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How To Write Your First 3 Articles…
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Writing articles is like learning to ride a bike...

Writing articles is like learning to ride a bike.

Are you new to Article Marketing and struggling with how to get started writing?

I know that when you’re first starting out there can be a bit of a deer in the headlights feeling of “What in the world should I write about?”

That is completely normal, and please be assured that once you get a few articles under your belt the thought of writing an article will not be as intimidating.

For now though, I would like to give you some help as you’re just starting out. I will give you some suggestions on what to write about for your first 3 articles and some guidelines for each.

These types of articles are useful for two reasons:

1) They are essential to your readers.

2) They are pretty easy to do.

Let’s get started…

Article #1:

Word count goal: 400-800 words.

Your assignment: Write an article that introduces your reader to your topic.

This is a very appropriate first article, since you’re starting at the foundation of what all of your articles will be about. Remember, every article you write should be on the general topic of your website.

For example, if your website is about salt water fish, then your articles should be on topics related to that.

If your website is for your business coaching practice, your articles should be somehow related to business coaching.

For this article, write for a person who is potentially interested in your topic, but who is not really sure exactly what it’s about.

Information to include: An explanation of what your topic is, what are the benefits/perks, how it’s done, why it’s done, where it’s done, any cautions or warnings about this topic, what the reader can expect right off the bat–basically any question that might pop into a newcomers head as they are beginning to learn about your topic.

Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

You provide helpful objective information in your article, and then in the resource box you get to talk about your own specific business. Do not include any info about you business or try to sell anything in your article body–all sales info is reserved for the resource box.

Hint: Also, don’t feel like you need to include every last detail on this topic in this one article. Edit your article ruthlessly to be sure that every sentence is absolutely necessary and include as much information as possible, but if your article is getting long, then leave out some info and save it for another article.

Article #2:

Word count goal: 400-800 words.

Your assignment: Write an article that teaches your readers how to do something.

This type of article is called a “How To” article, and this type of article will likely become your bread and butter as you get more into your article marketing campaign.

Not sure what to teach? Make a list of the major mistakes/misconceptions that people make in your niche. Whenever you see someone making a mistake that is impacting their success, that is a good teaching opportunity.

For example, I see tons of resource boxes, and I notice certain key mistakes done repeatedly. Whenever I see someone making a mistake with their resource box, I want to tell them the correct way to do one.

For me, “How to write a resource box” is an excellent topic for a “How To” article.

The idea is to teach something that would be helpful to your readers.

Here is some more detailed info on how to write a “How To” article.

Article #3:

Word count goal: 400-800 words.

Your assignment: Write an article that includes list elements.

This is what is called a “List Article”. List articles are extremely hot online because they’re so easy to skim. They are also very easy to write.

Here is an example of what a list article looks like.

Here are some pointers for you:

=> Decide beforehand how many items will be in your list. Think in terms of 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. For some reason those odd numbers and the big even numbers (10, 20, etc) are more engaging than say a ‘Top 11′ list or a ‘Top 6′ list.

=> Include the number of list items in your title.

=> Arrange your list items so that your first 2 items and your final item are your strongest. We have a strategy here–you want to start strong (to lure the reader into your article) and then also finish strong (to keep the reader’s attention going into your resource box).

=> Create your list items and flesh them out first, then write your concluding and intro paragraphs. I think that helps the article get written so much faster, as you don’t get caught up on that intro paragraph agonizing about how to start the article. This is a trick that I use: Write the article body first, then the concluding and intro paragraphs.

=> Be sure your list items are all numbered and are clearly spaced so that they are easy to see and read.

Here is some more info on how to choose a topic for a list article.

Like learning to ride a bike…

No matter how good a writer you think you are, most people are a little awkward when they first start writing articles for article marketing. That isn’t because it’s hard to do–it’s just because you aren’t used to doing it. As you get more accustomed to thinking of article topics and writing articles, things will get easier.

It’s like learning to ride a bike–very awkward at first, but then almost effortless.

Newbies–will you try these suggestions?

Veterans–do you have any suggestions for article topics for someone who is just getting started?

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  1. abdullah says:

    I like the article. I will try to follow the guidelines and I believe it will help me improve my writing approach.

  2. Jim Woodall says:

    If I sit down and already hove my subjects lined out, and if I am real familiar with the subject, I can usually write 15 or more in 4 to 6 hours, if i am not very familiar with my subject takes me a lot longer. I am getting better with my typing its hunt and peck, in a few days I plan to take an online typing course and see if I can get to typing a lot faster, as 20 to 25 WPM is one of my bigger holdups now.

  3. I’ve been dragging my feet about subscribing to your article marketing service–these extremely helpful blogs are shoving me beyond procrastination. Thanks for the incentive!

  4. vera yeboah says:

    I have been searching for this.Thank you so much I will use it.

  5. plr says:

    Brilliant post. I would be greatful if you could keep me updated. Do you have a feed that I could register to?

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    Yes, It’s in the sidebar under “Syndicate”. Here it is:


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