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How To Submit Articles: 5 More Writing Hacks
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Last time I started sharing a list of writing hacks–tricks to use when you just don’t know how to get started writing.

Here are a few more that just be what it takes to get you out of a slump:

1 – Start with a list.

Jot down a few of the things that you’d like to cover in your articles. You don’t even have to use full sentences–just get some basic ideas down on paper. If any sub-headings come to mind, type them down to, even if you have no idea what you would put under that section.

2 – Read a really awful article or an article that you disagree with.

Sometimes you can get so focused on yourself that it makes you tense up, and it’s hard to write. Instead, look at someone else’s less than perfect work. Not that you should emulate it, but sometimes getting irritated at someone else’s clumsy effort gives you the spark of motivation needed to get going on your work. You can do better than that!

The same with an article that expresses ideas that you disagree with. Your mind will start working, for sure. Your mind is suddenly able to remember your take on things, and if you’re able to think thoughts, then you’re able to write them down.

Sometimes you need something negative to put a fire under you.

3 – Work on something harder.

Have you ever tried having two articles going at the same time? If you’re working on one and you get stuck, start working on another article. Then when you get stuck on the second one, switch back to the first one. One of them is bound to feel “easier”, and you’ll be able to write.

Or, try doing something that you find either hard or laborious, such as balancing your checkbook. Most people dread that, and chances are anything will seem easy after you tackle that task.

4 – Write about how you can’t think of anything to write.

The problem with not being able to think of anything to write is that you don’t have anything to put on the blank page that you’re staring at. Instead of just staring blankly ahead, get typing. You could type anything, but it’s particularly clever to write about not being able to write.

I’ve done this before, and it works like a charm. You DO have something to write about not being able to write, even if it’s just “I hate it that I can’t think of anything to write!”

You can type that line over and over, or you can get more expressive and elaborate on how you feel about not having anything to write about.

Eventually, you will become so tired of that topic that it won’t be such a big deal to move over to a topic that is more appropriate for an article.

5 – Take a nap.

The times when I feel like my mind is set in concrete and I just can’t put an article together for the life of me are when I am just plain tired. It’s been a busy day. My mind has been working hard. Then when I sit down to write an article, I feel like I don’t have anything left.

When this happens to me, I take a nap. I don’t set an alarm or anything, I just lie down for a while and rest. When I wake up, I’m usually feeling up for writing.

It’s a head game…

The thing about having writer’s block is that it is a head game. You can still write. You can still come up with a good article. You can still put sentences and thoughts together. It’s just that either you’ve put too much pressure on yourself, or else you’re just plain tired.

Don’t let the idea of “writer’s block” psyche you out. Just use the tips in this post and the one previous to this one, and you’ll find a way to put an article together rather painlessly.

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One Response to “How To Submit Articles: 5 More Writing Hacks”

  1. Taking a nap is a great idea . . . and clearly the easiest hack on the list. As I fall asleep, I try to plant in my mind that I will awaken with the perfect idea.

    It works! Well, not exactly in the way I had imagined. I don’t startle awake with the whole thing written in my head. But once I sit down to write, an idea easily presents itself.

    Diana Schneidman, Author of Start Freelancing And Consulting: How to take control of your life and make great money quickly as a solopro

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