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How To Sabotage Your Article Marketing….The Series Wrap Up!
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All this month we've been exploring 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Article Marketing…and What to Do About It, and WOW, we're finally finished!

We've just reached our whirlwind conclusion, and here's the wrap up of the 10 ways to sabotage your article marketing:

1. Lack of Submissions 

 2. Act Like a Salesman 

3. Bombard Publishers with Articles 

4. The Last Minute Resource Box 

5. Give Up Just As You're Getting Started 

6. Phone In Your Content

7. Slap On A Lackluster Title 

8. Write Off-Topic Articles 

9. Run Out of Stuff To Write About 

10. Go Keyword Crazy 

So, now that we've got this all out in the open, let me ask you:

  • Did you find these posts helpful?
  • Can you think of any other ways that we unwittingly sabotage our article marketing campaigns?
  • Did any one of these hit home with you more than the others? 

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10 Responses to “How To Sabotage Your Article Marketing….The Series Wrap Up!”

  1. Kaye Dennan says:

    I have really enjoyed reading all your tips. You have certainly addressed what we need to be reminded about when article marketing. I found you reminder about lack of articles (easy to do when you are very busy on other things) and a quality resource box valuable.

    I certainly was not working my resource box to my best advantage.

    I write articles for clients and when I get a neew client who asks for the use of a keyword 4 or 5 times in every paragraph I shudder. It not only makes for boring reading, but is not SEO friendly.
    Kaye Dennan

  2. norma allan says:

    hi there

    I thought your article on 10 ways to sabotage was an excellent presentation of what not to do
    I so many articles just as you describe with little thought going into the body of the article and then inappropriate links or no links at all
    I am going to put your article on my site as a guide to others

  3. Pat Gunning says:

    Steve this is a great series… one that should be a must read for every serious marketer!

    Article marketing is a gift to marketers and when used properly can bring generous rewards.

  4. Darren says:

    posts were very helpful, I found the one about resource boxes great. I think some people give up/get board too easy when article marketing. They submit 10 articles and expect too much – come back when you’ve submitted 300 articles.

  5. Sandra says:

    This series was very helpful. I have sabotaged my article marketing by not submitting on a regular basis. I am getting back on track. Thanks for the series which was informative and thought provoking.

  6. Eric milgate says:

    Hi Steve,
    The reason my activity is slack is that I seem to have had too many distractions, emails with the greatest and latest must have systems e-courses and the like.
    Family distractions {multiple] anyhow there is a lot of deleting going on.
    All I can say is I tended to collect a lot of information on my journey to find out about the internet and its operation and now its time for the call to real action

  7. Hey Steve,

    Great series! I find most of my clients fall prey to the “last minute resource box” trap and, only less popular is the “giving up while just getting started”.

    Congratulations on a great job!

    Sandy :-)

  8. Carson says:

    I found all very educational, but did not see t( or missed )the answer to one question.
    Are quotes ok if full credit is given for the source ?????
    My new resource site will deal with alternative health.
    At 87 years of age, solving my health problems without Prescription drugs with there many side effects has given me a story to tell.


  9. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Carson,

    Yes, it’s fine if you quote someone as long as you give credit to the source.

    I hope that helps! :-)

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