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How Do You Know What Topics Strike A Nerve With Your Target Market?
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A key aspect of article marketing is providing valuable educational content for your target market, but how do you know what sorts of information your target customers are looking for? 

Of course we always write on the topic of our websites, but beyond that, where can we get specific ideas for articles? 

The crazy thing is that we (the experts) oftentimes are so waist deep in our field that we overlook the most obvious questions and topics.

As business owners who are marketing focused, sometimes our brains are not completely customer-centric when we're deciding what to write about.

That is just human nature–in order to get a read on questions that are circling through our customers' brains, we need to venture beyond ourselves and our expertise and journey into the turf of our customers. 

But where do you find that turf, and how can we get into the minds of our customers?  

Please check out these 5 main areas where you can get a read on your target customers so that you can then produce content that will satisfy their needs: 

1) Listen hard to the questions of current and potential customers. 

Really, the driving force behind pretty much all of my articles and other online content is questions coming in from the customer support for

We get some great questions from current members and potential members, and it's a real eye-opener for me!

See, what may be obvious for me (or you in your business) is not always obvious to a customer or potential customer. We have to think as teachers when we're providing customer support and when we're writing articles–what is the best way that we can get the information across and give our customers the understanding they need?

It's true that there are some one-off questions that come in, ones that not many folks ask, but you'll know a sensitive nerve when you start getting the same sorts of questions over and over. The questions that we get from current members and folks who are just checking us out are the compass that directs our content on this blog and through my articles. 

What questions are your customers asking you on a regular basis? 

By providing the answers to those questions in your articles you can have a helpful resource ready and waiting for the inevitable question the minute it comes–and that impresses customers!

2) If you have a blog, which posts are your most conversation stimulating?

I've noticed a few posts on Creative Article Marketing that seem to have struck a nerve–one is on how to write articles to drive traffic back to a product based website.

I actually got the idea to write that post from a question from a member of my article distribution service,

I remember that day–A member had written in very confused about what to write about and frustrated that he couldn't submit promotional (sales oriented) articles.

And I just thought–"I think he would get this if he could just have it explained to him in detail." And then I explained things to him, and used that reply as the basis for that blog post. I then decided to share the post with my newsletter, and the nerve was struck!

I do like to bounce ideas for articles off of content from the blog, so that idea is now on an "article topic list" that I use when I'm writing articles. 

On your blog, do you have any posts that have generated a lot of interest or comments? 

Why not turn that post into an article?

(Please see the "Related Resources" below for instructions on how to turn a blog post into a free reprint article.)

3) Read blogs in your niche, find posts that have tons of comments.

Other folks in your niche are a great source for article topics, but if you're not sure where to find blogs in your field just do these steps:

a) Check out

Technorati is a blog search engine, and it also gives rankings of blogs so you can see which ones are the most popular.

b) You can find blogs in your field at Technorati in one of two ways–either use the search box on the home page to search for say, "Marketing blogs", or you could use the tabs at the top of the homepage to find an appropriate category for your niche. For example, you could to go Lifestyle => Travel to find blogs about travel. 

Oh, and if you'd just like to get an idea of what blogs are popular (and you might find one in your niche), check out the top 100 blogs list.

Get involved in the community of a blog (or blogs) in your niche, and study the comments. Sometimes I get my best ideas for topics from reading questions that pop up in the comments of other people's blogs. 

4) Study magazines in your niche. 

If an article title catches my eye in a magazine in my niche, I think that chances are the topic will also be appealing to my target audience. 

Big warning–One thing I would not do though is read through the articles in the magazine and try to get inspiration from the articles themselves. You want to be super careful to create a completely unique article with no "borrowed" ideas or phrases–getting inspiration directly from someone' else's article is dangerous because it's too easy to copy.

Just to be safe–let the titles be your inspiration, not the articles themselves. Your imagination needs to fill in the blanks between the inspiration title and the finished article.

5)  Use your previous articles as a gauge.

Here's one that may be too obvious to see–Look at your previously submitted articles and see which ones have gotten the most view or reprints. You may be surprised–an article you may have thought was just hum-drum may actually be a hot ticket item with readers and publishers. 

If you find a previous article of yours that's HOT, try approaching it from a different angle for another article or fleshing out the ideas presented in that original article.

Bonus! Try doing research on social bookmarking sites.

Look at Digg, Reddit, ect. and find articles and posts in your niche that are popular.

From looking at those sites you can see which topics are striking nerves in your niche, and you can use that idea as launching pad for your own unique article.

Question for you: How do you determine which topics are HOT with your target market? 

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  1. I do a lot of research & reading in my niche topic which is how to make money niche blogging.

    There are many high quality sites in this niche already & many ideas for articles & posts that are interesting to my readers.

    It’s actually a never ending source for me to get inspiration from since there’s so many aspects to online marketing.

  2. Darren says:

    I like to use forums to find out what is “striking a nerve”

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