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Guide To Article Marketing – How to Write an Informative Article
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Writing an informative article is a lot like teaching someone to ride a bike...

So, you’ve decided to start writing articles and submitting them to online publishers, and you’re just not sure exactly how to go about writing articles that readers will be interested in.

Writing articles when you’re not used to it can be a little intimidating at first–you think, “I’ve never done this before (or I haven’t done it in a long time). What if I mess up?”

That’s a completely normal way to feel for any person who is learning a new skill.

We feel most comfortable hanging out in areas where we feel like we’re in control and know what we’re doing. To undertake a brand new skill like writing articles can get your adrenaline flowing, because you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing.

It’s okay if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to write about or how to write articles.

Instead of thinking of this “I don’t know what I’m doing” feeling as unpleasant, think of it as a prelude to a new achievement.

After all, in order to break ground in new territory, you have to leave the safety of the territory that you’re used to.

With this guide to article marketing, you’re about to learn how to confidently stride into the new territory of learning how to write an informative article.

Good News–It’s Really Not About You…

And writing articles is NOT like walking into the spotlight on a stage.

One of the reasons that folks get nervous about writing articles is that they imagine all the attention that will be on them, and that’s a bit unsettling.

Really, writing articles is less like a performer stepping into a spotlight on a stage, and more like a parent teaching a child to ride a bike.

Does the parent get nervous about what her child will think about her?

No, the parent knows how to ride a bike already, and she’s excited to share the pleasure of bike riding with her child. She is not trying to impress anybody. She just wants to help her child learn this new skill.

That should be your mindset when you think about writing articles.

Where To Start?

You’re probably wondering what to write about. That is the first question that comes into most people’s minds. I want to get you started thinking in the direction of problem solving.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the most confusing or most often misunderstood aspects of your niche?
  • What are the very basic things that anyone who is entering or interested in your niche needs to know?
  • What are the questions that your clients and customers ask you most often?

(BTW–when I say “customers and clients” I mean anyone who might become one of your customers and clients. Potential customers are treated the same as actual customers. For article marketing purposes, this group of potential customers is also called your “target readers”.)

  • Have you noticed that your customers/clients have emotional needs springing from their learning process?

Just as an example, one thing that I frequently notice and always empathize with is how frustrating it can be to need to write when you don’t feel like writing and to keep on putting it off.

That is a problem that has some emotional ramifications (I know this from my own experience with writing!).

So, try to be sensitive to touchy challenges that you face in your niche and that your clients face also. Part of your job in writing an informative article is to give encouragement and reassurance in addition to concrete steps to solve a problem or learn a new skill.

7 Tips To Remember

  1. The most important thing is that you remember who you’re writing for (your target readers).
  2. Don’t worry that you’re supposed to be putting on a clinic or standing in front of a virtual audience and giving a lecture. Your role is to walk beside your reader, giving instructions and encouragement along the way (like the mother teaching her daughter to ride a bike).
  3. Your article should teach the reader a new skill or solve a problem.
  4. Simple is always best. Keep your language, your sentences structures, and your explanations as basic as possible.
  5. Stay in touch with how you felt when you were a beginner in your field. Being able to do this is crucial to your ability to write meaningful articles.
  6. Don’t expect yourself to be able to finish an article in one sitting. Break your writing into sessions, one day jotting down some notes or making a loose outline, and another day writing a first draft.
  7. Be patient with yourself–you will become a better teacher and a better writer the more articles that you publish.

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4 Responses to “Guide To Article Marketing – How to Write an Informative Article”

  1. Great post Steve,
    I love step #5 Staying in touch with how you felt when you were a beginner. that’s great advice; That is the one thing I tell myself when I am writing articles. I remind myself of the kind of information I needed when I started out that would help me start and run my business on the internet.

    Reminding myself of those things help to keep me focused on what I need to put into my articles. Those are all great tips for beginners.

    Thank you

  2. Definitely a well addressed guide for enhancing our writing skills. Thanks and appreciation for your team for all efforts put forward in Article Marketing

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  4. jesspher says:

    thanks Steve

    You motivate me a lot.
    I’ve been started writing informative type of articles
    for my personal site and my clients site.

    this post really help me alot.


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