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How To Write Outstanding Content: The Series Summary
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For the last few weeks we’ve been covering all sorts of aspects of what makes a piece of online content outstanding.

As a wrap-up, here are the posts in this series:

What Is Outstanding Content To You?

This is the post that started it all. You were gracious enough to share your own opinions as to what makes great content in your eyes. Your comments inspired some of the posts in this series–thank you!

How To Create An “Ah-Ha!” Article

Probably the quality that readers mentioned most as a prerequisite to an outstanding piece of content was that the content teach them something new can help their life. If you’ve ever wondering what types of articles you should be writing, this post is for you. Your choice of article topic (within your niche) plays a huge role in whether or not your article makes a difference in the life of your reader.

12 Tips For Making Your Article Headlines WORK For You!

Your article titles play an integral role in how often your articles are viewed, shared and remembered. This post details the qualities of an outstanding title, then teaches 12 tips for improving your article headlines.

Do Your Articles Show Your Personality?

Writing great articles is not just about providing helpful information (although providing helpful info is a must!). Readers really want to see a little bit of yourself emerge in your writing. This article explains what makes an article have ‘authenticity’ and gives you some tips for revealing more of your personality in your articles.

How To Submit Articles That Are “Easy To Read”

Before we started talking about what makes outstanding online content, I never realized how crucially important is was to make your articles ‘easy to read’. Online readers have unique challenges. They are looking at content on a computer screen rather than the printed page. They also tend to skim articles for pearls of wisdom rather than reading each and every word. Creating an article that is highly easy on the eyes and easy to be skimmed is paramount. This article tells you what you need to do to create an article that will be easy for readers to read.

How to Incorporate Bullet Points in Your Online Article Submission

One of the aspects of having an ‘easy to read’ article is using bullet points appropriately. This post details how to incorporate bullet points in your article in a way that readers will appreciate.

I hope this 6 part series on creating outstanding content has been helpful to you. I’ve enjoyed your ideas, and you’ve helped me refocus my ideas on what makes a really great article! Thank you for your participation!

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