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Major Upgrade: Multi-Pen Names & New Members Site
Published By Google+ has now introduced multi-pen name capability for Gold Level members, as well as completely updating our Members Site in order to introduce enhanced levels of functionality.

Here are just some of the improvements rolled out as part of this upgrade.

Multi-Pen Name Functionality (Gold Level only)

Gold Level members can now submit articles under any number of different pen names in their account.

For example, if you submit articles in different niches and wish to write under different pen names, you can now use a single account at to be able to do so.

New Article Manager

Along with the rest of the Members Site, this has been completely overhauled and now allows members to manage their articles a lot more effectively and efficiently.

For example, any articles entered but not yet submitted for distribution are shown clearly in their own section, along with other sections for articles in distribution, published articles, and so on:

A filtering facility allows any article to be quickly located:

For published articles, you can click a button to promote that article further, for example through social media:

And much more besides …

Improved Help Information

The new Members Site has help information integrated throughout, from page-level help information relevant to the specific page you are on:

To field-level help designed to help you directly with a specific field:

To tooltip help on other fields as appropriate.

We’re even integrating video help, including Quick Start Videos to ensure members get up to speed with as quickly as possible:

And More …

And a lot more besides!

If you’re not yet a member, find out more information about everything can offer to your business by clicking here.

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6 Responses to “Major Upgrade: Multi-Pen Names & New Members Site”

  1. maxgames says:

    I love this place. I have been successfully creating a blog. I’m guessing lots of your posts are informative and I really need to spend my time to read them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful topic for me.

  2. The new site is brilliant, Steve; a much cleaner interface than the old site, which I never found difficult to start with, so wow, nice job.
    I’m very pleased to see the multi-pen name feature finally in place, too, as I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that. Thank you for the added versatility!
    Cheers and aloha,
    Chris in Hilo

  3. Kater says:


    You guys absolutely rock. I use multiple pen names for different niches and really looked forward to this upgrade. I already felt that saved me a ton of money, but now I can use it for distribution and links for my pen name articles. Thanks for the time save and money maker! Kater

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Chris Hardenbrook: Hi Chris, glad you like it, thanks for your comments, and glad to hear the multi-pen name functionality will be coming in useful!

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Kater: Hi Kater, that’s great to hear! Appreciate your comments.

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