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Questions About How To Submit Articles? Your Article Marketing Questions Answered! (4 Big Tips)
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Every day I get questions from newcomers (and from some who are not so new) to article marketing. People come up with questions that I would never think of, and when I see them I think, “Now that’s a good one–I should share this one on the blog.”

I think I’ve accumulated enough random questions to merit a post. Read over these and see if anyone has been asking questions that you’ve wondered yourself:

Question 1:Â What if one of my keyword terms is grammatically incorrect or includes a misspelling?

Answer: Ah, good question. When you do keyword research you’re trying to find out the words/phrases that people are most commonly typing into the search engines when they’re looking for information on your topic.

As you know, when we’re Googling things, we’re not trying to impress anyone. No one is proofreading our “work”, so we just type the first thing that comes into our heads and oftentimes aren’t too careful about what keys we press. That’s how you can end up seeing a keyword phrase that includes a typo or grammar issue in it.

Can you use such a phrase in your article submissions? Unfortunately, no–you won’t be able to use a keyword phrase that has a grammar or spelling issue in your title or article body. Remember that first and foremost you’re writing for human readers, so you don’t want to include errors on purpose, as that would decrease the quality of the article.

If you see such a keyword phrase in the process of doing your research, skip it and focus on the phrases that don’t have errors in them. Those are the types of phrases that you can use in your article submissions.

Question 2: How many directories should I submit to?

Answer: You should submit your articles to as many publishers (not just article directories) as possible. There are a few reasons for this. When marketing your website online, you need to develop a “varied link profile”. That means that having all your links come from one type of site – eg. links just from article directories – is going to look increasingly suspect to search engines. You need to mix things up, getting links from article directories, blogs, and regular websites. You can get this widespread type of distribution by submitting your articles through

You can also increase the variety by having turn your articles into videos and then you can submit them to video sites. You can create press releases and get links from that type of site as well.

In addition to the SEO benefits, having your articles appear on multiple websites increases the opportunities for generating long term traffic to your website. Each article will have a resource box that contains at least one link to your site, and people who are reading the articles can then click the link to visit your site. The more websites that your articles appear on, the more opportunities for sending traffic to your site.

Question 3: I wanted to ask you about using the phrase “click here” as the anchor text in my resource box. I’m concerned about it. This will build a lot of links with anchor I do not need, and I do not want to “spam” my site.


Thanks for your question. If you do article marketing correctly, you do not need to worry about sending up a red flag with Google.

The HTML resource box does have the power to work against you if you do not use it correctly though. Here is the correct way to do the HTML resource boxes:

Tip 1: Write a real resource box–including a short author bio, a reason to visit your website, and website link.

Tip 2: The more natural you can make the inbound links to your site, the better. Normal link profiles will certainly include these types of links:

  • ‘click here’ type links (where words unrelated to your keyword phrases are linked to your site)
  • linking the domain name
  • non-exact keyword matches (as well as do-follow and no-follow type links)
  • and a variety of keyword phrases that you’re targeting for your site

Very important: When using the keywords associated with your website, be sure to vary them. You should not hyperlink the same keyword phrase in every resource box.

Instead, get a list of 5-10 main keywords. Main keywords are usually 2-3 words long and are the popular phrases that you would like your website to rank highly for.

I think you’ll also find this resource helpful.

How To Use (And Not To Use) The HTML Resource Box

Question 4: When I submit free reprint articles, how long will they stay published on the sites? Do I need to resubmit them at some point?

When you submit your articles via, they remain on our article directory forever. We don’t ever take them down. Many quality publishers work the same way. You can anticipate that the articles that you submit will stay published on most sites for years to come, and there is no need to resubmit them. You submit the article once, and then move on to your next freshly written article.

I think this is all we have time for today–Do these Q & A’s help explain things? I hope so, and if you have any questions of your own, please don’t hesitate to ask.

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

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