read your article, then chances are they would also be interested in similar articles. You can have a resource box that says “If you found these tips on [your topic] helpful, then please check out the free report “101 more tips on such and such”.

2)Â An e-book based off of your articles is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

As long as you’ve gone to the trouble of writing several useful quality articles, why not collect them all in one place and show off the scope of your knowledge?

Yes, writing articles is a great way to gain a potential customer’s confidence, but if seeing one article makes a person say, “Hmmm, she really knows her stuff!”, then seeing 5, 10, 15, or more pieces of useful content will further cement it in a reader’s brain that yes, you do know what you’re talking about! :-)

3) It goes without saying that creating an e-book based off of your articles is a great way to get more mileage out of your marketing efforts (and we could all benefit from getting more bang for our marketing buck, couldn’t we?).

Whenever you see other authors talking about their e-books you might have found yourself saying, “I wish I had an e-book to offer readers, but I don’t even know how to go about that. After all, I’m not a real writer–how in the world could I make an actual e-book?”

To tell you the truth, it’s actually easier than you might think, but first let me put your mind at rest about a few things:

4) You determine the length of your e-book.

Whenever we hear the word “book” we sometimes get visions of a 4 inch thick tome akin to ‘War and Peace’, and then we start to shake in our boots thinking, “Yikes–there’s no way I could write that much!”

Rest easy– there’s no need to channel Tolstoy, and there’s nothing that says that a free e-book that you offer on your website needs to be of epic length.

I think the more valuable information you offer the more appreciative your audience will be, but even a quality report that is 10 pages long and chocked full of information still offers value.

If you can write one article, you can certainly write an e-book.

After all, what is a book but a collection of chapters?

And what is a chapter but an series of paragraphs linked together on a specific topic?

An article is a also a series of paragraphs linked together on a specific topic, so it might help to think of an e-book as basically being an organized collection of articles.

In our next post we’ll go over exactly how to create an e-book from your articles, but get it out of your head that you will need to sit down for months at a time crafting hundreds of pages of content in order to produce an e-book.

The way we’re doing an e-book, we’re just going to take it one article at a time, so no big time pressure here.

*You determine how in depth your e-book is.

I recently put together an free e-book based off of an assortment of marketing content I’ve created over the years called “9 Essential Article Marketing Lessons”. It’s about 45 pages of solid information. After I finished it I knew that it was a product that many people would be willing to pay for, but I really wanted to offer it for free to people on my list.

When I sent the link to download the book for free, the response that I got was really amazing!

Some people responded that it was refreshing to be offered something of such value for free, and others who are also affiliates asked me if I could come up with a similar report/e-book that they could re-brand and use as a marketing tool for (and yes, we’re putting that affiliate tool together).

It took me just a few hours to gather all the previously written content and organize it into an e-book, but the payoff has been tremendous and has inspired some other marketing ideas to bounce off of that original e-book.

If I had a bit of advice to give it would be to think about the long term. You’re not just creating an e-book to act as a lure in your next article, but you’re creating a marketing tool that readers can find useful for years and years to come and that they want to share with their friends and colleagues.

*You may talk about your own business, website and services in your e-book (but not your articles!)

Yes, if you’re used to writing free reprint articles, you may have trained yourself never to talk about your own business or products in your writing. Your e-book is one occasion where you may (and should) have some information about yourself and your business.

Now, I would caution you to limit your promotional content in your e-book–the e-book is supposed to be educational and helpful to readers, and not just a sales letter. However, you can tastefully add information about your own business and invite readers to contact you if they’re interested. Remember–that is only for your e-book and not your articles. In your articles you can’t talk about your business or products or website (except in the resource box).

So, how do we do this? How do we use our articles to create an e-book anyway?

Glad you asked! In our next post we’re going to break things down into a few simple steps, and I assure you that none of them will be hard.

For now let me ask you this:

Have any of you ever created an e-book using your articles as a launching point?

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4 Responses to “Get More Marketing Mileage Out Of Your Articles–Turn Them Into An E-Book!”

  1. I’ve created a few eBooks before to offer as a premium to entice people to opt-in to my list, but I’ve never tried compiling a list of articles to offer but it makes sense and sound easy as Steve has laid out.

    Good idea. Thanks.

  2. The one thing that does drive me nuts is E-books that are written and stuffed full of affiliate links. If the book isa paid product you must keep the links to a minimum, or put them in a resource page at the end

  3. Gerry Legister says:

    yes please send more info

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