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How to Market a Business with Online Article Submissions
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An increasing number of people are branching out from traditional work situations to start their own businesses. I know how that is because I did it myself, and that’s how was started.

There are many new things to think about when you launch a new business–you have probably written a business plan, thought about long and short range goals, calculated costs and projected earnings, considered what your business’ “mission statement” is and thought long and hard about your overall philosophy of how to run and grow a business.

It is a great accomplishment to develop the identity and structure of your business, and by the time you’re finished, you’re ready for the clients to start knocking on your door. This is where your marketing plan comes in.

If you’ve created a business plan, you’ve also thought about how you’ll market your business. That’s something that you probably never thought about when you were working as an employee, but now that you’re a business owner marketing is one of your top priorities. You can have the best services and products in the world, but if you don’t market your business effectively, your business will not reach its full potential.

Online Marketing

These days online marketing is a must. Here’s how it starts:

You have a website to market your business. You fill your website with useful information for people who would be interested in your products or services. Then what?

Then, you must market your website.

Yes, you create the website to market your business, and then you do online marketing activities to market your website. The goal of marketing your website is to ultimately get more targeted visitors to your website. The more people visiting your website who are interested in your niche, the more potential customers you’ll have. More customers translates into more sales.

What would make more people come to your website?

  • A higher search engine ranking for the pages on your website would result in more people finding out about your site from Google and the other search engines. Search engines are the greatest source of potential traffic because so many people search for information via the internet.
  • By publishing online article submissions, people can find your website by following the link in the resource box of the article.

Easy Online Article Submissions

One of the easiest ways to market a business online is to simply write and submit free reprint articles. Each article that you create and get published on various websites is like a virtual sales agent for your business. Each article is a representative of you and has the potential to make contact with new customers and lead them to your website.

Here’s how to do easy article marketing:

  1. Write an article that teaches the reader how to do something essential having to do with your niche. Try to make the article between 600-800 words and use the article simply to teach (rather than to sell).
  2. Create a resource box (also known as an ‘author bio’). It can by up to 450 characters (not words!). It is recommended that it include your name, a little information about why you should be trusted as an expert on this topic, a reason for the reader to visit your website, and a link to your website.
  3. Submit the article to Enlisting the services of an automatic article submitter is the most effective way to market a business with online article submissions.
  4. When distributes the article, it generates widespread exposure for you and your business through article submission. The article is sent directly to all of the appropriate publishers on our distribution network, saving you time and money and giving you the biggest payoff possible for the time you’ve spent creating the article.

Your goal with writing online article submissions is to:

  • Demonstrate that you know your topic. When people read your article, their confidence in your ability to help them will grow.
  • Teach people who are interested in your niche. You are helping them to solve problems and also to grow in their knowledge about your niche. All of your articles should be written from the perspective of a teacher helping a student. This is quite a different approach from approaching customers with the intention of making a sale. With online article submissions, you need to be subtle. The article is not about selling your products or services. The article is for teaching your readers how to do practical things associated with your niche. (The resource box is the place to draw attention to your business and website, rather than the article.)
  • Build links to your website. With each article submission, you’ll also submit what is called a resource box with a link back to your website. This link is important for a few reasons:

–First, it offers a way for people reading your article to easily get to your website. This can become a steady source of traffic for your website–the more articles you have published on the internet, the more opportunities for people to find your website through the link in your resource box.

–Second, the link has benefits with search engines (such as Google). The accumulation of links from your articles to your website can help Google to know what your website is about and thereby impact your search engine ranking. The higher your search engine ranking, the more traffic will be funneled into your website.

These are the basic facts about how to market a business with online article submissions. As you get used to submitting articles, you can use some more advanced article marketing strategies to increase the effectiveness of your article submissions.

For now though, do you have any questions?

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