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Local Business Article Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide
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Local business owners are using Article Marketing to attract local customers.

Local business owners are using Article Marketing to attract local customers.

We have had so much interest around the topic of local business article marketing that I decided to put together a resource that catalogs all of the information I’ve created around this topic.

Article marketing is not hard to do, but I can completely understand that there is an initial steep learning curve for those who are unaccustomed to how online marketing works.

Even after one develops an understanding of the benefits of article marketing, there is another little twist in that local business article marketing is done differently than it is for other types of businesses.

In the process of learning how to do local business marketing, all sorts of questions pop up for the business owner, and I try my best to write content that addresses those questions.

I hope you’ll find this to be a useful resource. If you have any questions about local business article marketing that you do not see addressed below, then please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Pre-Beginner: What is the benefit of marketing my website?

5 Website Marketing Myths That Can Devastate Your Business –This post is written for people who have either put off or decided against marketing their businesses on the internet. In this post I reveal 5 of the most common reasons why website owners overlook the richest gold mine of potential customers on the planet–the internet.

Local Business Owners: What is the purpose of your website? — This resource was written specifically for local business owners who are dipping (or are just thinking about dipping) their pinky toe into the deep waters of the internet–people who know just a little or nothing at all about website marketing. This article answers the questions: What is the purpose of having a website? What are the different ways people can find your website? How can people find your website when browsing on the internet? Why is Google so important to a local business?

Beginner: How Does Article Marketing Work For A Local Business?

How Can Article Marketing Help My Local Business? — If you own a local business, you want to attract customers who are in your neighborhood or city. Can article marketing work for you? This resource explains how you can catch the attention of customers in your very specific part of the world by using article marketing.

Local Business Article Marketing: Can You Attract Local Customers To Your Website By Submitting Articles? — One of the most common questions I receive from local business owners is this: “Is it possible for article marketing to have a laser beam focus that will attract only people of a certain geographic location? And if so, how is that possible? Does it entail publishing my article only on websites that are based in my city?” This resource answers this question, and the answer will surprise you.

Local Business Article Marketing: How It Works — At this point, you may not be sure exactly how article marketing works, and you may even have a bit of healthy skepticism. That’s fine–at least you have a hunch that article marketing can work for you, and you have a budding curiosity about how local business article marketing works.This resource teaches you what happens after you submit your article and how submitting articles impacts your website (and consequently, your business).

Local Business Article Marketing: Attracting Very Specific Types Of Customers To Your Website — One of the most confusing aspects of local business article marketing is how in the world can an article placed on the internet somehow translate into a potential customer in your neighborhood finding out about your business? Since online articles are visible to anyone around the world, how can you be sure that the people who are seeing your articles are people in your local area? This article answers these questions.

I’m ready to get started–now what do I do?

How To Submit Articles For A Local Business –Writing articles for a local business requires a different strategy than for an online business. A big misconception is that a local business owner needs to somehow mention his location in his title and article in order for article marketing to “work”. This article corrects this notion and gives step-by-step instructions on the RIGHT way to submit articles for a local business.

Does The Article Topic Really Matter When Doing Local Business Article Marketing?–By this time you are in the thick of things–you are actually writing articles and submitting them. You may have wondered–”If local business article marketing is so greatly impacted by mentioning my location specific keywords in the resource box (rather than the article), does it even matter what the article is about as long as the keywords are in the resource box?” This resource details the two different types of keywords used in the resource box and the article, and the importance of writing articles on your general niche.

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3 Responses to “Local Business Article Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Eddington says:

    Hey are you spying on me or what?lol. No seriously is this a coinciedents or what? I am just working on articles for my website and one of them covers similar topics above.

    Yeah, many local businesses have no idea that they can be online which can make a world of ifference to their businesses. Kudos to those who are wakin up up to the call.

    I spend time just trying to sound some of them and many seem content with the business they are getting without being online, let alone the knowledge of marketing with articles.

    Interesting topics by the way.

  2. Red says:

    My wife and I own a boutique hotel in the Japanese ski resort of Hakuba (it’s the mountain where the alpine skiing events were held at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics). Our hotel is called Hakuba Luna Hotel. The Italian ski team were based at our hotel during the Olympics. We are primarily targeting international guests. I haven’t read the posts on local article marketing yet but thought I’d ask if local article marketing is still relevant if we’re not actually targeting locals. All feedback and advice is welcome!

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Red,

    If you have a brick and mortar business (your hotel) in Japan, then you are still doing local business article marketing, even though you are targeting international guests. Your keyword terms would involve your own location, because your target market is people who are looking for hotels in Hakuba, Japan.

    So, you are tied to your location–Hakuba, Japan, because you would like to be the top ranking in Google when someone does a search for a hotel in that city.

    Your customers may live anywhere in the world–that is fine. But they must all want to visit your city in order to become your customers.

    Your writing topics could be very interesting–there may be some people who are interested in visiting Japan, but they do not know what cities they want to visit. You might write more travel type articles, telling about the merits and history of Hakuba. You would not mention your hotel in the article itself, but in the resource box you would talk about your hotel and give a link.

    Just let me know if you have any questions.

    Please read the articles on local business article marketing

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