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Keywords Are Like An Old Fashioned Library Card Catalog
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Finally someone explains keywords in a way that strikes home with me–by using a Dewey Decimal metaphor!

According to Lorelle:

"When the writers and publishers of books in libraries wanted to get into those index card catalogs, they would provide the libraries with key words to help classify the books. The Dewey Decimal System allowed numbers to be assigned to books which represented their “categories”. The numbers and key words were carefully typed up on the index cards and filed alphabetically with cross references by title and author, allowing the public three ways to find a book.

You, as a website author or blogger [or article marketer], are responsible for providing the “key words” to help categorize your web page in the database of search engines."

 Aha, that makes total sense to me, and it's fun to remember back to the olden days when the library card catalog was in a huge cabinet with a bunch of tiny drawers. This makes the whole "what is a keyword" question much easier to understand.

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  1. wow, I love your work Steve, so great.

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