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How To Submit Articles: Writing Articles and Crafting Resource Boxes
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A well-written article and resource box are essential to a successful article marketing campaign.

We’ve just started a series about how to submit articles, and I’ve broken this topic down into a few basic areas.

Last time we covered the preliminary information–how article marketing works, how long it takes to see results, what’s involved in article marketing, etc. I’ll give a link to that post as the end of this one, so if you missed it you catch yourself up to speed.

This time we’re putting pen to paper and covering exactly what you should be writing about and how to create a strong resource box.

How To Submit Articles: What should you write about?

Write your articles on the general topic of your website. For example,

  • If you are a relationship coach, you would write about relationships.
  • If your website is about dog training, you would write about dog training.
  • If your website is about fishing, then write about fishing.

If you need some help in coming up with ideas for your first articles, it is often helpful to use a free article template.

How To Submit Articles: What should you NOT write about?

Do not write about your business or website in your article. That is a common mistake people make when first starting out.

The article is for talking about your general niche, rather than about your specific business.

So, in the article do not try to direct readers to your website or your business. Just offer helpful educational information about your general niche and save all sales and promotional information for you resource box.

How To Submit Articles: Where can you talk about your business and website?

You can talk about your business in your resource box. The resource box is a short author bio (usually 450 characters or so) that sits below your article. Your resource box should include:

1 – Your name

2 – A little about yourself and your business–what makes you an authority on this topic?

3 – An incentive for the reader to visit your website.

4- A clickable link to your website.

The resource box is extremely important to the success of your article submission campaign. One of the most unfortunate mistakes I see beginners make is throwing together a last minute resource box.

The job of the resource box is to direct readers and search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, etc) to your website. That is the reason why you are doing article marketing to begin with–you want more “traffic” (more potential customers) coming to your website.

Your resource box is the one spot where you can advertise your business and your website. Put some time and thought into it!

How To Submit Articles: Text Resource Boxes

When you are submitting your articles, at most sites you will have a choice as to what type of resource box you use.

Text Resource Box

Use your "fully qualified" website address in your text resource box.

The text resource box is the simplest and easiest resource box to create.

You simply use the information outlined above to create your author bio and include your fully qualified website address.

What is a “fully qualified” website address?

It is your full website address, as it appears in the address bar when you’re looking at your website. For example, above is a picture of the address bar when I’m on my website. My fully qualified website address is

When I enter my author bio and my fully qualified website address into a text resource box, the website address automatically becomes a clickable link. That means that when a reader is looking at my resource box, he may click on my website address and be taken to my site.

Here is an example of what a text resource box looks like:

Steve Shaw created the web’s first ever 100% automated article distribution service,, which distributes your articles to hundreds of targeted online publishers with the click of a button. Get the full story and reap the rewards TODAY at=>

And here are some more examples of very good text resource boxes.

How To Submit Articles: HTML Resource Boxes

If you have done keyword research for your website, you can use your keywords in your HTML resource box and turn those specific words into a clickable link. This has technical benefits with Google and the other search engines.

If you include your fully qualified website address in your HTML resource box, you will need to manually turn it into a clickable link as well.

Some article directories require that you know HTML in order to create an HTML resource box, while others are more user friendly.

If you are creating an HTML resource box on, you do not need to know HTML. You can just follow our instructions to manually create the link.

To give you an idea of what an HTML resource box looks like, here is one of mine:

For more info on how you can use article marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects for your website, go now to . Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and founder of the popular article submitter used by thousands of business owners.

You can see that I have words that are forming one of my links–that is the tell tale sign of an HTML resource box.

The first link in this HTML resource box is made from a written out website address, while the second link is made from the words “article submitter”.

I had to manually create both of those links in the HTML resource box. Even if you type your full website address into the HTML resource box, it will not create a clickable link automatically. You need to do a few steps to make the links (see the instructions I referenced above).

Please note, if you  use the HTML resource box, do not use the same keywords each time. You will want to vary the keywords that you use.

If you have not done keyword research yet, then use the text resource box.

What do I do after I’ve written my article and resource box?

In the next post I’ll cover the 3 ways to submit articles and give the pros and cons of each.

For now, do you have any questions about writing articles or creating resource boxes?

The first part of this series:

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