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Guide To Article Marketing: 7 Best Article Templates
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Could your mind use a refresher? Use these 7 templates...

One of the most challenging parts of article marketing is coming up with fresh ideas for topics. Sometimes our minds can get in a rut–it seems like we’ve written every possible article we can on our topic!

I can almost promise you–if you feel like you’ve run out of ideas, like every angle on your topic has been thoroughly exhausted and there is just nothing more to write about, you are wrong.

You can write on your topic endlessly if you think creatively enough.

That’s where this guide to article marketing comes in:

Here are 7 article templates designed to stimulate your creativity and breathe new life into your article marketing campaign!

The “Historical Figure” Article Template – Are you just “over” your topic? Tired of it? Want to take a vacation from it? Then this is the template for you. Let’s take a journey back in history (or just to what you watched on television last night), research some quotes from a favourite person in history, and somehow (?!) find a way to relate that info to your niche. This template will refresh your brain and turn your topic upside down (in a good way!).

The “Beginner’s Guide” Article Template – A classic! You can use this template over and over–it never fails to reframe one’s perspective and get in the mindset of an absolute beginner. This template is a real no brainer–it tells you what information to include, how to organize it, and even gives templates for your title that you just need to fill in to make appropriate to your niche.

How to Launch an Article Series from One Lonely Article. – This ingenious article teaches you how to take a simple list article with 7 items and morph it into 8 articles.

How To Write A Great List Article in 10 Easy Steps – This post walks you step-by-step through creating a list article. Contains examples of real articles, different techniques for effective titles, and helpful strategies for arranging your list items.

How To Write a ‘HowTo’ Article in 7 Easy Steps – This article gives questions to think about as you are selecting a topic and suggests different angles on your old familiar topic that you may not have thought about before.

The “Dinner Party Reply” Article Template – This is the “thinker’s” article template, but it makes you think about things that you should be thinking about anyway. There is a very clever strategy to this one. Personally speaking, I milked about 8 articles out of this template.

The “Top Mistakes” Article Template – This one is fun and another one that you can use repeatedly. This template takes the guess work out and gives you 7 steps/suggestions for creating each part of your article. Contains very helpful real article examples from our own article directory.

You can use most (if not all) of these article templates repeatedly. Anytime you feel yourself struggling for writing topics, just come back to this page, select one of the templates, follow the steps, and give your brain a much needed vacation.

Et voila–in no time you will have written an article that makes you feel creative and refreshed!

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