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Local Business Article Marketing: Does It Matter Where A Website’s Readers Live?
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Local business owners write and submit articles as part of their marketing plans.

I receive this question every so often, and I think it’s an excellent one that ‘s worth sharing with you:

I’m in the UK, but I’m under the impression that a lot of article directories are based in the US. Does that mean that article marketing won’t work for me, since I’m trying to attract people in the UK to my website?

Very good question, and I can see where the confusion is arising on this. Usually I get this question from folks who are entirely brand new to any type of online marketing, and they’re trying to get a grip on how marketing on the internet works.

First off I want to be sure that you understand that the location of the publishers who own the websites and directories where your articles will be published doesn’t have anything to do with being able to reach people who are in your specific country, city, or neighborhood.

You don’t even need to concern yourself with where the readers of the directory are located.

This is confusing for beginners because it is contrary to how things work with offline marketing in newspapers, magazines, and radio. That’s just it though–marketing your website online is totally different than marketing your business offline.

Here is what you’re shooting for when doing online marketing:

You want your website to get a higher search engine ranking for specific “keywords” that your potential customers are typing into Google.

Article marketing helps you do that, and if your business is specific to a certain city, then a part of your keyword phrases would be that location.

With article marketing you can get as specific as you want, maybe even attracting customers from a particular part of town in your city.

So, if you own a bakery in London, when someone types “London bakery” into Google, ideally your website would appear on page one of the results list. Your ultimate goal is to be the #1 listing on that first page, because the higher your website is listed, the more potential customers will be directed to your website.

There are no geographical boundaries online…

I want to go back to the beginning to root out any cause of confusion on this matter. I think a lot has to do with thinking that online publications are like offline ones–that each website has a readership from a certain location in the world and that if you are in the UK (or wherever), you need to get your articles put on sites with a UK readership.

That’s a false assumption though–online publications don’t work like offline ones as far as readership goes. Most websites are universal–they are accessible and have interest for anyone in the world who understands the language that the content is in (and with article marketing, the language is usually English).

So, when you take a site like, which is a major article directory, you wouldn’t say, “That directory is for Americans–I need a directory that Brits look at.”

Instead, you have to understand that there are no geographical boundaries online, except for language. When people go to Google and search for information, they are just looking for the answer to their question. Any website that provides the answer can turn up in the search results.


Rest assured, no matter what country or city you live in, article marketing can help your website!

How your articles and resource boxes are written is what determines if you’re able to attract people from a certain city or country, not the readership of the website your articles are published on.

I hope this clears things up–if you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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