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How To Submit Articles: Where To Put Your Link In Your Article Submission
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I get all sorts of really great questions from people who are submitting their first articles. This week I received an inquiry from a beginner who was just not sure where the link to his website would come into play with an article submission and how the resource boxes worked.

It can totally empathize with any confusion on that–you’ve probably heard that article marketing is great for driving traffic to your website, but in writing an article you’re wondering where the link comes in. You might be wondering “Should I put it in my article? If not, then where?”

Maybe it would help if I gave some more information about how article submissions work:

Put Your Links In The Resource Box

Any links to your websites or web pages that you own would be put in the resource box. In article marketing, the resource box is the one place where you can talk about your own sites and link to your sites. Whenever the article is republished, the resource box with active links should be republished as well.

On the submission page, you have two resource box fields–one is mandatory (the plain text resource box) Â and the other is optional (the HTML resource box).

Every publisher we submit to will accept a plain text resource box, so that is why that one is mandatory. Some publishers will accept a HTML resource box, so you also have the option of creating one of those and having it submitted to any publisher who accepts HTML in the resource box.

When we do the article submission we will submit only one resource box to each publisher, not both.

So, if the publisher accepts HTML, then we’ll submit your HTML resource box, if you’ve supplied one. If the publisher does not accept HTML, then we’ll submit your plain text resource box. We always try to submit the HTML resource box first (if one has been supplied), and if that fails we use the plain text one.

With this in mind, here are some crucial tips for you to remember as you’re creating your resource box(es):

1 – Each publisher will only get one resource box for your article…

So if you plan on creating both an HTML and a plain text resource box, be sure to include links to any sites that you absolutely want to link to in both resource boxes.

Also, be sure that you include just as much biographical information in the HTML resource box as the plain text one. You will also include some sort of motivation for the reader to click the link in each resource box you create.

The tendency is to create a plain text resource box that is stellar, with all the information needed to really motivate a reader to click the link there, but then to be very minimal on the HTML resource box, just putting little more than linked keywords.

You really need to put the same amount of information in the HTML resource box as the text one though.

2 – The HTML resource box serves a special purpose–it allows you to link keywords to your website.

That is really key, as I often see people submitting HTML resource boxes that just have linked written out URLs. It is okay to include a linked written out URL in the HTML resource box, but you also want to include a hyperlinked keyword phrase.

The linked phrase sends a super powerful message to Google about what your site is about (all of your keywords should reflect what your website is about).* That is why people use the HTML resource box.

If you don’t want to link any keywords, then you can just bypass the HTML resource box. You would then only need to create a plain text one.

*A special note on linking keywords from your HTML resource box–if you do this, be sure that you don’t link the same keyword phrase each time. You really need to switch things up, maybe having a list of 5-10 keyword phrases that you alternate with your article submissions. If you were to link the same phrase each time, it could send up some red flags with Google.

What happens if you put links to your website in the article itself?

This question only applies to people who are not using the special “Naked Articles” functionality with our Gold Level membership. If you’re using “Naked Articles”, you can put anchor text links to your website in the article body (in a non-promotional way), so you can just take a nap for the rest of this blog post.

For everyone else, it helps to know that most publishers don’t want articles that contain links that go to your website. They will consider that “promotional”, or using the article to be like an advertisement for your business or website.

“Promotional article” is the #1 decline reason among publishers. The fact that it’s #1 means that:

a) most publishers don’t allow it and

b) it’s incredibly tempting for people to try to do

As you’re getting started writing your first articles, I just want to steer you in the right direction–you won’t include links to your own site in the article body, but you will instead put your links in the resource box(es).

(That’s unless you’re on our Gold Level membership and you’re submitting Naked Articles. What’s going on with the “Naked Articles” is a totally different situation–those articles are sent to special publishers who have requested to have anchor text links in the article body instead of a resource box at the end of the article.)

I hope this clears things up a bit, but if you still have questions, just let me know!

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7 Responses to “How To Submit Articles: Where To Put Your Link In Your Article Submission”

  1. Andrea says:

    I didn’t know I had a problem with links and keywords until I read this article and now I am confused.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Andrea: Hi Andrea,

    Just let me know what you’re confused about, and I’ll try to help.

  3. Rob Nelson says:

    Thanks so much Steve, you cleared up so many doubts for me.

  4. It just goes to show Steve , how important your article are, we all get a lot better at understanding the best way to write our articles for maximum effect.

  5. Byran says:

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for this write-up, but I also am a little confused as I recently had an article declined for being promotional buy having links within the article, but I am a gold level member and have the naked articles feature which i thought encouraged links inside the article?


  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Byran: Hi Bryan,

    If you’re a Gold Level member, then you can include non-promotional links in the article body, but you cannot include promotional links.

    If the links in the article body are promotional (for example, the text says “click here” or “visit my website” or “go here for more information”, or similar, or if the link is a written out URL), then the article would be decline for being promotional.

    If you’re ever not sure about why an article was declined or if you think there may have been a misunderstanding, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team, as we’d love to look at the specific article and straighten things out.

    I hope this helps!

  7. Mirko says:

    Great website, if anyone is interested you can submit an article at my site also.
    Happy holidays

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