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Article Marketing Tip: If You Can’t Write Sales Oriented Articles, How Does Article Marketing Benefit You?
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Sometimes people get frustrated when they learn they can’t use the article body or title to promote their business. They think:

“If I can’t write about my own business or products, what is the point of doing article marketing? How does it benefit me to write an article where I just help someone else learn about my niche?”

I can understand that frustration, but it will help if you understand how article marketing works.

Publishers need content. You are a person who is stepping up to produce the content that a publisher would like well enough to publish on his site. The publisher publishes your content because of how he can benefit from it. The publisher benefits because your article increases the value of his website in the eyes of people who are visiting the website. If the publisher does not think your article will bring value to his website, then he won’t publish it.

Each article is published along with an author resource box. The resource box is traditionally the spot where the author gets to stand in the spotlight for a little bit. It’s also the spot where the author can direct readers to his website and give a link to his website.

Submitting free reprint articles helps you in a few ways:

You get traffic from the articles…

  • People read your article and find it helpful, then they look at your resource box to learn more about the author. Your resource box then lures the reader to your website through the link.

You get more traffic from search engines, such as Google…

  • People do searches on Google or another search engine, and either your articles or your website can show up in the search results. The reason why article marketing helps send more search traffic to your website is that the link in the resource box helps send a message to Google about what your website is about. An increase in links can also influence how much authority Google thinks your site has, which can impact your search engine ranking for the better. A higher search engine ranking can dramatically increase the amount of traffic that your website receives.

Your articles help establish you as an expert in your field…

  • The articles that you write communicate subtle information about you to readers, which can influence their desire to become your clients or customers. Instead of doing a straight sales pitch, your articles speak more subtly about you. They demonstrate to your readers that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re interested in helping them, that you’re an expert in your niche, that you can be trusted, and that you’re professional. All of these things lend to your credibility and increase the chances that people will want to do business with you.

Article marketing may be more subtle and far reaching than you imagined. It’s not just about making a sales pitch–it’s really about forming relationships with potential customers, demonstrating your knowledge on your topic, as well as influencing search engines to give the web pages on your site a higher ranking (which in turn leads to more referrals to your website).

In order to get your article published on as many sites as possible and read by as many potential customers as possible, you need to follow the program of providing purely educational content for your readers in the article itself, and then strategically using your resource box to lure readers to your website.

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