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Article Marketing Tips: How To Write A Free Reprint Article
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Writing articles is easier than you think!

Writing articles is easier than you think!

Lately we’ve been going over some article marketing tips for local business owners who are interested in capitalizing on the power of the internet in marketing their businesses.

First we went over what the purpose of a website is. A website actually serves many purposes, but we discussed some benefits to a website that you might not have considered before.

Then, we did a brief overview of “What is Article Marketing?

So by now you should have some basic idea of up from down, and it’s time to take a stab at writing your first free reprint article.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start submitting articles, but have put it off because you were intimidated by the writing part. That is completely normal–the first article is the most challenging because you’re doing something new.

Just know that the more you write the easier and more intuitive it will get.

And let’s get this straight–You do not have to be a professionally trained writer to write free reprint articles. It is just fine if you are simply used to writing emails and letters. You can adapt your present knowledge to writing articles.

Let’s go through this step-by-step.

Step 1: See what a free reprint article looks like.

You may find it helpful to look at other people’s free reprint articles just to get an idea of what they look like. Go to the article directory and browse around.

Look at the categories listed, and choose one that best suits your article topic. You can take a look at just articles that are in your niche. You can also do a search for your specific article topic (search box is in the upper right hand corner).

All of these articles were reviewed an accepted by our professional editors. These are the quality of articles that would be suitable for being submitted to publishers.

After you actually see what a free reprint article looks like, it makes it a bit easier to imagine yourself doing it too.

Step 2: Write about what you know.

I encourage you to use this article template for your first article:

The Beginner’s Guide Article Template

There are title suggestions, points to cover, an example, and a topic in that template–it couldn’t get any easier!

It’s so much easier to write when someone is actually telling you what to write, isn’t it? For this first article, give yourself a break and let someone tell you what to write.

Step 3: Give yourself a word count limit.

For your first article, you might shoot for 600-800 words. The reason for the word count limit is to put some boundaries on how long the article is–this protects you from ending up with a novel instead of an article!

Step 4: Create a title for your article.

The title is very important, as people will be looking at your title to decide whether to read your article. Be sure that your title:

  • Clearly states what your article is about.
  • Is written in such a way that it makes the reader want to read your article.

That template includes some suggested article titles, so that should help a lot.

Step 5: Create a resource box.

I encourage you, take some time on this. Your resource box is extremely important and will influence how effective your article is.

As you’re crafting your resource boxes, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do include your name.
  • Do include a brief bio that establishes your expertise in your topic.
  • Do include a reason why a reader should go to your website.
  • Do include a link to your website. (You can create this “link” by just having your written out website URL. For example, my written out website URL is . If I were to put that in my text resource box, it would turn blue and create a clickable “link”, and when people clicked the link it would take them to my website. (Here’s more info on “what is a link”)
  • Do restrict your resource box 450 characters (including spaces) or less. This is the character limit for most publishers.
  • Do look at some examples of strong resource boxes.
  • Don’t write ‘About The Author’ or any wording to that effect. People will automatically know that the text in your resource is ‘about the author’, so you don’t want to use up your precious character limit with unnecessary wording.
  • Don’t put too much contact info–there is no need to include your phone, email, or fax number–just a website address is good enough. The idea is to drive traffic back to your website. If someone wants to contact you, they should be able to find that info at your website.

Step 6: Take a nap.

Or go to bed, take a walk, or do anything that will take you and your mind away from your article for a day or so. This is an important step in writing your article–it is helpful to get some mental distance from the article for editing purposes. If you look at your article over and over, it makes it hard to see the errors or the unnecessary phrasing. Take a break from your article and then come back to look at it with fresh eyes.

Step 7: Edit!

After stepping away from your article for a day or so, it’s time to edit. Here’s a little editing checklist for you:

  • Does your title make sense? Are all the words in your title spelled correctly?
  • Are all the words in your article spelled correctly?
  • Does every sentence have a period or some other type of full stop after it? Does every sentence have a subject and a verb that agree with each other? You know this stuff! Be on the lookout for errors in grammar.
  • If you have trouble spotting errors in your own articles, it may help to let an eagle-eyed friend review your article for you.
  • Is your website address in your resource box? Are there any typos in your website address? Have you included all the major elements necessary for your resource box?

If so, congratulations–you’ve written your first internet marketing article!

The obvious next step is to submit your article. In our next post, I’ll go over where and how to submit your articles.

For now, work on writing your first free reprint article. Quit putting it off– Just sit down and get started, and you’ll be surprised at how well you do!

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