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Google Front Page: How Can You Get Your Local Business On Page One? (Without Spending A Fortune)
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Last time we were addressing a question a reader had posed–he said he was a local business owner, and his website was not showing up in search engine rankings for his keywords. He wanted to know how to get his site on the front page results listings, and he wanted to do so without shelling out big bucks.

You may want to read over the previous post if you haven’t already, because we’re about to pick up where we left off…

Web Pages With The Most “Authority” (or Importance) Get Listed Higher

Last time we were likening Google to a phone book for the purpose of explaining the importance of search engine rankings. Unlike a phone book though, Google does not list web pages alphabetically–it lists them in order with the ones that it thinks are most likely to satisfy the searcher at the top.

So, when people want to market their businesses on the internet, instead of creating a business name like AAA Plumbing (like some people used to do to get a higher listing in the phone book), they will need to take a different tactic to get listed at the top.

Google’s Goal: To Give The Search Customer Exactly What He’s Looking For

It’s sort of like when you go into a nice clothing store and the sales person asks you what you’re looking for. If you tell him or her “I’m looking for a blue seersucker suit”, a good sales person will not only direct you to the section of the store that has the suits, but he will also take you specifically to the suit that has the best chance of being what you’re looking for. Ideally, he will walk you straight over to the blue seersucker suits.

That’s good customer service, and Google thinks that way too. When a search customer types a phrase into Google, Google acts like that salesperson who tries to take the customer to exactly what he’s looking for.

Now imagine, in order for the sales person to be able to take the customer directly to the specific suit that he’s looking for, the sales person has to be knowledgeable about his inventory. He has to know that he has a blue seersucker suit in stock and where it is.

When you market your website, it’s like you are trying to get the sales person (Google) to be aware of what your website is about and where it is located. Only then can Google say to its search customers who are looking for information on your topic, “I know exactly where to find that information–take a look at this web page and see if it’s what you’re looking for.”

What Is Website Marketing?

When marketing your website, your attitude is to say, “How can I communicate to Google what my website is about, so that Google can then direct its customers to my website?”

That is what you are trying to do with all your website marketing efforts–tell Google what your site is about and the location.

Some people think of website marketing as being a way to manipulate Google to get a site ranking that they otherwise would not deserve. Actually, things don’t work that way. What you’re really trying to do is to assist Google with the natural way that it ranks sites–by helping it determine the topic of your site and to associate the pages on your site with specific types of search terms (“search terms” are the phrases that people type into Google when doing searches).

What Is Article Marketing?

That brings us to Article Marketing. Article Marketing is an online marketing tool whereby you submit articles with the intention of helping Google (and the other search engines) to understand what your website is about. This marketing tool is effective for people with local businesses, international businesses, and internet businesses. The way that you’ll go about submitting articles may be a bit different, but the general concept is the same–you submit articles to help Google know what your site is about and the location.

We’ll go more in depth on exactly how to use article marketing to bring attention to your website next time. In the meantime, do you have any questions about what we’ve covered so far?

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