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How To Submit Articles: 5 Titles That Work!
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If you’ve ever been in the market for a new house, you know how important the curb appeal is. You can decide whether you might want to live in the house simply by looking at the outside, and many houses are ruled out for lack of curb appeal.

Did you know that the same holds true for your articles?

For articles, your title is the curb appeal, and the article is the inside of the house.

Just like the object of sprucing your house up on the outside is to draw buyers inside, so the object of constructing a great title is to lure readers into reading your article.

What kind of title works? It’s very simple–the kind that makes readers want to read your article.

Here are 5 types of titles that are great at catching readers’ attention:

1 – The cut-to-the chase, informational title.

Example: Homemade Baby Food Decreases Illness by 17%

This one is also like a newspaper type headline–just state the facts, and let those be what draws the reader in. Of course the fact that you state needs to be compelling enough to make people want to read about it.

2 – The question title.

Example: What Is The Most Profitable At-Home Business?

I think the reason why the question title is so effective is that it elicits a response from the reader. When you ask someone a question, either they feel compelled to respond, or they feel intrigued to see what the answer is. Either way, you’ve hooked someone’s attention.

Also, many times when people do Google searches they are typing in questions. If you do keyword research before forming your title, you can capitalize on questions that are hot in your niche.

3 – The “How To” title.

Example: How To Get The Best Deal On A Used Car

The “How To” article is the bread and butter of the internet. Why? Because when people search for things, they’re often trying to figure out how to do something.

With your free reprint articles, your main job will be teaching people to do things associated with your niche. Your articles will be educational and informational. If you’re not sure what to write about, go for the “How To” article. Think of something in your niche that people often ask you how to do, and then write a post that gives detailed instructions.

4 – The command headline.

Example: Stop Paying Full Price For Home Appliances!

The key to the command headline is to put a strong action verb as the first word in the title. The things you’re telling your readers to do should also be interesting enough to make them take notice.

5 – The “Reasons Why” Headline.

Example: 5 Reasons Why Dogs Help Kids Learn Faster

This type of title is effective for a couple reasons:

First, it has a number in the title. For some reason, having a number in the title catches a reader’s attention. Readers know that when they look at the article there will be a numbered list. Readers are attracted to numbered lists because they convey a lot of information while being easy on the eyes–articles with numbered lists are easier to skim.

The second reason is the “reasons why” part of the title, although I think you could probably get the same effect by just having a number in the title. But the “reasons why” indicates that your article is going to be answering some questions.


Not only are these types of titles effective in catching readers’ attention, but they can also be good at helping you think of article ideas. If you have been in a slump using just one or two of these title types, try creating some different types of headlines. A new type of title could inspire you…

Which of these headline are you drawn to? Which will you use in your next articles?

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  1. Thanks Steve for this nice and informative article. It will go a long way in helping us to improve our article title writing skill.

  2. Yes Steve sir,
    If we have to stay here in the Internet marketing we will have to use article marketing. You have provided a good insight for grabbing the attention of our visitors to our articles. Please keep it up.

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