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Increasing Your Article Distribution & Exposure: 6 Ways To Use Your Article RSS Feed
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This is an RSS icon. This post will show you how to make the most of your RSS feed.

The letters RSS stand for Real Simple Syndication.

In much the same way magazines and newspapers can be syndicated when people subscribe to receive them by mail, online content can also be easily syndicated with RSS.

RSS is used on all sorts of online content that is regularly updated. You’ve probably seen the RSS icon on lots of blogs–subscribe to a blog’s feed and you will be updated automatically when new content is posted.

You might not have known, however, that as a member of, you also have an RSS feed for your articles.

Members can find their RSS feed on their Article Manager page within the Members Site – a link for the RSS feed for the current pen name is shown in the Published Articles section as shown below (note this feed is only available once the pen name has at least one fully distributed article).

For example, my own RSS feed for my articles is

If you have more than one pen name, then you'll have a different RSS feed for each name.

How can you use your RSS feed to your best adantage?

Adam Short of Niche Profit Classroom has an excellent post detailing a few ways to use an RSS feed, and I’d like to bounce off of some of his info and add some of my own tips that cater specifically to using your article RSS feed.

Here are 6 ways to use your author RSS feed to bring exposure to your articles and inspire people to subscribe to your feed:

1 – Make use of the RSS feed icon on your website.

You’ve likely seen the RSS feed icon a million times before on just about every site you visit–it looks like the photo at the beginning of this post. Put this icon associated with your author RSS feed on your website to encourage people to subscribe to receive your articles via RSS.

Adam makes a great point in that when using the RSS icon, you will want to also put some text that tells what the icon means. You can say something like “Subscribe to my article feed…” or “Stay up to date with my latest articles”.

If you look in the sidebar of this blog, you can see my RSS feed icon a little down the page and next to it are the words “Subscribe to our RSS feed”.

2 – Get your feed indexed by Google and the other search engines.

Put your feed where people who are searching are hanging out, and you will attract more subscribers. In the same way that your website can receive a lot more visitors by being found in Google, so can your author RSS feed receive more subscribers via Google (and the other search engines) as well.

People who are searching Google for feeds that are on their topic of interest can find out about your article feed that way.

Go to the following site and add your RSS feed link:

3 – Submit your author RSS feed to an aggregator.

We talked a little about aggregators in the last post–they index RSS feeds in the same way that Google indexes websites. Anyone who is using an aggregator (feed reader) can search for feeds on their topic of interest and add them to the feeds that they’re keeping track of.

In order for your article feed to show up in the results list, you need to be sure that your feed has been added.

Here are some feed aggregators:

4 – Use social bookmarking sites to bookmark your feed.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what social bookmarking is.

Here is a ‘in plain English’ tutorial that should catch you up to speed pretty quickly:

In the video, they talked about the social bookmarking site called, but here are some other bookmarking sites:

In order to bookmark your feed, you will need to have an account at the bookmarking service that you’re using. You can then go to your feed URL and then bookmark it just like in the video. Be sure to add the appropriate tags so that it’s clear what the topic of your feed is.

5 – Use your RSS feed to automatically update your website or blog with your latest articles.

Apart from people subscribing directly, RSS feeds can be used in a number of different ways, for example it really is a simple way of syndicating content in that other websites can use the feeds to automatically add your content to their own sites automatically, either publishing the articles in full or linking back to where the full article is published.

In the sidebar of this blog I have ‘Steve Shaw’s latest articles’ – this is populated using my own RSS feed, so as a member of, you can do the same on your blog, meaning your blog will always show your latest articles. (This uses the ‘Subscribe Me’ plugin from, but there are other plug-ins available for WordPress that do something similar).

All of this helps SEO too, as you have links automatically building up to your links (i.e. the articles) that then link back to your website – so you’re increasing the significance of your incoming links, by linking to your links, effectively.

6 – Use your article RSS feed to automatically update your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Recently I was showing you how to use TwitterFeed to automatically update your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your latest articles by employing your articles’ RSS feed. That’s a great way to use your RSS feed to bring more exposure to your articles.


Your RSS feed for your articles has the potential to open up powerful avenues of communication with your target readers and bringing more exposure to your articles.

If all of this looks overwhelming, please don’t fret! You can just pick one or two of these to do–even doing just one of these RSS marketing techniques can help.

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