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Debunking Myths About How To Submit Articles
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If you’ve been marketing your website for any length of time, I’m sure that you’ve run into your share of article marketing myths.

Article marketing myths are those commonly shared ‘must dos’ and ‘must not dos’ about how to submit articles that don’t really reflect Google’s guidelines for building a quality site and that actually serve to undermine your true efforts to provide valuable content to your readers.

Over the next few posts we’ll be ‘debunking’ some of the most prevalent article marketing myths, but first let’s get one thing straight…

Article marketing is on the up-and-up.

When you are submitting articles for article marketing, you are not trying to manipulate Google into giving your site a better ranking or engage in any trickery to produce the results you want.

There is no need for that.

Your main goal in article marketing is to produce quality content that publishers want to publish and that your target readers want to read.

A by-product of article marketing is that you are legitimately publicizing your website, via the link in your resource box. Each time your article is reproduced, you receive an additional backlink to your site.

When you are marketing with articles, you are producing syndicated content–that means that these articles that you are writing can be reproduced around the internet on multiple sites. Syndicated content plays a big part on the web and how the web works, and it is on the up-and-up with Google.

What does Google want?

Very simply, Google wants to provide the best results possible for its search engine customers.

This means that the search engine customer would type their search terms into Google and then be greeted with a list of results with the websites that are most likely to satisfy the customer at the top of the list.

So, the results would not be listed willy-nilly. The search engine customer would know that the top listing is the one that Google has determined to have the greatest chance of having the information that the person is looking for.

That is all Google is trying to do–it just wants to evaluate the content on the web so that it can provide accurate rankings for its customers.

What is your part in this?

You need to be marketing your website.

In much the same way an offline business owner markets his business by networking and engaging in various marketing activities that help get the word out about his business, so a website owner uses online marketing tools such as article marketing to publicize his website.

You can do certain SEO things to help Google classify your website content, such as doing keyword research and using your keywords appropriately in your article submissions and your website content.

It’s also imperative that your website actually offers quality content related to the keyword phrase for which you’re looking to rank.

Remember, first and foremost you are producing quality content that publishers want to publish and readers want to read. If you try to do anything that disregards those two priorities, then you are straying from the true spirit and intention of article marketing.


The reason why I bring all this up is that it is very easy for someone to get too caught up in the idea that the website owner needs to do something tricky to get a higher search engine ranking.

Sometimes I get questions from folks that are clearly fear-based. They want to do sneaky things and they are afraid of getting caught, or they want to do completely innocent things and they are still afraid of getting caught.

When you are doing article marketing correctly (producing quality content that publisher want to publish and that your target readers will find helpful), then you are innocently marketing your site and are not at odds with Google.

The article marketing myth we’ll be debunking next time:

Should You Only Submit To Sites With High PageRank?

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10 Responses to “Debunking Myths About How To Submit Articles”

  1. Thank’s for the simple explanation about the links! Finally I got it!

  2. mark clemens says:

    I’ll be interested in what you have to say. Currently submit about 250 articles per week. They are all on my blog.

  3. Derek Jansen says:

    Great article Steve – can always count on you to bring some common sense to this crazy world of article marketing (and SEO in general!).

    I really want to emphasize the point you made about creating quality content that people want to actually read. It’s amazing how much effort people put into creating sloppy articles en masse, instead of just writing one excellent article that will naturally get syndicated for one reason – people want to read it!

    Keep up the good work Steve!

  4. Hello Steve, You are right content is king, if you want to succeed in article marketing. You show good leadership skills in the way you write. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  5. Great article. I think a lot of the times,we marketers want to look for a “magical marketing pill” that will quickly jump-start our marketing efforts and results. Yet much of online success is related to good ole hard work,like article marketing.


  6. ian amor says:

    Hi Steve, Thank you for the info ..the point about quality not quantity is timely as i need to start using your service soon and that was the main thing i needed to know for my team ..

    I would like your comment on using articles intended for the English speaking Asian market ?

    Thank you Ian not Sam !

  7. Steve Shaw says:

    @mark clemens: Hi Mark,

    That quantity of articles is a bit much, even if you are submitting manually. You have to be careful not to submit too many articles or else you will build links too quickly. Plus, it is time consuming. Here’s an idea:

    If were to submit articles automatically, then somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 articles a month per website is sufficient. When submitting automatically, your articles are going out to many publishers, so you don’t have to work as hard as when submitting manually.

    If I were you, I would submit automatically–it will save you a bunch of time and you will get better results.

    And it is best to keep the content on your own site unique, so if you want to reuse the articles on your blog, then re-write them.

    I hope that helps!

  8. Rajesh says:

    The simple and great information about article marketing and generating backlinks. What other easier way may be there to enjoy high PR in search engine than this. Thanks for the information and keep it up.

  9. There are many articles that are spun so much that they don’t make any sense. These articles are only used for the backlinks and that’s a major problem. Well it’s certainly not fun seeing trashy articles. Anyway if the heading does not speak to me, I don’t go past that.

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    @ian amor: Hi Ian,

    Yes, as long as your articles are written in English, then it would be fine. Article marketing helps your website get a higher ranking for your particular keyword terms, and you can also get direct traffic from the articles themselves.

    I’m not sure if that answers your question–just let me know if that was not the info that you were looking for.

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