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How To Market Your Articles With Your RSS Feed
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I know what you’re thinking–”I thought I was doing article marketing to market my website, and now I need to market my articles? Sheesh!”

Well, it’s not a must, but it certainly does help :-)

Don’t worry that there’s too much involved–if you’re a member of, we’ve got a really easy way for your to market your articles with your own personal author RSS feed.

What’s an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. If someone ever decided that they wanted to receive all of your articles, they could subscribe to your RSS feed, which they can find through our article directory. You could also share your RSS feed on your site and encourage folks to subscribe.

There are a few different things you can do with an RSS feed, but for our marketing purposes here, basically there is a link that you can insert in your website, or on your blog or into any other sort of web page, that makes it so that a list of your articles will appear linking back to your full article in our directory. Every time you publish a new article, the list on the site where your feed is automatically gets updated.

How to find the RSS feed for your articles:

1) Login to your account at (You will only be able to login if you are a member–if you’re not a member and would like to join, you’re welcome to sign up here)

2) Look below your list of previously submitted articles. You will see this note:

“Your personal RSS feed featuring your latest articles is at” (and in place of the “xxxx” would be a number that identifies you as an author)

Just a few ways to use your RSS feed to benefit your website…

1)Â Add your article feed to your blog–this means that a fresh listing of your most recent articles will appear (I would put this in the sidebar)

2)Â Syndicate your article feed headlines on your website.

3) Set up a Squidoo lens related to the topic of your website and add your RSS feed to your lens. For example, this is a lens created about how to do article marketing. There is an RSS feed in that lens–can you find it? The RSS feed on our Squidoo lens is actually the feed for this blog, but the concept works just the same–every time we put up a new post on Creative Article Marketing, the post title and link to the post automatically appear on our Squidoo lens under the section that lists the most recent posts.

If you’re a subscriber to, you have a free bonus report on using RSS to market your articles that goes into much greater detail. You can find it by going to Member Resources =>Â Your Bonuses.

That report shows you exactly how to use your own RSS article feed that we provide you with ways to further benefit your web site. For example, if you want to know how to automatically update your web site with your latest articles, the answer is in this report. As I’m sure you know, the search engines love sites that regularly display fresh content, so you may want to use your RSS feed to help boost your search engine rankings.

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