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How To Submit Articles: Finding Keywords That Help Your Google Ranking
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I’ve just finished giving some advice to a client on how to submit articles with keywords and to get better results in search engines, and I noticed something going on with his keyword choice that I thought others would benefit from hearing about.

I was looking at his articles, and he was linking through to his site with words like:

  • chocolate
  • chocolates
  • dessert
  • sweets

What’s the problem with these keywords?

Be Specific!

The problem is that these are very generic, big, broad keywords that it is going to be difficult to rank for.

When you’re researching the keywords for your website, it’s a better idea to narrow things down to what your website is specifically about.

In this case, the website offers gourmet chocolates for sale. More appropriate keywords would be like:

  • buy chocolate
  • buy gourmet chocolate
  • buy handmade chocolates
  • buy gourmet truffles

And keywords like that to make it a lot more specific to what your prospects are actually going to be searching for. (You will need to do research to find the right keywords for your site.)

Use Your Keywords To Link Back To Your Site

After determining your specific keywords, then you would link back to pages on your site using such keywords from your articles (if you’re using our Naked Articles tool) in order to boost your SEO for those.

The HTML resource box is also an appropriate place to use keywords such as those above to link back to your website.

A caution: Whether you’re using the Naked Articles feature or the HTML resource box, you will be linking your specific keywords to your website. This is an extremely powerful technique that requires some care. It is very important that you vary the keywords that you link to in your articles.

So, don’t use the same keywords in each article–switch things up!

Choosing The Right Keywords

It’s really important that you not only know how to use your keywords in your article submissions, but what types of words to use that will be helpful to you.

Most main keywords (the keywords that you want your website to rank highly for) will be 2-3 words long. When you get down to the one word phrases, those are very hard to rank for, and depending on what your website is about, it may be unlikely that your target customers would be going to Google and searching for a single word to begin with.

Think about the way that you search–if you need to buy gourmet chocolates, do you type “sweets” into Google? No, you don’t.

The idea is not to just think of phrases that are related to your niche, but to do actual keyword research for words that your customers are using when they search for sites such as yours. Most likely, these will be not be a single word, but rather 2 or 3 words.

Related Resources

In this post, we’re talking about getting a website to rank highly for certain keywords, so we’re covering how to use your main keywords, which are the phrases you want your website to rank highly for.

Here is more information about what main keywords are and how to use them.

There are other types of keywords that you would use in creating your articles called ‘long-tail keywords’ which are phrases that are even longer. If you’re interested in learning about long-tail keywords, check out this resource.

And here’s a link to the Keyword Basics series we did recently, in case you need help getting started doing keyword research.

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  1. Hello Steve, A great article on how to use key to reach more people. Thanks, Andrew

  2. Hello!
    I confess I am a novice in matters related to seo and keywords, however I intend to learn more about this subject, so try to find information in articles like this, for example. What I learned in this post will help me to better optimize my website, but acknowledges it will be very difficult given the topics I discuss in it, but I think in the next website that I build will have a much bigger impact.
    Thanks for your teachings.

  3. julius rosen says:

    Great article .. I have always wonders about 2 and three word keywords versus single words… MOt of mine needto be 2 -3 words otherwise they make no sense to search for IE products versus imprinted products. or logo giveaways versus giveaways.

    I’d like to see articles about some of your clients and how their search positions and webtraffice has increased .. MIne went from pr 0 to a pr 2 over 4- 6 months..

  4. amin saleh says:

    very good tips in how to apply keywords in our posts…thanks indeed!

  5. Ed says:

    As always, interesting tips regarding keywords for your articles.It’s great to have this source on information and free !


    Looking forward to more interesting tips and more quality content…

    Great work !

  6. vicky says:

    ya keyword research is must for everyone. your tips are really nice. I am looking forward to bookmark this site.

  7. sumit says:

    your naked article tool is really nice

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