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How To Submit Articles: Should You Write In-Depth or Beginner Articles?
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Newbies and veterans are BOTH looking for informative articles...

Reader question:

I am about to start article marketing, and I’ve been trying to look at free reprint articles from others in my field to see what the normal practice and format is.

I’m a bit confused because I see people writing shorter, overview articles than what I imagined I would write.

I am used to writing in-depth articles. I suppose I am trying to gauge IF the article I write needs to be an introductory article or full depth one. Which is the norm?


I get the impression that you are more naturally drawn to writing detailed, in depth, longer articles. Those will be fine to start with as long as you stay within some general word count boundaries (outlined below).

You had also asked about common practices with writing free reprint articles.

To give you a general idea of what to expect,’s requirements and recommendations for articles are:

*Articles should be well-written, grammatically correct, and contain useful content.

*They can be anywhere between 400-1500 words long.

Technically most sites will accept articles that are up to 1500 words, but articles that are on the long side have a harder time getting republished.

Many sites will accept articles as short as 400 words, but you need to be sure that the article still offers valuable information. Articles that are really short like this be a challenge to make worthwhile. It can be done, but it takes some care.

A good word count range to stay in is 600-800 words. That gives you enough room to give some in depth content, but it’s not so long that you would have trouble getting republished.

* As far a providing really full depth content, you have to keep in mind that it is an article and not a doctoral thesis :) –don’t try to put too much info into one article.

Here are some successful approaches:

1 – The more narrow your article topic, the more in-depth you can go.

2 – If you have a lot of in-depth info to cover, break it into different articles.

When doing article marketing, you need to submit articles on a steady basis, so you will need to be coming up with article topics. If you have a very rich topic, instead of making one super long article, make several medium or shorter length ones.

3 – Another approach to use is to cover a very broad topic superficially. So, instead of providing very in depth info about a narrow topic, you provide general info (an introductory article) about a broad topic.

Remember, you will need to be writing about 8 articles a month if you are submitting automatically (and many more if you’re submitting manually), so there is room for all types of articles–Introductory ones, in depth, and in the middle.

It’s a great idea to get into the habit of writing for beginners and advanced readers.

I personally like to switch things up, as it makes the writing process easier. Sometimes I will go extremely basic and write for complete newbies, and other times I write on the advanced level. It’s refreshing to think from different perspectives.

Again–one is not better than the other. An article written for beginners can be as or more helpful than a really deep article for an advanced crowd. It depends on your niche, but there is a good chance that you will have a wide assortment of people at various skill levels reading your articles.

Also, don’t think that an article for beginners does not provide valuable content–it does, just on a beginner level.

Oh, and here is another thing that I have learned over the years that took a long time to sink into my head–you need not tell every last thing about your topic in a particular article.

It’s okay to leave some information out and save it for another article.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The guidelines/tips provided in the article are very useful. Specifically, the tip about breaking the article. I, sometimes, have been in the same situation as such I am also inclined towards writing long articles.

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