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How To Submit Articles And Never Run Out Of Writing Ideas!
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Here are two tips for coming up with a steady stream of writing ideas...

A few weeks ago I asked you to “bring on your article marketing questions”, and I received some wonderful questions about how to submit articles, some that I think are worthy of discussing in a post.

Here was a question that came in from Scarlet:

The few things I would like to know about article marketing, are:

One, how to come up with new material when you think you’ve said it all.

I write about Disney dining and I find myself running out of ammo sometimes. I’m not sure if I’m doing enough research, but it’s getting challenging.

Two, how many articles should I submit a day to get good traffic coming through? I’m submitting to ezine articles, and I just wanted to know if one article a day is good enough.

How To Never Run Out Of Writing Ideas

Coming up with a steady stream of new article ideas is always a challenge!  No matter what your topic is, sooner or later you will think, “Maybe I’ve written about everything on my topic that I can.”

I’ve been writing on the same topic for several years, so I’ve had ample opportunity to struggle through dry writing periods. There is one bright spot in working through those dry spots–you learn some solid methods for consistently coming up with article topics year in and year out.

Tip #1: Write Fewer Articles

You had asked how many articles you should submit a day to get good traffic coming through. Well, it depends on if you’re submitting manually (as it sounds like you are) or automatically.

This blog is associated with my business,, which is an web based article submission service. When one of our members submits an article to us, we distribute it to tons of targeted publishers. Because of the widespread exposure, our members do not need to submit as many articles as people who are submitting by hand to one or just a few sites.

When submitting through an article submission service where each article gets incredible exposure and is published at many websites, you only need to submit about 8 articles a month per website. Anything more than that is overkill, in my opinion.

And remember I’m speaking of submitting automatically, rather than manually, and I’m also referring to submitting articles over the long term. Article marketing is a long term marketing tool, so it would be 8 articles per month per website, ideally for the lifetime of your website. This is what I do myself.

So, if you would like to save some article “ammo” :) and write fewer articles while still accomplishing as much or more as daily submissions, then start using an article submission service, such as

Using makes article marketing very doable for me–If I had to write an article every day, I would be hard up for ideas very soon too!

Tip #2: Use These Creativity Techniques

Even when you’re writing fewer articles (which helps considerably), you still need to be writing helpful articles on your topic every month over the long term. Eventually you’ll say, “I think I’ve written about everything I can possibly write about in my niche.”

At that point, you can use some of my techniques and tricks for coming up with new article ideas. Here they are:

And here’s a big resource:

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