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How To Write 100 Articles In A Year
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100 articles is your marathon.

100 articles is your marathon.

I got some great feedback from you guys on the post about aiming for 100 articles, and I’d like to offer a plan for making this grand achievement more doable.

I know that when a huge goal looms ahead of you it can be daunting (especially when you’re just starting out!), but anything is doable when you break it into steps.

Why Aim For 100 Articles?

Do you know where most people go wrong with article marketing?


That’s right–the most common reason why an article marketing campaign “fails” is not because of a lack of technical knowledge but rather for something as simple as not submitting enough articles on a regular basis.

I keep this quote from Benjamin Disraeli beside my desk:

“The secret to success is constancy of purpose.”

Doing anything consistently month after month after month will make an impact.

What does “consistency” look like?

Submit articles each month. Do it for the lifetime of your website.

Having a goal like 100 articles is a great motivator for building consistency into your article marketing routine.

It’s like when you decide to take up jogging, you might set yourself a goal of running in a marathon.

At the time you decide to do the race, you can’t run that far, but the goal is what motivates you to keep on progressing to that distance in a certain time frame.

Think of the 100 articles goal as your marathon.

The Time Frame: Why A Year?

I must say that the idea is not to submit 100 articles in a short period of time–if you submit articles at the rate that I recommend, this will take a year or so to accumulate 100 articles.

Doing things faster is not necessarily a bonus–it’s better SEO wise to gradually build up the links over a year’s time.

Quality and Quantity Count

Remember, we are not just shooting for a particular quantity, but for articles that have quality as well.

Every article you write needs to be a quality article that is useful to your readers, but a HUGE component of article marketing is also consistency.

You can write 100 articles using this plan and this time frame (a year or more) and still write quality articles.

Writing 25 articles or so is a great start, but you will see your best SEO results with an ongoing article marketing campaign that goes on for months and years. Article marketing is all about momentum and compounded results.

Aim for 100 quality articles (and it will take about a year to reach that goal) and you will have a built-in consistency that will payoff.

Simple Strategies

Submit 2 articles a week, or 8 a month

Set a goal for yourself–try 8 articles a month. That’s 2 a week.

Then just plug along consistently and before you know it the year will be over and you will be rapidly closing in on 100 articles.

To accomplish this goal you can take a few approaches:

=> Schedule 2 writing days a week, and write an article on each day.


=> Write several articles at one writing session, and schedule one or two writing sessions a month. You may be able to accomplish all of your writing within a few days if you batch process your article writing.

Write In Bursts

Or here’s another idea–I have a friend who prefers to write in bursts.

She sets the goal for herself to write 5 articles a week for 5 weeks, then she takes a break for a few months.

So, imagine it–if you write 5 articles a week for 5 weeks, you have 25 articles. If you’re submitting 8 articles a month, then that will keep you going for a little over 3 months.

So, you can write 5 articles a week for 5 weeks, and then take 2 months off, then start back up again after your break.

Finding Article Topics

Writing 100 articles in a year does not take a Herculean writing effort–rather, it takes consistency.

Do not imagine that you will need to be spending all of your time writing. You can accomplish this goal by writing 2 articles a week, and that is entirely reasonable.

The hardest thing about submitting articles consistently is coming up with writing topics–I think if we all had someone telling us exactly what to write about for each article, there would be much less procrastination and more enthusiasm for sitting down at the writing desk!

So, let’s talk about finding article topics:

1) Use these article templates to jump start your writing. Each one of these templates can be used over and over again.

2) Multi-task your content creation: Bounce articles off of your blog posts (if you have a blog)

3) Consult this resource I created about how to find great article topics– there you’ll find resources for stimulating new article topics, writing strategies, and organizational methods.

The Impact

I submitted just 8 articles a month last year (submitting through and saw a dramatic increase in my search engine ranking for some new keyword terms that I was targeting.

One of them jumped from #88 to #1 in the results listings. Now that’s a dramatic difference!

Submitting 100 articles over a year’s time can have a huge impact on the health of your site.

Your Homework

Don’t think you can accomplish this feat? Well, you can, and you can do it without killing yourself. All you need is a plan.

1) Step one is the biggie: Commit to submitting 100 articles in about a year’s time (will likely take a little over a year).

2) Create a plan for yourself:

Are you the sort who wants to get all of your writing completed in one or two days a month?

Or do you like to be slow and steady, writing 2 articles a week on different days?

Are you an all or nothing type of person who would enjoy the challenge of writing 5 articles a week to create a storehouse of articles to submit over a period of 3 months?

Or come up with your own plan!

Will you at least try to run this writing marathon? Let me know in the comments.

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Update: allows unlimited article submissions, but we still recommend for an optimum campaign submitting up to 8 articles per month/per site, although there’s no actual restriction.

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

21 Responses to “How To Write 100 Articles In A Year”

  1. Norman Macey says:

    Hi Steve,

    Another full of information post, I agree article writing is a daunting task for many people.

