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Advanced Keywords: How to Submit Articles with Your Main Keywords
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Last month we talked all about how to do basic keyword research and how to use long-tail keyword terms in your articles.

Now, we’re going to get a little more advanced and cover how to use your main keywords in your articles.

Traditional Online Article Submissions

For a traditional free reprint article that has a resource box with a link to your website, you would use one of your main keyword phrases as the anchor text that forms the link to your website.

With traditional articles that do not have anchor text links in the article body, your focus for your main keywords is the resource box, rather than the article body. You want to alternate using those main keywords as anchor text for the link in your resource box that goes back to your website. Do not try to use all of them in the same resource box, and do not use the same keyword term repeatedly–mix it up.

(More on main keywords here, if you aren’t sure what they are.)

Revolutionizing Online Article Submissions…

That was the way things used to be done, before the advent of’s Naked Articles feature.

A Naked Article is essentially an article published on a blog — related in content to your own website — but without the resource box at the end of the article or any other author attribution as you would otherwise see when an article is published on an article directory.

This “Naked Article” looks like an post that the blog owner may have written–there is nothing to tip off the reader that the article is written by someone else.

What’s In It For You?

No resource box, no author attribution–”Hold on, what’s in it for me as the author?” you may be thinking.

Rather than a link from the resource box, you have a link or two back to your site from the article body itself.

And these links are anchor text links, the type of links that speak very loudly to Google and the other search engines. You get to pick the anchor text of course–you would make the anchor text be your keywords or variations of your keywords.

You get a link back to your site from a highly relevant website–a link from a site that is closely related to your niche tends to be more powerful than a link from an unrelated site.

You don’t even have to wait for a publisher to come to an article directory, search for a suitable article, and hopefully pick yours to publish, which of course may never happen. Instead, your article is sent directly to the blog publisher, and you get immediate satisfaction.

How to Use Main Keywords in Your Article Body with Naked Articles…

  • Use one of your main keyword terms to form the text for the link. The keyword term should fit naturally in the article and make sense.
  • There may be a maximum of two such links going back to your website within the article body.
  • You can link to your site using your keyword terms, but not your written out URL. For example, I could link the words ‘article writing tips’ in my article to my website, but I cannot use  my website as anchor text to form the link in the article body.
  • No other indication should be written into the article that the linked text goes to the your website.
  • Don’t ask the reader to click the link.

Example of what to do:

Here is an image of what an article with appropriate links would look like (I have put a red arrow to direct your attention to the link):

This is the right way to include Naked Article links in your article.

Examples of what NOT to do…

Unacceptable: The text that forms the link cannot be the author's website URL.

Unacceptable: The author may not try to draw the reader to his website in the article body ("come look at my website").

It’s actually pretty simple.

  • Just keep your wording natural–the sentences that have your linked keywords need to read naturally and make sense in the context of the article.
  • The links should not be distracting (no “click here” requests).
  • The links need to be keywords and not website URLs.
  • The text of your article should not be promotional–the words in your article should not try to draw attention to your website or business.

Have you got it now? I hope so! Any questions, just let me know.

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18 Responses to “Advanced Keywords: How to Submit Articles with Your Main Keywords”

  1. Hello from Montana,

    Glad to read this. I was unsure how to move blog posts into articles. Have the new Google rules changed what authors can and can’t do to post articles?

    Enjoy the sunshine and have a great week.

    Judy Helm Wright

  2. Thanks for the information,I’ve made those very errors and it comes back to you with a no publish.Keep thing coming. Newinavations

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @Judy H. Wright-Life Lessons: Hi Judy,

    Please see this post about the Google algorithm changes…

    Hope you have a great week as well :)

  4. Nice article…Do you know of any other article submission service that provides this naked article facility?

  5. Karleen says:

    Thanks for going over this again. For some reason I thought I would have to accept articles to my blog in order for me to go the Naked Article route. Right now I am able to post new content nearly every day to my blog, so don’t really want to accept others’ content. However, I may in the future, especially when I get more websites set up. But it sounds very easy to set up my articles to be sent to blogs by using the hyperlinks and not have to be a publisher myself at the moment. Am I correct on this?

