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How To Submit Articles: 3 Steps For Writing Your First Article
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Here is a question from a beginner:

Are there steps to help make article writing easier for me? I am not quite good enough yet to feel comfortable writing for sites but want to work towards publication.

I think this is a very common situation for people who are thinking about marketing with articles. Most people are not at all accustomed to writing anything other than brief emails, and the thought of writing “an article” is a bit intimidating.

I’m going to try to pave the way for you to start writing your first article. First, let’s get some questions out of the way…

What is an article?

That’s a valid question. We’re not talking about a newspaper article or even a magazine article. The type of articles you will be creating are called free reprint articles. This means that these articles that you’re creating are specifically made to provide educational information to readers and to make publishers want to put your article on their websites.

A free reprint article has these general characteristics:

  • It teaches the reader about something or how to do something.
  • It is usually 400-800 words long (although some publishers will allow longer articles, I would suggest sticking in this range to produce articles that are acceptable to the most publishers).
  • There is a title (also called a headline). The title tells the reader what the article is about in an interesting way.
  • There is usually an introductory paragraph (a paragraph at the beginning of the article that summarizes what the article will cover).
  • After the introductory paragraph, there are supportingĂ‚ paragraphs. These supporting paragraphs are where you argue your case, or give information that “supports” the topic of your article. The supporting paragraphs are the “meat” of the article–this is where you’ll provide the most information.
  • Ideally, your article will also have a concluding paragraph, where you summarize what you’ve said in the article and draw any conclusions.
  • Free reprint articles also have a “resource box” that accompanies them. The resource box is separate from the article, but usually sits directly below it. The resource box is the one place in the article submission where you can sing the praises of yourself and your business and try to get readers to visit your website. You will also provide a link to your website in the resource box.

Steps For Writing Your First Article

If you came to me as a beginner and asked me how in the world you should start writing your first article, this is what I would tell you:

1 -Think of something really basic that you want to teach your readers.

It doesn’t have to be anything mindblowing or worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. Just think of a very basic thing that you can teach your readers.

One idea is to just give a general overview of your niche. If you have a virtual assistance business, then you can write an article called What Is Virtual Assistance? or What Is A Virtual Assistant?

That approach will work well if you’re a service provider. You may think that your business is self explanatory (and it might be, say, if you’re a dentist), but for many businesses it’s just not that clear.

Let’s say you’re a financial planner, and you assume that everyone knows what that is. Don’t. Many people may think they know what you do, but you’d be surprised by how wrong they are.

Assume no knowledge, and write an article explaining what a person in your occupation does.

Now, if you take this route you have to be careful not to refer to yourself or your business in the article, or else the article will be declined for being “promotional” (sales oriented). When you write about a general overview of your niche, write in a totally objective way without referring to yourself or your business.

You’ll be able to talk about yourself and your business in the resource box (author bio).

2 – Use sub-headings or a numbered list in your article.

If you’re teaching on a topic like What Is A Virtual Assistant?, then after your introductory paragraph, you can break your article into sub-headings. These sub-headings are a common technique used in free reprint articles. They are there to make your article easier for the reader to follow.

But let’s say you’re not in a service oriented business–let’s say you have a website that sells camping gear. You’re trying to think of something to teach your reader related to camping or camping gear. Consider a topic that incorporates a numbered list, such as 5 Things To Look For When Buying A Sleeping Bag or 7 Essential Tools You Need To Bring On Any Camping Trip.

You’re not writing about your business or trying to make a sales pitch for one of your products. Instead, you’re providing helpful information that one of your potential customers would find interesting and useful.

Writing an article with a numbered list is actually easier than writing an article that is an essay. People who read content online are also drawn to articles that contain numbered lists, because they’re easier to read and also look attractive.

3 – Keep track of the number of words in the article.

Your word processing tool can do this for you–no need to count them manually! You’re shooting for a general range, say 400-800 words. It’s okay for the article to be a little bit more, but I would say 400 words is the absolute minimum the article can be.

Writing an article is a process, and it takes time and thought. Don’t get intimidated thinking that you should be writing quickly or constantly typing.

Take your time, think through the points you want to make in your article, and focus on quality. The hardest part of writing an article is getting started, so that is your first step. Just do these simple steps with the thought of just getting started. After you’ve got a basic article in place, then you can polish things up.

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