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How To Schedule Your Writing Time Like A Professional Writer
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You may not think of yourself as a professional writer, but if you're using article marketing as part of your website's marketing plan you can definitely benefit from approaching your writing time like a pro. 

Think about it–in order to get the most out of our article marketing campaigns we need to be submitting well-written articles regularly, consistently, at least one per month (and maybe even more!). That means writing, writing, and more writing!

Professional writers are literary ninjas–they write almost every day of their lives, on a wide scope of topics, on deadline, and for a living. If anyone has mastered how to get the most quality writing done in the least amount of time it's professional writers.

With this premise in mind, Study Hacks has a great post in which they've analyzed the writing habits of several successful non-fiction writers. The results are pretty interesting and remarkably similar, which leads me to think that perhaps professional writers know something that the rest of us amateurs don't.

Here's what Study Hacks discovered:

  • The vast majority of the writers started their writing work in the very early morning, somewhere between 6am and 8:30am.
  • Most of the professional writers chose to write in a "silent, isolated location, free of distractions." Some even went so far as to position their desks away from any windows, in a room that had no windows, in a bare office, or in a garage. Some writers also preferred an office with no phone or internet.
  • Half the writers employ a morning ritual to get them started. Usually this involved coffee and reading the newspaper

What can we take from all this? See if you can apply these tips from professional writers to your article writing time (these tips are from Study Hacks):

  1. Spread out work on an assignment over several days. Coming at it fresh increases its quality.
  2. During these days, get up early. Probably earlier than you are used to. Say, around 7 or 8 am.
  3. Have a mini-ritual to jump start the day. It should probably involve coffee. Breakfast. Maybe the morning paper. Don’t take too long.
  4. Go to the most isolated place possible.
  5. To get your mind ready to think, review the last pages you wrote.
  6. Work for two or three hours. Then stop.
  7. Follow this habit regularly. Don’t write during other times. Don’t write in public places. Don’t start writing the day before.

I've actually been implementing some of these techniques into my own article writing time and have seen a huge improvement.

I started getting up earlier and starting writing right away rather than saving writing for the afternoon. (By the way I was a bit startled to see that some of the writers described the afternoon as "mental dead time" for writing–that explains a lot for me! :-) )

What about you–do you have any special tricks or schedules to help you get your article writing done efficiently? 

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  4. Tnank you this article is one that has giving me real vaule.As a article marketer my writing time is very important to me

  5. Elaine says:

    This was an excellent article. Thank you

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    A morning ritual is a great idea. There is something about getting early to work, were more in touch with our creative side or something like that.

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