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How To Create Spun Online Article Submissions That Aren’t “Word Salad”
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Is it possible to create spun articles that aren't "word salad"?

Too often poorly spun articles get a bad rap with publishers, and I can’t say that I really blame them.

That’s why we’re taking a few posts to talk about how to use article spinner technology for good instead of evil.

What’s This I Hear About “Word Salad”?

When publishers complain that spun articles are just “word salad”, they are referring to low quality spinners that create gibberish.

There is some article spinning software out there that will create spins for you–you enter the article and then the software uses a built in thesaurus to substitute particular words in the article with other words.

The problem is that the words that the spinner software chooses are often not interchangeable with the original word in the context of the article.

The result is a really strange looking article that is basically nonsense, or “word salad”.

Can you imagine what a publisher thinks when he or she receives such a submission? Do you think it irritates the publisher to get a gibberish submission? Yes, it does.

Consequently, if you mention “spun articles” to an online publisher, you will likely encounter a huge roll of the eyes followed a loud groan.

“Spun articles are evil!” they will say.

And they are partially right–the obviously poorly spun articles that they have encountered are bad. Really bad. And irritating. And a complete waste of time.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way…

At, we know that distributing quality articles is the key to our success. That is why we are as much at war with poorly spun articles as other online publishers.

We don’t want to receive or distribute that type of junk. That is why I am about to teach you how to create online article submissions that are beautiful, that aren’t word salad, and that a publisher would love to share with his readers.

Why Is’s Spinning Technology and Method Superior?

We use a different type of spinning technology that we created ourselves to ensure that the content that we distribute is high quality.

We actually don’t have a system that creates spinner articles for an author, but rather the author creates his own variations, and then our system uses the variations that he created to form the new variation articles.

So, we do things a bit differently–you are in control of (and responsible for) the variations that are used in your article. They must be absolutely interchangeable with the original words that you are replacing. That part is crucial.

You are also able to see each article variation that you have created, and you can therefore proofread each variation to be sure that it reads well.

Additionally, all of our member’s articles are run past our team of professional editors, so we work really hard to send high quality content to the publishers on our network.

[Getting up on soapbox...]

When using any type of spinner tool, the author still needs to ensure that resultant articles are high quality. Unfortunately, a lot of software produces unreadable nonsense – it can help, but it’s important to go through what’s produced to ensure it’s going to read properly.

[Getting off of soapbox...]

So, you’re already one step ahead of the game simply by using our technology rather than low quality article spinning software that’s on the market.

In the next post, I’ll give you a real life example and show you the “spins” and the resultant articles. You will see that the spins look just as good as the original–a publisher will not be able to tell the difference.

These are the types of article spins that you should be submitting. They are high quality, full of value, and completely intelligible. You’re about to learn “article spinning done right”.

You CAN use this technology for good instead of evil!

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7 Responses to “How To Create Spun Online Article Submissions That Aren’t “Word Salad””

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m using the advanced article leverage feature now. I was using the original article leverage before. Do I need to concern myself with how many articles I send out per month? In the past you mentioned not sending out more than 8 per month…do you recommend this still for someone like me who is using “advanced article leverage” for all his articles?
    Please explain.

    I’m using article trickle as well, sending each article out over the suggested 30 day span.


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Chris: Hi Chris,

    Still go for about 8 article submissions per month for each website that you have. That applies whether you are using Advanced ArticleLeverage or not.

    The thing that you are trying to watch out for is building backlinks too quickly. The 30 day trickle helps, but also be careful not to submit drastically more than 8 a month per website when submitting articles automatically.

    I hope that helps…


  3. I wish more people would take your advice. I would say most spun articles are garbage. Its like they don’t even try. Nobody wants that kind of crap.

  4. Try putting some well written classical piece of written work through your artcle spinner software such as Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, and see if the software generates an equal or improved version.

    What is needed online are more well written, original and unique articles that have been written by humans who have learned how to write well, and not multiple versions of what were originally poorly written and bland articles that have been spun by machines into supposedly new articles.

    If your applications were to focus on helping writers improve their writing skills by providing them with valuable hints, tips and prompts, that are possibly based on the best of the best writing examples that have ever been created, then there will probably be far more value in it for everyone than spinning multiple versions of what may be moderate quality original articles.

    It is evident that Google are increasingly identifying and promoting well written original content. Long term, only the best of the best will ever appear at the top of the search engine results pages. Presently the search engines have little option other than to promote many garbage website pages, although as more quality websites appear on the Internet over the next few years, created by people who have learned to write well for the web, the garbage websites will sink ever deeper into obscurity.

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @David Lockett: Hi David,

    Thanks for your comment–I wholeheartedly agree with part of what you said: It is absolutely necessary to create high quality articles that are valuable to readers, to publishers and to search engines. There is really no point in creating any other type of content–if the article is not useful to a human reader, then what is the point?

    But I disagree with your assertion that all spun articles are low quality. You spoke of putting an article (or the Gettysburg address ;) ) through an article spinner and having the spinner generate variations–that example is not applicable because that is not how Advanced ArticleLeverage (the spinner tool on works.

    As I was explaining in the post above, there is some low quality spinner software that works like that, where you input your content and it spits out variations, but that is not the way that Advanced ArticleLeverage works.

    With our spinner software, YOU create the variations, so whatever the quality of the resultant article is, is dependent on the quality of variations that you put in yourself.

    There is no reason why a properly spun article cannot also be high quality, if you do it correctly. If you spin articles the right way with the right tools, you will produce high quality content that publishers, readers, and Google will appreciate.

    And here’s another thing to think about…

    With article marketing, it is not just about getting one article to rank highly. What you really want is your website to rank highly in Google and the other search engines. Advanced ArticleLeverage spinning technology helps with that.

    With standard article submissions (you write a piece of content and you submit that one piece to publishers), if the same article is published in 200 different places, Google is only likely to give significance to one of those places, because it sees the other places as simply duplicates of the original, and therefore far less important.

    But with using Advanced ArticleLeverage (and creating high quality variations or “spins”), the number of possible variations of the article are potentially unlimited…so for one article published on say 200 different sites, they will in effect be 200 different articles, as if you had rewritten the same article from scratch 200 times, and so giving you 200 separate links.

    So, please don’t be deceived that “all spinners are evil” or that all spun articles are “word salad” . It really depends on the spinner technology and the person who is creating the variations. And there are immense benefits in Google for those who learn to spin high quality articles.

    I’m happy to provide you with more information on how Advanced ArticleLeverage works if you like, and please feel free to read over the other posts in this series that talk about how to create high quality spins.

    I hope that helps,

  6. Aloha, Steve.

    You are dead-on about ‘word salad’ giving article re-writing a bad name. I see articles, however, published by landing on the first page of a Google search that read like a third-grader tossing topical words on a page…while I have an article on the same subject, written in coherent English, languishing on the third page. The difference? The number of backlinks to the web page the article is pointing to.

    I suspect with more time I’ll crush that third-grader, but it puts in perspective the importance of all the elements for success.

    Thanks for continuing to bring good info to us out here! Next for SubmitYOURArticle, I hope, will be accommodation for multiple pen-names; I have web sites that use other names as creator and author of their content and would like to submit articles under more than one name without having to open a new account for each.

    Chris in Hilo

  7. Steve Shaw says:

    @Chris Hardenbrook: Hi Chris,

    Thanks for chiming in, and yes is on target for integrating pen names in first quarter 2011. That upgrade is coming soon…


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