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How To Submit Articles: Submitting Articles To Publishers
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In the last post about how to submit articles, we talked about the preparations you will do before submitting your articles.

Sometimes beginners are so eager to get started submitting articles to publishers that they forget to do the prep work of writing a solid article and crafting a strong resource box. Before you can submit, you have to write!

If you have already written an article that you are proud to attach your name to, then you’re ready for the next step–submitting!

You have 3 choices when it comes to submitting articles. This article covers the 3 ways of submitting articles to publishers and the pros and cons of each.

How To Submit Articles: You can submit articles manually.

This means that you basically do the “leg work” yourself–finding publishers, contacting them yourself, entering your information and articles into their submission forms.

=> The pros of submitting manually:

The up side of submitting manually is that you can submit for free (aside from the investment of your own time and effort)–you don’t need to pay anyone or use any specially designed programs to help you with your submissions. This option may be a good way to get your feet wet with article marketing if you’d like to take things slow and get used to this marketing tool.

=> The cons of submitting manually:

The downside of manual article submissions is that it takes the most amount of time and produces the smallest result. For example, you will be spending your own precious time finding publishers and inputting your information into each site, and because you’re human there is a limit to how much you can do. You can spend a good bit of time submitting manually, but you will never be able to submit as many articles by hand as an automated system would.

Because you are only able to submit to a limited number of publishers, you will need to submit significantly more articles than you would if you were submitting automatically. I used to submit manually–it is extremely time consuming!

How To Submit Articles: You can use article submission software.

Article submission software is software that you buy and install on your computer. It is designed to help you fill in the fields of submission forms.

=> The pros of using article submission software:

When you go to each of the online publishers, you will save a little time because the software fills in the submission form for you. This purchase is a one time thing–buy it once and use it as long as you like.

=> The cons of using article submission software:

Although the software is helping you fill in the submission forms, the process is still largely manual. You will still need to go to each site to submit your article. You will also need to individually register at each of the sites.

Here’s a biggie–You’ll need to keep your site list, email publisher list, etc. all up to date. Many of the lists provided with software like this are quickly out of date. Some people find article submission software suitable for their needs, but for the most part it is still very time consuming.

How To Submit Articles: You can use, a web-based article submission service.

With an online article submission service such as, you simply enter your article into the system, and click to distribute – takes care of the rest.

=> The pros of using

  • The distribution list is maintained by, and the publisher list is updated daily, which saves you that headache.
  • An extensive distribution network, the vast majority of which consists of publishers and web sites who have directly requested to receive content from members.
  • Less work, better results. You can submit fewer articles while still getting excellent results. Because each article is submitted to many publishers, you do not need to do heavy submissions like you would if you were submitting manually. Manual submissions require that you submit about an article a day, but people who use can see excellent results by consistently submitting just 8 articles a month.
  • Unlimited submissions, which means you can market as many sites as you’d like.
  • Professional editors review your article before it is distributed, helping you to submit quality articles that stand the best chance of being accepted by publishers. Due to these editorial controls, has a reputation for quality content that continues to attract publishers to join the network.
  • The ability to schedule your articles to be distributed on a future date. So members can for example log into their account at the start of the month, set up all their articles to be distributed over the course of that month, set it and forget it – and will take care of the rest.
  • The ability for your articles submissions to be “trickled”–that means that if you choose, your articles can be submitted gradually over the course of 7 days, 30 days, etc. This helps ensure links generated from article submissions are built up more gradually, which may be more search engine friendly.
  • An upgraded account option for unlimited pen names.
  • Gold Level members have the option of creating Naked Articles which has SEO benefits (read more about Naked Articles)

=> The cons of using

This is a membership site, so you will need to pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis to have access to the service. There’s no ongoing commitment though–you can cancel at any time.

Also, you need to use a different strategy when submitting on a large scale like this. If you’ve been submitting manually and are in the habit of submitting articles every day, then you will need to adjust your submission rate.

My advise to you is to submit in moderation–stick pretty close to 8 articles a month per website. If you have more than one website that you’re marketing, that is fine. Just try to limit yourself to 8 articles a month for each website that you’re marketing.

That will give you the best results with search engines, and it makes your job with writing easier–why make yourself write more articles than you need to? If you are over enthusiastic in your submission rate when submitting on a large scale, it can work against you.

Where to submit your articles

Let’s say you want to give it a try at submitting manually–where would you submit your articles? We’ll cover that topic next time…

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  2. Seychelles says:

    Good article. I like the way you compare the three ways to submit an article. And of course the manual way of submitting an article is the least effective and very time consuming while using an article distribution system like is the most effective and most productive. Thank you
    Louis Mahe Seychelles

  3. Phil Keane says:

    I have just read your article on how to submit to the publishers,I was very interested to see how you described the best way to go about submitting articles.Iam about to start submitting and need to find the best article submitters,and more important is the price,do you have any suggestion’s as to who are the best submitter’s?? mabey if you had a lost you could send me ,Thanks,Phil

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Phil,

    Yes, I recommend This is my service, and we would be happy to welcome you on board as a member. I’ll contact you separately on this also. Here is the sign up page:

    Just let me know if you need anything.

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