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How To Submit Articles: The Series Wrap-Up!
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Beginners: Do you have any questions after this series?

We’ve reached the finale of this 6 post series on how to submit articles. Here’s the wrap-up:

The “How To Submit Articles” Series

How To Submit Articles: A Simple Guide
We started with the most foundational information–key concepts that any beginner should be able to understand. We covered how article marketing works, what you can expect when you first start submitting articles, and the correct way to do article marketing.

How To Submit Articles: Writing Articles and Crafting Resource Boxes
Then we moved on to some practical application of how to write articles and resource boxes. We covered what you should and should not write about, how to use the resource box to publicize your business and website, and the two types of resource boxes: the text resource box and the HTML resource box.

How To Submit Articles: Submitting Articles To Publishers
This post covered the 3 different methods for submitting articles to publishers: submitting articles by hand, using article submission software, and submitting via a web-based article distribution service. We went over the pros and cons of each method to help you choose which one is right for you.

Article Submission Sites: Ezine Article Submission
These last 3 posts focus on helping people who want to submit articles manually. Submitting manually is the hardest and most time consuming method that there is, but I know there are some folks who want to try it. This post teaches about why it is so beneficial to have your article published in an ezine, where to find ezine editors and how to submit to them.

How To Submit Articles: Article Announcement Lists
This post teaches what an article announcement list is, what you need to watch out for, some tips for minimizing email that can come from these lists, and where to find article announcement lists.

Article Submission Sites: Submitting To Article Directories
This post teaches what an article directory is, what the perks are of submitting to article directories, how many article directories you should submit to, and where to find article directories.

Was this beginner level series helpful to you?

I hope so!

Are there any beginners out there who still have questions about article marketing or how to submit articles?

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