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Is Your Article Topic New To You? How To Write About An Unfamiliar Topic (4 Tips!)
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Here was a question I received from a reader:

What about some advice for someone like me who has just landed a marketing job where she doesn’t know much about the product?  I’ve been used to writing articles on finance. Now I’m with a company that sells photography equipment, but chiefly digital memory. I’m not a photographer, and there’s a limit to what you can say about digital memory. So far I’ve been limited to committing the cardinal sins of pushing products and bringing up the company. I want to sign up for, but with so little to write about so far, I’m stuck. Hayulp!

I’m so glad that you asked me this. So often we imagine that people who are writing free reprint articles know their topics inside and out, but there is also a good number of people who have the challenge of writing on topics that they’re totally unfamiliar with. Today I’ll give some tips for writing articles on hard or unfamiliar topics:

1 – You don’t need to write on the exact topic of the website.

Whew–is that a relief or what? Â I can imagine how hard it must be trying to come up with articles about something so specific and uninspiring as digital memory (or whatever your specific topic is).

Instead, write on the general topic. At least that takes off the pressure of always writing about digital memory! In the case of the person who asked the question above, her general topic is photography, which is a much broader and writer-friendly topic.

2 – Become a student and focus on teaching beginner topics.

Okay, so you can choose your article topics from the general topic of photography, but you don’t know anything about photography. So, how can you write articles on that topic?

You need to become a student of that niche and garner some interest in the topic. Think like a beginner (that shouldn’t be hard!), and focus on teaching beginner topics.

You don’t need to be that much further along in the knowledge department than your readers–you only need to be a few steps ahead. Learn the basics of photography (or for the rest of you, the basics of whatever your general niche is), and as you’re learning think about how you could teach such things to absolute beginners.

You may think that such elementary information isn’t worth much, but it is. Most people who will be reading your articles are beginners, and they really appreciate an article that is written in a way that they can understand.

As a beginner yourself, you have the advantage of not being able to write over their heads. You can also easily recall what aspects of the niche confused you.

3 – Dig through the marketing information that the company you’re writing for provides.

Does your company offer any teaching material on its website? Or any brochures that teach anything about how to select the right camera or anything? You can use that information as inspiration for the articles you create. If your company provides info on its website about common questions having to do with digital memory or other aspects of photography, you can turn that information into one or more articles.

This advice goes for all of us–your own website and marketing materials are often a goldmine of potential article topics. Remember not to take content directly from your site and put it in an article though. You definitely want to rewrite the information when putting it in a free reprint article, so that the content on your own site will remain unique.

4 – Focus On Improving Your Writing And Teaching Skills

When you’re faced with the challenge of writing articles on a topic that you’re not familiar with or not that interested in, it’s a great opportunity to expand your skills as a writer. Just like it’s said that a good actor can hold people’s attention by reading the phone book, so you can aim to captivate your readers when writing about a topic that is less than exciting.

Another thing to remember is that a good teacher can make anything interesting and fun to learn. Here are 3 key things to remember:

  • Teach what you know.
  • Explain things clearly and in detail.
  • Use simple language that beginners can understand.

By committing yourself to learning about this new niche, imagine how your own life can benefit from gaining this new knowledge. You might not be interested in this new topic at first, but once you give it a chance and start to learn about it, it may grab a hold of you and actually become interesting! Even if it doesn’t, you will be enriching you writing skills, which is something that will make you more valuable to your clients.

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  1. Magallanes says:

    HEY!! I know a blogger like this!! On niche site duel…cant remember the exact URL but he wrote about security guard training while he is also new on that;
    he says it works because he is on the same page as his readers

  2. Emily Blunt says:

    It was an exciting read. I have been looking for something like this.This is an interesting article,Need to do some researching. Enjoyed your article!Thank you.

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