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How Does An Automatic Article Submitter Work?
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Usually, this is how it starts:

You’ve heard from some colleagues or trusted mentors that online article marketing is really good at helping to increase the number of visitors to your website. You say “Okay, I’m game. How do I do it?”

You learn that you need to write articles on your niche, and then you submit them to various online publishers. So, as a next step  you do research to figure out what sorts of publishers will accept articles on your topic. Maybe you come up with a few websites or article directories.

You dutifully write your article, and then you go to the first of these online publishers and you register, do the email verification, etc., after which you then log in to the directory and fill in your article information in all the fields and so on.

As you move on to the next publisher and the next and the day starts to slip away from you, you start to wonder, “How can I keep this up with every article and do it every month? It’s going to take forever.”

And then you doubt– “Can I even submit to enough publishers by hand anyway? Even if I was to spend all day doing it, would it ever be enough?”

As you express your frustration and doubts, a helpful friend lets you in on a secret trick that seasoned article marketers know:

In order to have article marketing success, it’s essential to enlist the services of an automatic article submitter.

What Does An Automatic Article Submitter Do?

An automatic article submitter such as does things that no human could accomplish. You simply submit your article, and upon editorial approval the article is distributed to a large variety of publishers who are interested in your niche.

The article submitter will let you specify how much time you would like the article distribution to take–it could be distributed to our whole publishing network at once, or take place more gradually over the course of 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days.

You can also specify when the distribution should start, allowing you to schedule out future article distributions. distributes articles to a network of 750+ email publishers, 2000+ niche-relevant blogs, and hundreds of article directories including top sites like, and Try replicating that manually, not to mention the ongoing process of managing such a network!

If you have ever tried to submit your articles manually to just a handful of sites, you will really be in awe of’s ability to get your article into the hands of a multitude of publishers with the push of a button.

How Does An Automatic Article Submitter Work?

1 – First, you’ll sign up to submit articles. There are several different membership levels to choose from, depending on how many articles you would like to submit and how widely you’d like your articles to be distributed. (There are also different features and tools offered at different levels, so that’s something to keep in mind.)

2 – You will set up your account with the pen name(s) you’d like to use,etc. The system will guide you through any one-time setting up that you need to do.

3 – Then, you’re ready to submit your article. You simply go to the article submission page and fill in the various fields. We’ll ask you for the title, article body, the resource box(es), a short description of your article, a category and keywords to associate with your article.

The article submission page will likely remind you of the submission page of an article directory. The main difference is that by filling in the submission page on, you’re setting your article up to be distributed to tons of online publishers, rather than just one.

You see, for the effort that you put into submitting your article, you can receive a much bigger payoff. The impact of the work you put into writing and submitting your article to an automatic article submitter is felt across the internet, rather than just at one directory.

4 – After previewing the article for errors, you then press the “Submit” button. The article is sent to a human editor for review. This editor screens your article for several very common editorial guidelines that quality publishers will be looking for when reviewing your article.

Why is your article read by an editor before it’s distributed?

The purpose of having a human editor at review your article is to help alert you to things in your article that would cause the article to be declined at the publisher level.

That way, you can solve the problem before it ever reaches any publishers, and your article will be picked up at many more websites than it would be otherwise. So, an editor reviews your article. If the article is just fine,then your article is distributed. If you requested that your article begin distribution on a specific date, then we wait until that time to start sending your article to publishers.

If your article has an obvious problem that needs to be corrected before it can be distributed, we’ll let you know. You can then make the correction and resubmit the article. The article is reviewed again by an editor before it is approved for distribution. This is basically how an automatic article submitter like works.

An Automatic Article Submitter Is Efficient, Like Email…

Today it’s hard to imagine the days before email, when people delivered messages by walking or running with the message in hand to the desired recipient.

The difference between submitting articles automatically and submitting them manually is sort of like the difference between sending an email to many people at once, and the old fashioned way of walking to each person’s house to deliver a message.

With email, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. You could send a message to hundreds or thousands of people with the push of a button.

If you insisted on hand delivering each message though, your legs would soon get tired, you wouldn’t be able to do anything else with your day, and in the end your message wouldn’t reach very many people. In this day and age when the technology is available, this would be an incredibly inefficient and expensive use of your time.

An automatic article submitter is efficient, like email. It saves time and money, and most of all it gets your article into the hands of many publishers with minimal work on your part. Automatic article submissions make article marketing doable over long term, and that’s where you’ll see your best results.

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