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How to Outsource Online Article Submissions as an Effective Time Management Strategy
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Outsourcing content creation can be beneficial to your business.

I was presenting at an internet marketing conference recently, and a lot of people were asking me about outsourcing your online article submissions.

I thought there might be others wondering the same thing, so I came up with a guide for anyone who is considering outsourcing their articles.

What is article outsourcing?

“Outsourcing” means that you hire someone else to write your articles and do the submissions.

Why would you choose to outsource?

The obvious reasons–

  • You are working on other parts of the business and your time is better spent doing other things.
  • Another reason to outsource is if writing is not your thing–you can pay someone who is gifted in that field to write for you.

I can see why there is such an interest in this topic–outsourcing your content creation is a great idea, and I highly recommend it to those who can afford it and would benefit from it.

If you have a successful business and you are too busy to write your own articles, then it makes sense to outsource that part of your business. That frees you up to work on parts of the business that only you can work on.

I put together this little guide so you will know what to look for and how to go about outsourcing your articles.

Who Should You Hire As Your Writer?

A Great Virtual Assistant

My number one preference would be to find a Virtual Assistant who:

  • speaks English as a first language
  • writes well
  • you can work with on a long-term basis
  • will get to know your business and what you do inside out and can then begin to effectively ghost write for you
  • will require decreasing levels of input from you in terms of ideas and checking articles prior to distribution

Your Virtual Assistant can have access to all the existing materials and content regarding your business (for example, reports, brochures, existing website content, courses, ebooks, email follow up sequences, and so on), and would therefore be able to base a lot of material on those resources.

It’s also good if he or she has full access to customer questions coming in, as well as blog comments if you have a blog. Such questions (and comments) can lead to a lot of potential material for high quality articles, and you can really get a feel for what people in your niche are looking for in terms of information.

There are various sites on which high quality VAs advertise their services, and it does hinge on finding the right person to work with. It may take working with two or three before you find someone great, but I encourage you to look for someone with long term potential.

Writing Services

An alternative to someone advertising themselves as a VA is someone advertising writing services.

For example, you can find recent English graduates on various freelance sites. Their quality of writing is going to be high, the costs are likely to be relatively low as they’re fresh out of college and are looking to earn an income. With more traditional graduate positions in short supply in the current economic climate, increasing numbers of graduates are looking for online freelance work.

Other alternatives

You may also be personally producing content on a regular basis for say your blog, and can outsource the re-writing of that to someone else so that they can be submitted as free reprint articles. It is always best to keep the content on your own site unique, so that you get maximum credit for the content from the search engines.

A Couple Things I Would NOT Do…

*Do NOT try to get article creation done on the cheap, eg. 100 articles for $10 off Elance, as you’ll get what you pay for.

The quality is likely to be poor, so you will have trouble getting the content approved through our system for distribution. If you are submitting manually, publishers are going to be less likely to want to publish poor quality articles, so your results are going to suffer too.

Above all else, the quality of the content you send out reflects both on you and your business, and the content will be around for a long time, so you need to be careful choosing an appropriate strategy on this.

*Do NOT use a writer who doesn’t have English as a first language.

Although they may speak English well, there will often be nuances in their use of the language that can make readability difficult, and you want to avoid that at all costs (if the article is difficult to read, the chances of someone reading through and clicking through via the resource box are much lower).

Also, I want to point out that a person having English as a first language is not credential enough to become your writer–many people speak English fluently but do not write well. You want someone who speaks English as a first language and who is an excellent writer.


Some sites to find suitable outsourcers (writers, VAs etc.) that I’ve used in the past:

(Note some of these are affiliate links if/where such a program existed, but I’d recommend them anyway regardless due to my own personal experience of these sites.)

- As far as writing services go, we provide the option to hire quality writers for clients using our content marketing software platform, This service helps business owners grow traffic, engagement, and “Be Everywhere” through the power of content.
- Upwork
- (also sister site
- Hubstaff Talent – a free directory for remote workers, with zero fees

Working With A Writer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Outsourcing Your Content Creation: 5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

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5 Responses to “How to Outsource Online Article Submissions as an Effective Time Management Strategy”

  1. Wade says:

    Hey Steve,

    I’ve just started using contract writers for the past month and have found it to be a great time saver. I’m still in the process as I review and then “tweak” in varying degrees each article.

    I also use your SYA resource. I would love to hear how you feel about us letting our contract writers access our account and submit to your service.

    Thanks in advance…..

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Wade: Hi Wade,

    Yes, ideally you would be able to trust your writer to log into your account and submit the articles for you.

    There is another post coming out in a few days that goes into this in more detail, so please stay tuned….


  3. David Lee says:

    Hi Steve

    Previously I heard you mention Textbroker for article writing – I use them once and never looked back – awesome!


  4. Mark Shapiro says:

    Wowee, before I learned of the power and awesomeness of SubmitYourArticle., I posted some quick articles. I asked if I could re-word them but was told no, only new articles will work. Now the virtualgirlfriday link says they will rewrite guaranteed to be blessed by SubmitYourArticle. So, success-oriented me, wishes they could redo their Judgment Enforcement article again and re-submit it again with the power of being golden and naked. Would hiring virtualgirl link, let me resubmit again with the same titles or alternative titles.

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Shapiro: Hi Mark,

    If the articles have already been distributed by, they can’t be re-written and submitted again– only fresh articles please.

    Virtual Girl Friday says she will re-write articles, but she is talking about articles that have not already been distributed by–such as articles on your blog, that you have on your website, or that you have from a newsletter.

    Publishers really don’t want to receive the same content (same basic info) more than once, so that’s why we do it that way.

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