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How To Write Search Engine Friendly Article Titles
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You've probably heard folks telling you to use your keywords in your articles and your article titles, but when you're writing articles over the long term simply putting keywords in your article titles can become repetitive very quickly. 

I'd really like to encourage you to go a few steps beyond just inserting your keywords in your article titles–how about trying to lure readers to your specific article?

Most of the time your keywords will be on a more general topic (the topic of your website), and then when you're writing articles you'll delve into more detailed topics under that more general one. 

For example, if my keyword phrase is 'article marketing' my articles will be on specific aspects under that overarching theme. Some articles may be about writing, others may be about using keywords in articles, others may be about submitting articles–the possibilities go on and on.

So, when I'm crafting my titles, instead of just focusing on the keyphrase of 'article marketing', I can create an article title (if and where possible) to match what people are searching for using this free WordTracker keyword tool.

As an example, if I'm just coming up with a title on my own, I may want to title an article 'How To Write Articles Lightning Fast with an Outline', but when I look up 'write lightning fast' on Wordtracker, I get no results (not a good thing!).

But if I tweak it a bit and looking up 'write quickly', I get:

  • how to write an article quickly
  • how to write content quickly
  • how to write unique content quickly

With that information, I know the most common language folks use when they're trying to search for ways to write articles quickly.

Consequently, I can craft my article title to take advantage of these search queries, so my title becomes 'How To Write an Article Quickly with an Outline'.

It's not going to be possible every time to do something like this, but it's really something just to bear in mind to see if there are any opportunities like this to take advantage of. What you can do is just with each article key in a couple of the main words related to the article in Wordtracker and then play around with it a little and see if anything comes up.

So, that's just something to bear in mind to optimize your article titles as much as possible and help ensure that people out there searching for the type of information you're providing can easily be connected with your articles when doing a Google search.

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8 Responses to “How To Write Search Engine Friendly Article Titles”

  1. Jack says:

    Thanks its a very useful tips to improve your artciles in searchn engine.

  2. jules rosen says:

    Great to see you are taking youer own advice .

    I’d like to see you review article sites as well as giving us newbies one or two great tips weekly

    my own business sells printed promotional products and is businss to business sales related so I intend to rely on the internet for 100%

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Jules,

    Thanks very much for the suggestions. I’ll keep your request in mind.

  4. moshiur says:

    great innovation

  5. Great titles make a big difference in how many people will read your article. You want to enchant them in to read more & click on your links!

  6. Great tip Steve.

    In addition to Wordtracker you can do the same with the free Google Keyword tool and the new Google Wonder Wheel. The free Wordtracker tool makes you work too hard and it doesn’t include Google results in its database.

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