    Setting a regular period for writing is a must, the time scale you have set out is doable with a certain ammount of self control.

    Great stuff, keep it coming.


  2. Ted says:

    What a great post. Breaking this down into just two articles a week is a great idea.

    For people new to article writing, this might take two hours out of there week. For people that start doing this regularly, they can probably do this in less than one hour per week.

    So little time for such a big impact on your rankings.


  3. Doug says:

    Very good article! I’m closing in around 50 articles myself, but have been slacking lately. This will give me some motivation for the long haul…thanks

  4. Mark says:

    Extremely helpful, thanks for the great information!

  5. Yes, I agree this is a great post. I have this problem right now.

    Started writing articles with a goal of, so many in mind, and got sidetracked by all the other things in life and in internet marketing and am just now working on getting back on track.

    Now, with the help of your article and template ideas, I believe that I can get back on track getting those articles written and published like I had started out to do in the first place.

    Thanks a bunch,

  6. Stunner of a resource Steve – worth using as a premium for “opt-in.” So many people struggle with what to write about but you have a boatload of suggestions and jumping off points in this – no pun intended but – list.


  7. Ed says:

    Great Steve,

    Helpful as always Steve, you provide worthy tips and and support for motivation.

    Thanks again, i’m happy to have you in my corner with this kind of support.


  8. G.Thomas says:

    I need to stay focused on consistency. I’m working on that one, but I realize by your advice that it is also very important for the website and SEO. So I will hold myself back from doing what I used to do which was to publish in waves like 6 articles only to be followed by a drought! Probably as I saw, not good for my stats.
    On I go…

  9. Antony says:

    Thanks for the great tips Steve…..Hope I can put them into practice.

  10. I totally agree with you.
    Most of the times your biggest enemy is the lack of consistency.
    If you’re a beginner, you’re luckier, at least I felt so.
    I felt pushed to write more and more articles for Ezinearticles to fill up the required number for the status upgrade. And when it comes you fell better.

  11. Iyabo says:

    This is a great idea on how to achieve much without the attendant stress. l like to write, but have to be in ‘writing mode’ before i can start to think constructively. Spacing article writing out over a period of 1 year is much easier to attain.The quality of such articles will be much better.

  12. Vivek says:

    This is really inspiring stuff. Once in a while we get deep informative posts. Thanks. I feel quite motivated and back on rails. Things which we feel difficult can be sorted out by batch process which i learnt now.

  13. Hann says:

    Hi Steve,

    This is a really helpful post…at least it is to me. It seems like writing 2 articles a week is doable. The constant obstacle is (as you’ve mentioned) what to write.

    For SEO purpose, do you suggest we write one article per keyword or we’re able to write multiple articles per keyword with the same effectiveness?


  14. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Hann–

    I’d go with the model of doing your keyword research before you start writing articles, then just cycle through your keyword list, focusing
    an article on one keyword phrase at a time until you go through your list; then start again at the beginning, and updating the keyword list
    every so often. It’s a good way to dominate your niche on the search engines, and ultimately, the more content you have out there for specific keywords, the more likely it is that at least one of your content pieces are going to show up for those searches.


  15. Andrew says:

    Always a pleasure to learn from the best, Steve. Your reminder came at the right time.
    I used to write more than two articles and post one on my blog every two weeks. The others I would jvst hold back until needed. Now I know that was not a great move for promoting my site.
    Thanks for the wake up call.

  16. Bill says:

    This is an awesome goal and I am inspired to do it. The more quality content articles you can write the more traffic to your website. I am on for the challenge!!!

  17. Gwen says:

    Thanks for this. I find it useful to have a plan like this. I overwhelmed hearing “submit a lot of articles” and trying to figure out what “a lot” is. The way you explained makes much more sense.

    I’ve written one, so 99 more to go – yikes!

  18. articlescreen says:

    Your title is really catchy and not only that with your writing you have cleared many things about writing an article..And that’s why a big thanks goes to you and your post..

  19. Using your excellent guidance on such subjects as article templates and rewriting articles already on our extensive website, we have already managed 10 articles a month for the first two months. The more you do, the easier it seems to become.

  20. Susan Burns says:


    I know how you feel , 100 articles sounds a lot but I will do it once i get over the shock of seeing 100 in writing! keep at it and you will get there, I will let you know how i go so please do the same :)
    look forward to hearing from you.
    kind regards
    Susan Burns
    Brisbane Australia

  21. I’m in Steve. I’m committing to writing 100 articles in one year. I like writing. The thing that trips me up is really understanding SEO. So I have decided to find ten keywords or keyword strings that aren’t too competitive and that will (hopefully) drive people to my blog and I will write my articles around them. I’m hoping the focus will help my blog get ranked more highly. Google ranks my articles well but not my blog. Thanks for all your encouragement and very helpful tips Steve. I’ll see you 8 times a month in 2011. Best wishes to everyone else who commits to the challenge!

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