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How To Submit Articles: Can You Submit Articles That You Don’t Own Exclusively?
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I get questions like this from time to time:

I want to start doing affiliate marketing. The articles that I had planned to use were produced by the affiliate company for me to use. Can I submit these articles as they are, or should I spin them first? Or can I not submit them at all?

Or another similar situation is a person who wants to know if he can buy PLR articles and submit them as free reprint articles. In case you don’t know, PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are written by someone else and then sold to countless people.

Basically what you want to know is can you buy content or be given already written content that you do not own exclusively and use it in your article marketing. Great question…

The articles must be owned exclusively by you….

Whether you’re doing affiliate marketing or marketing for your own website, it’s important that the articles that you submit belong to you exclusively and that you are the official copyright owner.

Sometimes affiliate programs will provide you with articles, but they are not unique–usually they give the same articles to all of their affiliates. In that case, the articles would not be appropriate for submitting as free reprint articles, as free reprint articles need to be 100% owned by you and only you.

The same holds true for PLR articles. Those articles are mass produced and sold to anyone who will buy them. You don’t have exclusive rights to them, so that is not the type of content that you would submit as free reprint articles.

How would a publisher know if you weren’t the copyright holder?

Many publishers employ an online service (such as that tells them if the article already appears on another website, and then they check the site to see if you are listed as the author of the article on that other site.

If you are, then it’s usually just fine. But, if they see someone else’s name listed as the author of the article (or no name at all), most publishers will automatically decline the article because the copyright is in question.

Can you alter articles to make them “unique”?

Sometimes people wonder if they can take articles that they don’t exclusively own and spin them to try to make them unique. Sorry, that isn’t an approach you can use with article marketing.

You may use spinning technology to take an article that you own exclusively to create multiple version of that article so that different publishers receive different versions of the article, but the spinning technology is not for trying to make non-unique articles unique.

Rather, it’s for taking your own already unique articles and creating multiple versions of the article. There are SEO benefits to doing that, so that is why people will spin their articles sometimes.

How can you come up with content to submit as free reprint articles?

You can either write your own content, or you can pay a ghost writer to create articles exclusively for you. Your goal with submitting articles isn’t just to get backlinks–you want to be producing valuable content that truly helps your readers. You want to be sharing tips that are unique to you in one way or another, rather than just regurgitated content that can be found anywhere on the web.

Content is what makes the web go ’round, and producing quality content is an investment in your business. I know, it takes more effort, but it’s worth it in the end!

Does that help explain things? If you have any questions, just let me know.

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2 Responses to “How To Submit Articles: Can You Submit Articles That You Don’t Own Exclusively?”

  1. Paul says:

    Excellent piece on submitting exclusive articles. Writing your own content and publishing it elsewhere it what we all should do. Once published it can be re-written, or spun as many times as you want. But the original article has to be your own. Also, creating an article in the first place should offer something your reader will enjoy or benefit from.
    Just my thoughts on this.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Paul: Thanks for chiming in, Paul. Those are my thoughts exactly.

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