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Karleen: Hi Karleen,

    Yes, you have it right–you do not need to accept articles to your blog in order to use the Naked Articles feature.

    Being a publisher and submitting your articles for distribution are totally unrelated–you can do one without the other! :)

  7. Paul Pomeroy says:

    With all there is to learn it is surprising that new marketers like myself get it figured out. It is thanks to folks like you Steve that we even stand a chance. Many thanks to you for all the quality info you share. Sounds like the proper way to do the links in naked articles is the very same process as anchor text within a blog post or webpage. Is this the proper HTML code for building the link ”
    Anchor Text” where you replace Anchor Text with the proper word or phrase of the article?

  8. Paul Pomeroy says:

    I see that it was the right code but didnt realize response box was html compatible. Sorry about the confusion on my part. How would you show that code without it actually creating anchor text? Have a good weekend Steve. The link goes no where by the way as used example url in it. Once again sorry for posting it incorrectly.

  9. douglas says:


    I’m now into my 12th article submited to SYA and feel cheated I didn’t read all the does & dont’s before #1, learning all the time thanks to your blogs. I did not realise that I could use a link in my resource box as opposed to my URL. Mmmm, still learning!

  10. sumit says:

    I used this trick for my money making website and get good results. Thanks bro

  11. Steve Shaw says:

    @Paul Pomeroy: Hi Paul,

    You’ve got it just right–you create the Naked Article link in the same way you would create an anchor text link in the HTML resource box. There is an “add link” icon that you can click to easily create the anchor text link. That is the same for the article body and for the HTML resource box.

    Thanks for your question…hope your weekend was good too…

  12. This is a very good feature. I’m assuming that SubmitYourArticle submits to the various blogs, but what about duplication. I’d like to write my an article and have it posted on my site first then submit a variation possibly to the various blogs through SubmitYourArticle.


  13. Steve Shaw says:

    @John Chartrand: Hi John,

    Here’s how I would do that:

    Step 1: Write your article, publish it on your own site (you would do this yourself).

    Step 2: Rewrite your article so that it is unique. Change the title, the structure, the phrasing–change as much about the article as you can.

    Step 3: Take that re-written article and submit it to Use one of’s ArticleLeverage tools (either Advanced or Standard) to create variations of the article. Create variations for as much of the article as possible. Ensure that your variations make complete sense and are grammatically correct.

    Then, takes it from there and distributes your article to our network of publishers. If it is a Naked Article, then each Blog publisher will receive a variation of the article in Naked Article form.

    All other types of publishers will receive a variation of article in the traditional way–without article body links back to your site, but with a regular resource box.

    That’s how to do what you are proposing.

    I hope that helps!


  14. But steve tell me many article directories like bukisa and ezinearticles dont accept link in text which you say anchor text. Where can we submit articles. I think ezine is the best but they only accept link in resource box.

  15. Steve Shaw says:

    @Money making guide: Naked Articles, where you put the link in the article body and use your keywords as anchor text, are only applicable to blog publishers, and rather than article directories.

    At we have a large network of blog publishers who receive the Naked Articles–this is a new type of article submissions that is available through

    Getting published on directories is fine, but it’s actually a better idea to go straight to the niche specific publishers. Article directories serve the purpose of being a hub where website publishers can find free reprint articles to use on their sites. They are a “middle man”. If you have the opportunity to submit straight to the niche specific publishers, that is preferable. Not saying that you shouldn’t submit to Ezine Articles–yes, do that–but just know that having your article appear on an article directory is not the end goal of article marketing.

  16. Mako says:

    Hi Steve,

    How many niche blogs do you have in the system for the weight loss category?

    Looking forward to this new service, great addition to the program.

  17. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mako: Hi Mako,

    We can’t give information for specific niches as content delivery to the niche blogs is all keyword-led and for any niche or sub-niche there are a large number of associated keywords. However, there are currently over 1500 blogs in the system in total, with more blogs added each day, and weight loss is a popular niche.

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