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How Do I Write Articles For A “Shopping Mall” Type Website That Sells Many Different Products?
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I am always telling you to write articles on the topic of your website, but what if your website is more like a shopping mall, with lots of different categories and pages selling all sorts of different products? 

What should you write about then?

That's an excellent question!

If you have different areas of merchandise at your site, consider writing articles for each area–you have to get creative with this!

Pick a category at the site–let's say you have one category (or department) for pet related products. You would then write on the topic of that department, perhaps with an article entitled “The Top 10 Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers”.

In the article, you would not write about specific products, but list 10 types of products that you have on your site, such as plush pet beds in designer colors, artistic dog bowls, pet carriers that make humans look stylish, etc…

You would not mention your own site in the article, but could say “I’ve seen dog carriers that look like designer purses–any stylish pet lover that has a small dog or a cat would scream for joy if she received one of these as a gift.”

Then in your resource box you could say, “Looking for the ideal gift for the pet lover in your life? Visit [link here] and receive 10% off your first order.”

That is a way to write an article for a product based site–you could do other articles like that to address different areas of your site–Electronics, games, collectibles, etc–whatever the variety of departments on your site you could write articles on that number of topics.

The trick is to come up with an idea (and occasion) as to why someone would be buying the products, and then craft an article that addresses the occasion rather than tries to sell the product.

Does that make sense?

And what URL should you link to from your resource box?

You could mix things up, sometimes linking to the main page of the site and sometimes linking to the specific category page. 

If you're a member of, you could use our ArticleLeverage tool to create multiple resource boxes linking back to different parts of your site–one resource box could link to your main page, another to your category page for the pet products (or whatever department you've chosen), and perhaps other resource boxes could link to even more specific pages, such as the sales page for a specific item. 

For more info on how to drive traffic back to multiple URLs with just one article, see this post

Oh, and here's some more info on how to write articles to drive traffic back to a product based website.

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2 Responses to “How Do I Write Articles For A “Shopping Mall” Type Website That Sells Many Different Products?”

  1. David Sharp says:


    This is an excellent article, Steve. As the owner of a similar type of website I actually never started article marketing in order to market my site.
    I realize now this was a big mistake and one I intend to rectify. There are so many categories on my site that each one becomes a separate niche and as such I can drive traffic using article marketing.

    All the very best,
    Dave Sharp

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’m glad this post was helpful to you–yes, if you have a “shopping mall” type website, then you have many niches under one roof. Article marketing is a great way to drive traffic to all the different areas of your site.

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