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How do you organize your writing schedule?
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article-writing-scheduleI am always tweaking my writing process –it’s fun and inspiring to switch things up now and then.

Here is the process that I used this month in preparation for a month’s worth of writing.

Writing Day 1: Brainstorm article titles.

Lots of times I get article topic ideas from reader comments or from customer questions, but I also will look at my some of my fave blogs about writing, social media and online marketing to stimulate article topic ideas.

Spend an hour or so coming up with enough article ideas to meet your quota of articles for the month. I usually will have a makeshift title, and if possible also a few points I want to include.

So, Writing Day 1 is brainstorming/research day. That frees me up on the other writing days to focus on writing.

Writing Day 2: Write first article.

The topic is already decided, because of my brainstorming session–makes it much easier to get started!

I find that if I have several article topics lined up that I can sometimes write several pieces of content in one day.

This leads me to suspect that a lack of writing productivity may be linked to me dreading (or procrastinating) writing the next article due to not knowing what to write about. If I can get several article topics lined up, then things go by much more quickly.

Other writing days: Write other articles.

I schedule my writing days on my calendar, so I have designated days/times for writing. I have a dry erase board that serves as my writing calendar, and I just place a blue dot on each day when I’m supposed to write. Then as I finish each article, I erase the blue dot. That really helps me stay motivated and keep track of my progress. It’s also very encouraging to see the blue dots get fewer and fewer.

It’s a pretty simple approach, and it works for me.

What about you…

Have you found an article writing schedule that works for you?

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6 Responses to “How do you organize your writing schedule?”

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Steve,
    Like you, I am always on the alert for things to write about and I have a folder that I pop these into. Exercise is my greatest source of inspiration, believe it or not. Perhaps it frees up the mind!!!
    I try to write almost every day because I am just starting out in article marketing and everything seems to take much longer than I bargain for. Some articles come together easily, and some just have to be left for another day.
    Now, this may seem to be a dumb question from someone who needs to get aquainted with blogging, but how do you come to have favourite blogs in the first place? How do you find them?


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Maria,

    You can look at Technorati (, which is a blog directory/ search engine. Look under your topic and see what the most popular blogs are.

    Or, you can do a Google search for your topic–for example, “gardening blogs” and see what comes up.

    If you find one blog that is really good, then you can look at their blogroll (if they have one)–that is a list of recommended blogs listed in the side bar. Not every blog has a blogroll, but many do.

    I’ve also found many great blogs by clicking through to the websites of folks who leave insightful comments on my fave blogs.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Wayne Weeks says:

    Good stuff. I thing it is to my detriment that I have not stuck to any plan and schedule. I seem to write when I feel moved to do so, and that can be sporadic.

  4. Thanks for the great suggestions and Tips on organization.I am just starting out and hope to get motivated to make this New Year a great success.

    Thanks again Cliff

  5. Gail says:

    I like the idea of marking the calendar and rubbing it off as you achieve the goal! I plan to try this…if it is staring….or glaring me in the face I just might be better at doing what I promise myself I will do each month!

    Thanks for all the inspiration Steve… your blog is one of my favourites!

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    Much appreciated, Gail :)

    And thank you to all who have chimed in on this. Your input is helpful to me, and I’m sure to anyone who reads this.

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