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How To Submit An Article: 3 Tips for Writing Articles for Article Directories
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Article directory owners have a set list of guidelines and things that they screen for when reviewing articles.

This list is long and very detailed and can vary slightly by publisher, but in this post I wanted to go over some of the more serious and universally accepted things that article directory owners look for.

As you’re learning how to submit an article, keep these 3 tips in mind:

Tip #1: Write an educational article that improves the life of your reader.

That is what article directory owners are looking for. From your perspective, you may be submitting articles as part of a strategy to build backlinks to your website and help your website’s search engine ranking.

From the publisher’s point of view, they just want excellent content that their readers will appreciate.

Whenever you submit an article, the publisher reviews the article to see if the content is up to his standards and in line with the interests of his readership.

Many times articles are declined because they don’t contain enough fresh and useful content. Even more often articles are declined for being “promotional” (sales oriented).

Remember, when you are writing, your goal is to write an article that helps your readers and teaches them something.

Tip #2: Pay special attention to your title.

Editors of article directories screen lots of articles. The first thing that they look at is your title. If your title contains misspellings or poor grammar, then your article can be declined before the first sentence is even read.

Editors also use the title to gauge what the article will be about. If they find that your title:

  • is misleading (not really what the article is about)
  • is too short (not giving enough information about the topic of the article)
  • is basically the same as other titles that you have submitted before (or even other titles that other authors have submitted)
  • or does not make sense

…then it can result in a decline.

There are also a lot of formatting issues that article directory editors look for when they’re screening your title:

  • Don’t put a period at the end of your title
  • Don’t use all caps in your title (ALL CAPS LIKE THIS)
  • Most editors like to see a title in title case. Title Case Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Major Word. (It’s usually okay not to capitalize common words such as ‘a’, ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘of’, etc if you prefer.)
  • Don’t put your title in quotation marks
  • Don’t use excessive punctuation in your titles (like this!!!!)

Tip #3: Be sure that your keyword usage sounds natural.

It’s really helpful to keep this in mind as you’re writing, as it’s easy to forget who the article is for and rather write as if only search engines are going to be looking at it.

Professional editors who work at article directories are not necessarily knowledgeable about SEO and what keywords are and such, but they don’t need to be.

Instead, their expertise is in the English language and the guidelines of the particular article directory where they’re working.

When an editor reviews your article, odd word choices and unnatural sounding phrasing stand out like a sore thumb.

These editors are objective readers–they haven’t read your article a dozen times like you have. They are coming at it as an unbiased reader would. They are really doing you a favor when they point these things out, as a well-written and natural sounding article is more likely to be republished.

So, when you’re using keyword phrases in your articles and titles, be sure that:

  • the spelling is correct
  • the grammar is correct
  • and that the phrase fits and makes sense where you’re trying to use it

These are 3 big things that article directory editors look for in articles. It’s easy for you as an authors to be unaware of the perspective of an article directory.

Whenever you write an article ask yourself, “Is it serving the needs of the publisher as well?”

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  3. Focus should always be on giving value to the reader. If your article has useful content and decent language, it will do its job.


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