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Local Business Article Marketing: Attracting Very Specific Types Of Customers To Your Website
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What you really want are website visitors who are in your location and who are also interested in what your business offers.Â

Most people with localized businesses are thinking that they just need to reach people in their geographic location.

That is not good enough–with local business article marketing you can receive traffic that is more targeted than placing advertisements in your local paper or commercials on your local radio or television station.

Would you like your articles to be visible only to those who live in your specific part of the world?

That’s a pretty broad pool of readers–not everyone in your city is interested in your business.

What you really want are website visitors who are in your location and who are also interested in what your business offers.

Your customers are searching for you…

Your customers are searching for you...

The marketing world has been revolutionized by the power of the internet.

Previously when you were marketing offline using traditional marketing vehicles such as radio, television, newspaper or even the phone book, you needed to get your business name in front of your target market.

You went in search of your customers, showing up where they were, hoping to catch their eye or ear while they were reading the daily news, watching their favorite show, or listening to the radio while on their way to work.

How is marketing on the internet different?

On the internet the tables are turned.

Your customers are searching for YOU.

They may not know who you are. They may not know what your name is, but they come to the internet with a need for what you have to offer, and they don’t make any secret about it.

They spell it out very clearly–they type their need into Google, and then Google presents them with a list of websites who Google thinks has the best chance of meeting their need.

If someone needs a car rental in London, then they’ll do a search for “car rentals London” or something similar. Then they are greeted with a list of recommendations from Google.

How much is a #1 Google ranking worth?

Could your business use highly targeted website visitors 24/7?

Let me ask you–what would happen to your business if people from your target market could go to Google any time of the day or night, type in their search terms for exactly your type of business, and then see your website listed at the top of the search results?

Statistics show that the top ranking site in search results gets around 8.5 times more traffic than the website that is ranked 5th.

That means that if you’re sitting in the 5th spot and you are receiving 5,000 unique visitors a month, then if your site moved up to the #1 ranking, you would be getting around 42,500 unique views a month.

Could your business use that highly targeted traffic?

Having a #1 ranking in Google is like having a round the clock commercial that is playing only for your target market. Better yet, this is like a commercial that your target market is specifically requesting to hear and see again and again.

That’s a bit different, isn’t it?

Now that is targeted traffic.

Attracting extremely specific types of customers…

Laser beam your marketing focus with article marketing...

Article marketing allows you to laser beam your marketing focus to a very specific target market that is truly interested in what you are offering.

Want to do local business article marketing? Forget about trying to get your articles published on sites that only have readers from your country. You can do much better than that.

Instead, do article marketing correctly and aim for an increased search engine ranking for specific keyword terms that pinpoint your location and your niche.

What is the right way to do article marketing?

=> Write educational articles on your general topic.

=> Create a resource box that includes your specific location as well as the keywords associated with your business. Vary which key phrases you use in your HTML resource box.

=> Submit your articles to online publishers who publish other articles on your topic. Most likely you will be submitting to article directories that have a category that suits your topic. If you are submitting through, then we find these targeted publishers for you and submit to them on your behalf.

=> Submit articles consistently. I recommend submitting 8 articles per month per website. Do this over the long term.

The following resources offer additional information about doing local business article marketing, but please let me know if you have any questions.

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2 Responses to “Local Business Article Marketing: Attracting Very Specific Types Of Customers To Your Website”

  1. Phil Davis says:

    I find your articles very educational and having 2 experiences of failed SEO recently i am going to use your service (yours is one of the few names i allow into my in box partly because of the above and partly because the 2 Neils like you). One thing i am a little confused over is the number of articles per month. Advice goes from 1 per month to your 8 per month, the lower figure advisers say too many and people get overloaded???
    Phil Davis

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you very much for becoming a member of We recommend submitting about 8 articles a month when you’re submitting automatically (such as via

    That amount will not overload the publishers or build your links too quickly. If you are very concerned about building links too quickly I would advise using’s Article Trickle functionality, which allows you to have your article sent to a few publishers at a time. We recommend the 30 day trickle, so instead of having your article sent to the entire distribution network all at one time, your article is submitted to a few publishers at a time, so that by 30 days your article distribution is complete.

    In order to see positive results, it is very important to submit the correct quantity of articles. Submit too few and you will not make a big enough impact to change your search engine ranking, but submit too many and it can be detrimental to your SEO and publishers will get overloaded.

    In my experience, 8 articles a month is the perfect amount.

    I hope this helps!

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