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Marketing With Articles: Create and Be Found?
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I saw a commercial on television for a plug-and-play website creation and hosting service. Their tagline was something like:

“Create and be found”

Catchy–create your website and then people can find your business online. Sounds enticing and extremely simple, but if you’ve ever owned a website you know it’s not that easy.

Creating a website is just the first step. Don’t get intimidated–I’m not going to tell you that there are a million super complicated steps after that. There are other very important steps before you can “be found”, but you can do them.

First let’s cover some basic questions you might be wondering:

1 – What does it mean to “be found”?

This is a common area of confusion for newbies–you might not be sure who is supposed to be finding you and where.

Your goal is to make it so that when your target customers (the types of people who would likely be interested in your business) do searches in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines, that your website would show up high in the results lists and would ideally be ranked #1.

That is what it means to “be found”–people who don’t know anything about your business who could use the products or services that you offer can find you on the internet when they search for information associated with your niche.

2 – What words should I try to get my website to rank for? My name? My business name?

This is another common area of confusion–you might get a thrill from seeing your website show up in the #1 ranking when you search for your own name or business name, and you might be wondering if that’s the thing that everyone is shooting for.

It’s not–it’s great that your website is appearing when you search for your name, but that isn’t what you’re ultimately going for.

Think about it–if someone already knows your name and is actively searching for your specific website online, then you’ve already made a connection with that person. Maybe you met this person at a party or somehow they’ve learned about you word-of-mouth.

That’s great, but it doesn’t translate into big traffic to your website.

You want to attract people who don’t even know who you are.

They have a problem that they want solved, and they are looking for a business on the internet that can help them. That is the list that you want to show up on.

3 – What’s the big deal about getting a #1 ranking in Google for certain words?

Great question–it helps to think of Google as a referral service rather than a search engine. For businesses on the internet, Google is the most powerful referral service on the planet.

Let’s say that your website is about organic gardening. Let’s say someone types ‘organic gardening’ into Google. If your website shows up in the #1 spot, then it will be the #1 referral, and your site will get the bulk of the people who are searching for that term.

If your site shows up on page 50, then your chances of getting those coveted “referrals” from Google, etc are much lower. Most people who are searching for information scan the first page or two, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for they’ll try a different search (using different words, phrasing their query in a different way).

If your website shows up in the #1 ranking for that term, you will receive about 8.5 times the traffic of the site in the #5 position. Being in the #5 position is respectable, but this just gives you an idea of why the number 1 spot is so sought after.

If you’re in the #5 spot and you’re currently receiving 3,000 unique visitors a month, then you could forecast that if you were in the #1 spot that you could anticipate somewhere in the range of 25,500 unique visitors. That’s quite a difference–3,000 or 25,500, which would you be happier with?

This is why business owners will move heaven and earth trying to get their website in the #1 spot.

Newbies: Any questions?

I’ve been trying to think of some of the most common beginner questions about marketing a website–I know there’s a pretty big initial learning curve, and there are misunderstandings that can happen just because you’re not sure how the internet works or what you’re supposed to be shooting for.

If you’re a beginner and you have any questions on this, please chime in in the comments. I’m happy to try to help.

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3 Responses to “Marketing With Articles: Create and Be Found?”

  1. Great article, and interesting the statistics on differences between where you are located as far as site rankings and what the expected hits on your site will be. I also wanted to state that the articles you have posted on your site have opened my eyes to the importance of writing articles in helping to improve my site’s visibility. With so much information on the internet it is easy to get overwelmed with where you should be focusing your attention. Thank You

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  3. [...] Here are 2 questions that reveal very common areas of confusion with people who are new to article marketing: [...]

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