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How To Submit Articles: 7 Time Saving Tricks For Creating And Submitting Articles
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When you’re learning how to submit articles, there are so many different factors going on that you might not be aware of the various time-saving tactics available to you.

Here are 7 tricks that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your articles while at the same time spending as little time as possible in the creation and submission process:

1 – Make your blog posts and articles do double duty.

If you have a blog that you’re writing for regularly, you don’t have to generate new ideas for your articles. All you have to do is take each suitable post from your blog and re-write it to submit as a free reprint article.

In case you’re tempted to save even more time by just submitting your blog posts as articles without changing them, resist the temptation! You really want to keep the content on your own website unique, because that is helpful for your website’s SEO. Re-writing blog posts takes a little time, but it’s a whole bunch quicker than writing an article from scratch.

2 – Get content from e-books you’ve written.

It very well could be that you’ve already written content that can be re-used or morphed into suitable free reprint article submissions. If you have an e-book that you’ve written on your topic, you can take a section of your book and use it as the basis of an article. All you have to do is ensure that the re-purposed content from your book makes sense as a stand alone article. Depending on how big your e-book is, you may have enough material to last you months or years.

You don’t even need to re-write the content, as e-books are not usually published in full online. Most likely your e-book is available as a download on your website, but it’s not the type of content that you need to keep “unique” for SEO purposes.

3 – Get inspiration for articles from your website.

Take a good hard look through your website. Do you have any pages that provide general information about your niche? Those pages could be used as the basis for articles that you submit for marketing purposes. If you’re using content from your website as inspiration for your articles, remember that you will want to totally re-write it, so that the information on your site remains unique.

Also, keep in mind that your articles shouldn’t be sales oriented or about your business. The type of information that you can use from your website would be general information about your niche.

4 – Use an automatic article submitter.

This is the biggest time-saver of them all! Submitting articles by hand is not only time consuming, but it’s also ineffective. Even if you spent all day entering articles into various article directories, you would still not be able to submit as many articles as an automatic article submitter does.

Using an article submission service also allows you to get your article published by different types of publishers. It’s not just about article directories any more–there are blog publishers, ezine editors, and other types of website owners who are looking for content.

At, aside from the time-saving automatic article distribution there are many other tools that can help you save time submitting articles. I’ll cover a few of them later in this post.

5 – Outsource your content creation.

Maybe you’re too busy with other parts of your business to consistently generate content for article marketing each month, or perhaps writing is just not your thing.

For some people, outsourcing content creation is extremely cost effective and worthwhile. If this is you, at the article submitter we offer a special service that allows you to have content professionally written around your keywords and reliably put into your account each month, saving you the effort of writing your own content and submitting it.

6 – Use the resource box manager.

At, you can pre-enter resource boxes that you commonly use in our Resource Box Manager area. Then, when you go to submit an article you can just choose one of your previously created resource boxes to be inserted into your article submission. Here is a tutorial for the Resource Box Manager.

7 – Batch process your article submissions.

When you “batch process” something, you do several of the same thing at one time. Think of glazing donuts on a conveyor belt–the donuts are all lined up in a row and glaze is poured over all of them at once.The conveyor belt method is a lot faster than working with one donut (or article) at a time.

I do “batch processing” and find that it shaves a significant amount of time off of the article submission process. Here’s how to apply this concept to your article submissions:

Write all your articles for the month, then submit them all at one sitting, scheduling them to start distribution at different times during the month.

This would be in contrast to the usual method of writing an article and submitting it, then writing the next article and submitting it, etc. Instead of submitting just one article at a time, you take your full month’s worth of articles and submit them in one sitting.

At, you can schedule your articles to be submitted on future dates (article scheduling), and you can also choose to “trickle” your article submissions so that your article is sent to only a few publishers at a time. By using our ArticleTrickle tool, you can simulate a manual submission process (allowing your website to build links in a more leisurely, organic fashion, which is helpful for SEO reasons), while at the same time getting the benefit of an automatic article submission.

Have you been submitting articles in the most efficient way possible? Make your article marketing work easier and more beneficial by trying each of these 7 time saving tricks.

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