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How To Create A Resource Box: The Ultimate Guide
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How Do I Write A Resource Box?

If you’ve just started Article Marketing, the concept of a Resource Box may be new to you.

I’ve written many articles on the topic of ‘how to create a great resource box’, and I thought it would be a good idea to compile and organize them in one place so that you will have a ready resources when questions arise.

Here are some of the classic articles on how to make a strong resource box:

Getting Started:

How To Write A Resource Box – explains what a resource box is, includes basic tips for getting started writing a resource box.

5 Safeguards To Be Sure That Your Resource Box Links Work – a guide to help you avoid broken links.

How To Customize Your Resource Box In 3 Easy Steps – It’s great to have a basic resource box, but for best results it’s a good idea to customize your basic resource box to suit each article. This resource shows you how to tailor your resource box so that it flows nicely with your article.

How To Sabotage Your Article Marketing: The Last Minute Resource Box – Here are a 7 Simple Resource Box Guidelines that will take you from “What?” to “Wow!” in no time.

5 Ways to Stop Singing the Resource Box Blues – Here’s a list of 5 definite ‘Do’s’ to keep in mind when crafting your resource box.

Giving A Reason To Click-Through To Your Website:

7 Effective Resource Box Lures – A resource box ‘lure’ is anything that inspires a reader to click the link in your resource box and go back to your website. This resource contains 7 ideas for giving your readers a reason to click-through.

How To Make Your Resource Box Sticky (and Get Those Click Throughs!) -It’s not so much what you say as how you say it–this article gives examples that show you how to tweak your readers’ interest and cultivate curiosity for what you have to offer back at your website.

3 Secret Tricks For Luring Readers Back To Your Website – My 3 best tips for increasing click-throughs from your resource box to your website.

Resource Box Rehab:

A while ago did a “Resource Box Rehab Lab” where people submitted their resource boxes so that I could brainstorm ways how to improve their author bio. We had a great turn out, and from the entries I picked out several resource boxes that were representative of common problems, and then in several posts on this blog I did a “makeover” on those chosen resource boxes.

It was very fun and a great teaching opportunity. I think we pretty much covered all of the different pitfalls that authors fall into when creating their resource boxes–please look through the list of links below and read those tutorials. By following the instructions in the posts, you will be able to create a great resource box.

Resource Box Rehab: Why Should I Go To Your Site? – guide for providing a reason to click-through to your website.

Resource Box Rehab: Making Your Resource Box Short And Sweet – gives pointers for condensing information in your resource box to fit character limitations.

Resource Box Rehab: How To Turn Your Business Card Into A Resource Box – you can do better than having a resource box that simply reflects the info on your business card. This is a guide for taking things up a few notches from just the bare basic info.

Resource Box Rehab: It’s Not Just About Links – if you’ve ever been tempted to simply leave a link or a URL in your resource box and no other info, then this article is for you!

Resource Box Rehab: Excellent Author Resource Boxes – It helps to have role models, doesn’t it? This is a collection of great resource boxes.

HTML Resource Boxes

What’s An HTML Resource Box? – tells what a HTML resource box is, goes over the benefits of using one, and then covers some of the common mistakes people make and how to fix them.

How To Enter An Advanced HTML Resource Box In 5 Easy Steps – this is a step-by-step tutorial for submitting an HTLM resource box into This post is for members who would like to learn how to use the Advanced HTML Resource Box field that appears on the Enter Your New Article page.

How To Write An HTML Resource Box…The Easy Way! – I’ve noticed that some authors will have great text resource boxes but their HTML ones are just bare bones! This article teaches how to have a completely fleshed out HTML resource box.

7 HTML Resource Box Slip-Ups – goes over several common mistakes that people make when creating an HTML resource box, and how to fix them. & Resource Boxes

How To Drive Traffic To Multiple Sites With Just One Article! – Members of are invited to use ArticleLeverageâ„¢, which allows you to set up variations for different parts of your article, including the text and HTML resource boxes. This article reveals a secret trick for driving traffic to multiple sites by employing the ArticleLeverageâ„¢ tool.

How To Use The Resource Box Manager On Your Account – For members of, this is a tutorial about how to use your Resource Box Manager.

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6 Responses to “How To Create A Resource Box: The Ultimate Guide”

  1. bet says:

    What a great idea. Thanks,

  2. Adrian says:

    I’m totally amazed by the wealth of information that this article links too. I can see clearly how your suggestions will improve my resource boxes and improve the results I get from Article Marketing.

    There is one question that I have which I don’t think you’ve ansered which is what is the best type of landing page for your resource box to link too.

    Would another more detailed article work best or should I present prospects with a sales page. Maybe a squeeze page colecting name and email would work best.

    What do you think?

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks so much for your question. Generally the best idea is to get as many people clicking through as possible onto an email list – that way you can follow up with them, bring them back to the site multiple times, have more chances to clinch the sale, and so on. This is basically how you can achieve long-term traffic growth through article marketing.

    I hope that helps!

  4. Gary Cooper says:

    Steve you have the compiled the most complete resource of article information I’ve came across anywhere! I cant thank you enough! Gary in Dallas

  5. Great info Steve as always. Being a writer I can bet safely that this is the most comprehensive info at one single place. Great work :)

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