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How To Submit Articles: Should You Write Your Own Content or Outsource It?
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A free reprint article is a piece of content that you write or have written for you that you then either

  • submit to an automatic article submitter which then takes on the job of distributing your article widely
  • OR submit yourself to a few article directories.

The article that you create or have created is meant to be republished–that is the power behind article marketing.

The vehicle for the benefits you receive is the link to your website in the resource box (aka, author bio), which accompanies each article that is republished. (Or, if you’re a Gold Level member of, you have the added option of creating Naked Article links in the article body.)

The link to your website is how you generate more traffic to your site. Ideally, one of the results of your article submissions will be a higher search engine ranking for your keyword terms. Your website can also receive visitors directly from the articles when readers click the link in your resource box.

Of course the success of your article marketing campaign assumes one thing…that you can actually produce the content that drives the whole process (otherwise you’ll be missing out hugely and denying the potential you and your business are otherwise capable of).

The sad fact is that a lot of people are put off from article marketing and all the traffic advantages it brings simply because they believe they need to be a great writer in order to be able to take advantage of it, and the whole idea of content creation scares them to death.

The big secret is…you don’t have to be a great writer!

Whew–I know that’s a load off of some people’s minds to hear that!

Most people who do article marketing aren’t particularly skilled or talented writers, so if you fall into that category, you’re in great company.

In fact, you don’t even have to write anything yourself at all, but even if you do, almost anyone can do this with a bit of practice and some good advice.

You can take one of two approaches, each with it’s own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Write your articles yourself
  2. Outsource the writing to someone else

Should You Write Your Own Content?

Cons: It can be difficult to be disciplined enough to keep a regular schedule of content creation, which you need to do in order to get the most advantage out of article marketing. Time is also an issue–writing articles takes time and effort (although perhaps not as much as you think), but it will be an added task on your work schedule.

Pros: Other than the time it takes to write the articles, it’s essentially free, and using the techniques that I’ll be showing you it’s really not as hard as it sounds.

Should You Outsource Your Content Creation To Somebody Else?

Cons: There is cost involved.

Pros: You’ll be far more likely to keep a regular content creation schedule and will therefore get the maximum advantage out of article marketing. The benefit will be far more that the initial cost involved as you start getting returns on your investment.

Also, in using an experienced writer the quality may be higher than if you wrote the content yourself, which can lead to better results with article marketing.

Additionally, you can leverage your time better. The time that you would have spent writing articles is free for you to do something else!

In my years of working with thousands of people all over the world who do article marketing, I’ve noticed one thing:

The people who tend to be most successful, consistent and persistent with it tend to outsource their writing. The reason why outsourcing is conducive to article marketing success is simply because it immediately systemizes the content creation within the business and makes it so that producing the content on a regular schedule is not dependent on your own level of discipline and self-motivation.

This does NOT mean that you can’t be successful by doing the writing yourself. There are many people who have been writing their own articles for years and years, and writing their own content works just as well for them.

If you want to write or if budget limitations mean it makes more sense for you to do so, then by all means write!

In fact, let’s talk more about that–next time, I’ll be giving you some very simple but important tips for writing your own content.

For now though, let me ask you:

Do you write your own content or outsource it?

If you write your own content, could you share any special tips for staying motivated?

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2 Responses to “How To Submit Articles: Should You Write Your Own Content or Outsource It?”

  1. Richard Duke says:

    I am trying to get started in Article Marketing and have wondered about outsourcing or writing my on. It seems that most people talk about doing either one or the other, but no comments about doing a combination of the two. Writing some yourself and then filling in the empty days with outsourced articles. Would a mixing of the style of writing be a problem for this approach ?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Richard Duke: Hi Richard,

    Great question–You could show the writers who you hire some of your own writing and ask them to stay in line with your tone/style so the writing styles aren’t too divergent. If you work with someone consistently, that’s something that they can learn. If that’s really important to you, then it also may help to have a phone conversation–a good writer can sometimes get a feel for your personality, energy, and attitude, by just talking to you. Then, they can try to reflect that in their writing.

    With that said, I wouldn’t worry too much about a mix in the writing styles. Most readers will only be seeing one article at a time, so unlikely there would be a side-by-side comparison.

    Also, it’s very hard to identify someone’s writing style unless you read it regularly and study it (most reader’s will not be doing that). If you notice a change in “style” between two articles that someone has written, it very well could be that they were just in a different mindset or mood when writing those two pieces. I wouldn’t necessarily assume they were written by different people.

    The most important thing is writing quality–if all the articles that are submitted under your name provide value and are well-written, then that is what people notice and remember.

    Hope that helps!

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